The Rocker Chic Dual – The Best and Worst Dressed

Rocker Chic is taking over the streets of London, England this month and for Reality Chic’s first Best & Worst Dressed column it’s a dual between actresses Charlize Theron for Best and Suzanne Shaw for Worst.

For Best…

              Charlize Theron, actress Snow White and the Huntsmen

I am in love with the whole outfit. When I say love, it’s more like LOVE LOVE LOVE.

It screams, “I will so rock your Sunday brunch and look equally hot chillin’ at night.” Did I mention I love it? If the pants are too much for your personal taste, picture it with jeans. The tunic is Stella McCartney’s Striped Poplin Tunic with a very tailored yet sexy feminine look vibe. You could get so much wear out of this shirt, not just for this year but for years to come. It’s classic staple.


For Worst…

Suzanne Shaw, actress Rock of Ages

This picture is from the red carpet of the UK premiere of Rock of Ages. For the record, I think the whole cast might have planned to wear some bad reflections of 80’s style to the opening on purpose. Looking through pictures from the opening that’s all I could think. Some outfits were OK but everyone had a little something off. The boots, the sleeves or in the case of English actor, Suzanne Shaw, the belt (and perhaps lack of pants… I’m sorry but I’ve never seen hot pants without some sort of Gaga-esque platform shoe and cape, look anything but trashy at any red carpet event.)

The best is so… well…. off. Unfortunately, the whole outfit looks like it could have been a costume from the movie, and it would be more appropriate on a go-go dancer at a club, not exactly at a movie premiere. Maybe she was going for the two in one look, who knows, but the belt itself is the biggest offender in the crime category of “looking cheap.” It looks like the paint might chip off the buckle if you wear it too much. Yes, you need something on the waist… or perhaps pants would work.

Think how chic this outfit would have been with Charlize’s leather pants in the picture above, rocker-esque with class. If you’re thinking a little more upscale or a formal feel to it, the top could have been paired with a sleek wide leg dress pant. Sexy and classiness all rolled up into one. Both looks are far more appropriate for the red carpet of a Hollywood movie premiere.

Agree or Disagree?


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2 thoughts on “The Rocker Chic Dual – The Best and Worst Dressed”

  1. The “Best” outfit is killer, I definitely want those pants now.  Thanks for sharing, great post!

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