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Take My Word (4 New Fashion Trends)

But what I can do is give you insights into fashion trends before any one else may be able to. Call it useless and for 95% of the time you’re likely…

6 Stylish Items Worth Completely Obsessing Over

Introducing 6 stylish items completely worth obsessing over. From a camera coffee mug to the softest t-shirts ever, I would say my job as a fashion blogger has been done!

Because Real People Don’t Wear Sparkle Pants to Olive Garden

My style blog gives people a glimpse of my life in fashion, a startup, and ultimately in my 20 somethings. I share everything from daily wardrobe appearances to style tips to photos of my daily life.

Reality Chic Changed Clothes… Or, In More Simple Terms, Got a New Design!

My style blog has been around for 3 years now. I’ve gone from unemployed inexperienced newbie to Fashion Week to somehow or another running my own company.

The Big Bang Theory Featuring Michelle Obama!

Sure the inauguration is a time to celebrate our freedom and democracy amongst a peaceful transition of power that unites our country, even if only for one day. And sure, we care about the President being sworn in and his speech in front of millions, but let’s be honest, it’s all about the bangs, the coat, and the dress! So let’s discuss…

First, the big bang:

I hate to say it, but my big bang theory is that Michelle Obama completely copied my look. Isn’t it a bit obvious? In my book, she’s like 3 years too late. As they say though, better late than never. I’m happy to have been an inspiration. Let’s just call it my patriotic duty. You’re welcome, Mrs. Obama. You’re welcome.

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Top 5 Old Navy Buys – For Less!

In order to be real and to be chic, you got to know where to shop. And lately I’ve been all about Old Navy. I know what you’re thinking… Old Navy, right? But yet, they’re reasonably priced and lately it seems always adorable. It’s a great go-to option for a variety of occasions. You can even find a tip from Reality Chic on a way to shop at Old Navy (see tip 9.) I’ve picked out my top 5 favorite, necessities from their store for your everyday life as a fashionista.

What makes me buy something? The answer is simple, if I feel great in it, I want it to be mine. That’s why I think this super cute, tie front blouse would be perfect. It’s silky fabric and popping colors make me crave it already. Plus, everyone needs a good going out top or weekender top that they feel great in.

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Pretty in Pink For Less!

What woman can’t resist the color pink?! I know some people find it to be a little too girly or immature, but I think it’s the perfect way to show off your feminine side.

For those pink lovers out there try this deep pink top or these light pink jeans. The peplum top is perfect for a winter night out with a sweater worn over top. I also love pink jeans because they are a great alternative to regular jeans and can add some spice to your look.

If you’re not so keen on pink yet, try wearing it in your accessories. Maybe go for these pink heels from Lulu’s. They are a great height and would look extremely cute with a black and white polka dotted dress for a so-called girly look. Also try this pink clutch from Nasty Gal or these crystal drop earrings from Bauble Bar.

Finally, this adorable dress from ModCloth is a great mix of pink and neutral. The Color blocking is perfection and this dress could so easily be worn to multiple occasions.

Pink Heels: $28; ModCloth Peplum Top: $35; Pink Jeans: Macy’s: $50.00; ModCloth Dress: $70.00; Clutch from Nasty Gal: $20.00; Earrings: Bauble Bar: $24



Courtney Ott is a student at the University of Cincinnati in the college of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning (DAAP), majoring in fashion. She is a proud native of Cincinnati, and her hometown favorites include Skyline Chili, Graeter’s ice cream and the Cincinnati Reds. As a broke college student, Courtney has become an expert at finding the look for less. Follow her on Twitter @CourtneyWOtt

Snow Gear Essentials for Less

The snow has finally come to Cincinnati… barely. And a day late of Christmas I might add. But I’ll take something over nothing, and I’m banking that there’s a lot more to come. And while I love looking at the snow from the comfort of my house wrapped in a bundle of blankets, I don’t enjoy venturing out into the cold as much.

It’s important to have the essential snow gear items handy when it comes time to pack on the layers and stay warm. Some of my essentials include a pair of warm gloves that still allow me to function and text. These gloves from Urban Outfitters look and feel warm, and still allow your fingers to function with your phone.

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5 Dresses to Get You Through the Holidays – For Less

As the holidays come to a close I know there are still a ton of holiday parties that you have yet to attend. If you’re like me and are a last minute shopper and/ or an indecisive person, you’re probably still shopping around for a perfect party dress. That’s why I’ve compiled a top 5 list of the best holiday dresses you can still get, for less!

I’m a huge fan of ModCloth, this coral dress with a silver belt would be great for the holiday and new years parties. Dress it up with some pumps and a sparkly clutch. Or dress it down with some silver flats and a cardigan over top. This dress could also work well in the spring for other events too!

ModCloth: $49.99

Lulu’s is another great site for dresses. I think that this long sleeve dress in burgundy with a peplum at the waist is perfect! You could even dress it up enough to wear it from work to a Christmas party. Plus the long sleeves with some tights underneath are great to face the winter cold in.

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I Got Charmed By Charlie… Serious Accessories You Can’t Miss!

When I find a something new whether it’s a store or a pair of jeans I have a habit of telling everyone I know which is probably why I majored in marketing and took to blogging. The only person I tend to feel sorry for is the one who has to hear the same spiel over and over, my husband.

So when I began developing a crush on the Michael Kors watch you see in almost every magazine I couldn’t help but to start looking for a similar version that would fit a more…let’s just say “conservative” price range. And that’s when it happened. I was attracted to, seduced, and eventually charmed by Charming Charlie. If you haven’t yet heard of this store yet… you’re welcome.

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