Rumor Has It Women Think They’re Over the Hill at Age 29

I could go over and over all the sucky things that happen in your 20s. I can also go over and over all the amazing things that happen in your 20s. Just like every life stage there are the goods and the bads, but that doesn’t mean we should wish, dress, or botox our way to another age. We’ve seen that road called BRAVO tv, and it’s not so pretty!

Can we have a moment to discuss just how ridiculous all this age stuff has gotten?!

In the UK Daily Mail a study states that women think they are “over the hill” at age 29. Headlines everywhere scream that the new 50 is the new 40 and the new 40 is the new 30. So technically it would mean the new 20 is the new 10. And as cool as Willow Smith is I don’t want to be her or my 10 year old self again. Braces, giant glasses, multiplication tables…oh my!

After having two knee surgeries, a bad car wreck, and a back that pops when I sneeze you probably wouldn’t qualify me as 24 either. Yet I am.

Bahahahaha… Try to sell that in anti-wrinkling cream!

Stating that 40 is the new 30 simply implies that there is something wrong with being 40 in the first place. It’s about time we women stop comparing ourselves to the cat species (cougars, pumas, kitty cats?), stop waiting for the next fashion or beauty secret, and forget this nonsense of thinking 29 is over the hill!

The truth is if you transition your style appropriately and take care of yourself you can look just as good if not better than before.

Lets stop wanting and wishing what we can’t have and make the best of what we do!

6 thoughts on “Rumor Has It Women Think They’re Over the Hill at Age 29”

  1. What sad statistics – but I totally agree with you! Every age has its good parts and bad parts – but now that I’ve just turned thirty I don’t feel “over the hill” – I feel like I’m just getting started and heading into the best decade yet. I just wrote on this exact subject recently and got such wonderful responses from women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and even 80’s (ok one responder in her 80’s – and that was just my grandmother – but still) who are all so comfortable with their age – the only commenters that were kind of freaking out were in their late 20’s. I think hopefully many of us realize what a farce the whole “30 is old” thing is once we get there!

    1. I completely agree! I love that your grandmother responded that pretty much rocks! I think the more people talk about it the less people will believe all these crazy beauty rules:)

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