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Snow Gear Essentials for Less

The snow has finally come to Cincinnati… barely. And a day late of Christmas I might add. But I’ll take something over nothing, and I’m banking that there’s a lot more to come. And while I love looking at the snow from the comfort of my house wrapped in a bundle of blankets, I don’t enjoy venturing out into the cold as much.

It’s important to have the essential snow gear items handy when it comes time to pack on the layers and stay warm. Some of my essentials include a pair of warm gloves that still allow me to function and text. These gloves from Urban Outfitters look and feel warm, and still allow your fingers to function with your phone.

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How To Sparkle This Holiday Season

I hope you take the time to read Allyson’s last post for Reality Chic. We are sad to see her go but will be of course supporting her in all her future and fashionable endeavors  I am personally going to miss her awesome posts and advice in the What to Wear column. She has been a great fashion blogger and addition to our somewhat and slightly snarky tone here. So again don’t miss her last post, and thanks so much to Allyson for being part of  Reality Chic! The girl is great at helping a 20 something transition her style!

The holiday season is that rare time in the yearly calendar when sequins are not only allowed, but also encouraged.  Seems that come December, the sparklier the better.  There are shimmering pants, skirts, shorts, shirts, shoes, gloves, earmuffs and everything in between.  Something about the festive nature of the season extends to our clothing, and suddenly the female population over age 7 is dressed up head to toe in glitter.

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How To Keep Your Feet Toasty All Season Long

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time we started getting a bit comfortable.  The temperature outside is dropping, while the fireplaces and radiators are getting cranked up inside.  Holiday movies are starting to play on endless loop on all channels, gingerbread lattes and peppermint hot cocoas are readily available, and pumpkin pie, sweet mashed potatoes, buttery biscuits and hearty stews are just a Seamless click away.  Yes, the stores and streets are filled with glittery dresses and sparkly stilettos, but when the snow starts to fall and Hugh Grant is on tv, why bother getting all dolled up?

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Trendy Cape Coats! To Fly or Not to Fly?

To fly or not to fly may be the question that I’m posing, but it’s possible the real question should be “A Cape, Really?”

Capes have made appearances on the runway and have recently been seen out and about this early winter. Rocking the cape takes more than a bold fashion sense and uber confidence…YES PEOPLE…it takes super powers!

10 Fall/Winter Must Haves. Forget the Rest…

With a plethora of information on Fall/ Winter trends and so-called season “Must Haves”,  how in the world are you suppose to know what is actually worth buying or what will be “out” in just a week. After all, magazines come out with new “Must Haves” every monthly issue!

Trend Alert: Recession Cutbacks?

Is this how were cutting back due to the recession, no buttons on our shirts?