What to Wear as a Teacher! 7 Teacher Looks on a Teacher’s Salary… (Part II)

School has officially started and I can’t help but notice that one of my old posts What to Wear as a Teacher! Teacher Looks on a Teacher’s Salary! has suddenly taken off. Much has changed since I wrote that post back in 2010, and I thought it was perfect timing to do a little update for all my devoted teachers out there. So here’s a postlude to the What to Wear as a Teacher Series (Part II).

Outfit #1





Don’t be afraid of wearing patterned pants to teach. They are trendy, yes, but they are also professional. The cut to this pant is actually quite flattering on most figures.

Target Shoes ; Forever 21 Necklace ; H&M Pants ; Kohls Blouse

Outfit #2


Each one of these pieces can be worn separately. I would highly recommend buying an outfit where you can get a lot of mileage out of it just like this.

Madewell Shirt ; Kohls Pants ; GAP Cardigan ; Target Wedges ; Target Belt

Outfit #3


Remember the first time when you saw your teacher outside of the classroom and realized they actually have a life and a first name beyond Mrs. or Mr. Yea, well this would be one of those times where you, as a teacher, could where this look in classroom and out of it, only to shock your students later while eating an Oriental Chicken Salad at Applebees with a friend who called you by (enter first name here).

Kohls Earrings ; Dr. Scholls Shoes  ; Target Peplum

Outfit #4


I am in love with this look. Throw on some tights or leggings and you can rock this into winter. Take off the scarf and add a pair of flats and you can still wear it into spring.

Kohls Boots ; Old Navy Sweater Dress ; Scarves.net Scarf ;  Forever 21 Bracelet

Outfit #5


The days of the A+ vest and denim jumpers are gone…long gone. This is an updated way to say, “Hey, I’m your teacher. Oh, and now I prefer an Apple iPad to the fruit.” Doubtful… but you can always hope.

TOMS Shoes ; GAP Dress ; Scarves.net Scarf

Outfit #6


Casual Friday’s are tricky. Just because you’re allowed to wear jeans doesn’t mean you should look like a bum. Trust me, you will lose the respect of your students. Instead, try these skinny cords that can take you to from the respectable teacher in the classroom to the cool chaperone at the football game and to the 20 something girl who has a life after 9pm on a Friday.

Forever 21 Blouse ; DSW Shoes ; Madewell Pants ;  Scarves.net Scarf ; GAP Shoes

Outfit #7


I die for this look. It’s so chic and there is absolutely no reason not to pull it off why teaching a group of students. You might just get a few more kids listening to what you have to say when your outfit is this cute.

Kohl’s Dress ; Kohl’s Tights ; H&M Cardigan ;  H&M Necklace ; H&M Bracelet ; DSW Boots



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