What To Wear: Oxblood Oxblood Everywhere!

If there’s one trend that is absolutely everywhere this season, one trend that every single fashion expert, blogger, editor and lover can agree is THE hit for fall, one trend that nobody can seem to get enough of, it’s oxblood.  Walk into any store, and I mean any store at all, and you will see at least one thing in oxblood.  I’d bet at least 5 things to be more accurate.  This burgundy hue is all the rage, and for good reason.  It’s colorful enough to make your wardrobe pop, dark enough to fit perfectly into the warmer, earthier tones that are synonymous with fall, edgy enough to be considered fashion forward, and subtle enough to incorporate it into outfits necessary for a corporate atmosphere.

The best part about oxblood?  It goes with pretty much anything.  This is one of those hues that matches blacks, browns, and blues.  It goes with a simple white tee or a stunning silver party dress.  You can be daring with oxblood velvet skinnies, or play it a little more safe by adding a burgundy bag to an otherwise subdued ensemble.  Wearing a simple LBD and tights?  Slip into to some sky-high oxblood platforms to take your look from standard to unexpected.  Or swap out your go-to practical flats for a pair in oxblood, and instantly upgrade your casual Sunday afternoon outfit.  If you’re still not convinced, try throwing a deep red scarf around your neck, or warming your hands and feet with oxblood mittens and socks.

As I already stated, oxblood seriously goes with everything, including every type of person, no matter your sense of style.  So whether you’re in the market for a new clutch, pair of boots, or sweater, do yourself a favor and get it in oxblood.  You won’t be sorry.

Does your entire closet consist of this hue, or are you just now considering adding this color into your wardrobe?  Tell me what you think of the shade, and how you like to wear it best in the comments section below!

After graduating from college in ’09, Allyson Barkan flew off to Greece to teach English Literature at a private high school and explore Greek and European culture for a year.  Since returning stateside, she now works in Entertainment Public Relations in New York City.  For travel advice, stray observations as a 20-something in the big city, and the occasional hilarious misadventure, follow Allyson atwww.allysonbarkan.com and on twitter at @aebarkan.

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