The Best Hair Stylist In Cincinnati (Also My Brand New Super Blonde Look)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a full blown slight obsession with changing my hair color. If they don’t know me, they soon figure it out after a couple of months. I think it started when my mom finally allowed me to highlight my hair back in 8th grade, and I’m pretty positive it won’t end until I’m laying in my coffin at which point I’m stating right here and now on my blog that when death is knocking at my door someone better make sure my hair looks good! With that morbid statement, it’s not really a surprise I have this little habit especially after watching my great grandma, who oddly enough had a pretty brown head of hair even at 90 years old. I like to think hair dye is a little gift from God as you might have guessed from the photos above.

One of the questions I’m asked all the time is if I know what my real hair color looks like. Not sure if it was the love struck version of myself or the fact that I’ve seen too many bad 80’s wedding photos, but I wanted my hair to be natural and not trendy on my wedding day. So I made the conscious decision to get back to my roots (literally). Now I have photo proof of what my real hair color actually looks like. Note to readers: that didn’t last too long after the wedding…

Moving on… living in multiple states involves the annoyance of having to find new hair stylists. As any girl knows it’s a nerve-wracking process to try someone new, and it’s my ultimate pet peeve when you go into a hair salon showing them inspiration and walk out like some sort of version they already had on their mind. Believe me, I’ve experienced my fair share of these. Another pet peeve is when you go into a stylist to have your hair trimmed but instead come out with 6 inches chopped off. You don’t have listen to me about everything. I get that, but I can guarantee you can trust me when it comes to a fashion outfit and a recommendation about hair. This I’ve got!

Luckily, I have found THE BEST hair stylist in Cincinnati. Sure she’s not the cheapest (around $80 for a trim/highlight/and style), but she’s also not the most expensive and actively lets you know what you can get for a better deal. For example, she recommended I do the less expensive partial highlight because it’s not worth the price of the full highlights when you can get all the color coverage you need with a partial. Awesome, right?  She is by far the best hair stylist I’ve had yet. Yesterday, I took in the inspiration above and came out with the look below. I couldn’t be happier so I decided to give credit where credit is due. No, I’m not getting paid and no I haven’t received a free hair cut to write this. I’m just a client who happens to be a blogger, who happens to want my readers in on the best kept hair secret in Cincinnati:

Hair Stylist Jessica KeyesTanyas Image & Wellness Salon – Hyde Park Cincinnati

No harsh bleaching, this was done with only a partial highlight!

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