What 10 Year Old Willow Smith Can Teach a 20 Something in Life and Fashion!

Just by hearing the name Willow Smith,  automatically starts the re-run of “I Whip My Hair Back and Forth” through my head, and it won’t leave for a solid 5 hours.

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You might be asking yourself what a 10 year old pop diva can actually teach a 20 something. Well, when you have Will and Jada Smith as your parents and your performing under Mr. JAY- Z’s label probably too much to even write about.

What 10 Year Old Willow Smith Can Teach a 20 Something

1. Act Like You’re 10

Somewhere between ages 11 and 13 you start paying attention to how people perceive you as well as starting to please others rather that just being yourself. Think back to when you were 10? What were you doing? Did you care if the things your were involved in were actually considered cool? Probably not! So remember your 10 year old self and apply it to your 20 something style. Be confident in who you are and what you wear not just what is popular, trendy, or considered cool at the time.  20 somethings might not have it figured out but 10 year olds kinda do.

2. Make Friends with the Bieber

Recently it was announced that Willow Smith will be touring with Bieber (Justin that is). While we all can’t have Usher as our manager or Beiber as our friend we can network with others. With all the social networking you would think it would be easy for us Gen Yers to actually network. The hardest part is actually doing it. So get out there and meet other 20 somethings like yourself. Tweet, Facebook, text, or do the old fashion thing and call someone up. Networking is key and the perfect time to do it is in your 20s. I’d like to call it the Willow to Bieber effect.

3. Be a Trendsetter

I’m not promoting to walk around like Lady Gaga or wear pleated pants as a 20 something then attempt to act like your setting your own rules. I am promoting figuring out your personal style and wearing it in an age appropriate manner. Check out previous Reality Chic articles for fashion tips. If you love the boho chic look find ways to bring that to a modern level, but wearing a baggy green shirt and baggy tan pants while calling yourself a bohemian trendsetter is not an excuse. It’s a crime.

4.  Follow Your Passion

One of the most important lessons we 2o somethings can gain from our pop diva 10 year old is to follow our passion. Graduating school, working as an underpaid or underemployed employee, then going home to watch American Idol is not going to make you or anyone sharing the couch with you happy. Figure out what it is you love to do and find a way to do it. It might take time, energy, and effort but will be far worth it in the long run! While going after your passion is an overused phrase actually doing it isn’t. Don’t know where to start? Check out “Never Get a Real Job” by Scott Gerber.

9 thoughts on “What 10 Year Old Willow Smith Can Teach a 20 Something in Life and Fashion!”

  1. She’s so talented. She reminds me of a teeny tiny Rihanna.

    “While going after your passion is an overused phrase actually doing it isn’t.”

    I totally agree.


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