The Big Bang Theory Featuring Michelle Obama!

Sure the inauguration is a time to celebrate our freedom and democracy amongst a peaceful transition of power that unites our country, even if only for one day. And sure, we care about the President being sworn in and his speech in front of millions, but let’s be honest, it’s all about the bangs, the coat, and the dress! So let’s discuss…

First, the big bang:

I hate to say it, but my big bang theory is that Michelle Obama completely copied my look. Isn’t it a bit obvious? In my book, she’s like 3 years too late. As they say though, better late than never. I’m happy to have been an inspiration. Let’s just call it my patriotic duty. You’re welcome, Mrs. Obama. You’re welcome.

Then, the coat:


Perfection. Simply perfection. From the Thom Brown coat to the J.Crew belt cinching her waist, Michelle Obama hit the nail on the head when it came to looking chic in freezing temps. Unfortunately, I did not have the same experience yesterday when I was crossing the street in New York City and happen to be standing next to a girl who was wearing the exact same brown coat as myself. Out of all of the coats, out of all of New York City, we followed each other for a solid 4 blocks unable to escape each other and the fact that we were both sporting a 3 year old Victoria Secret jacket. Faux pas, fo real! We may not all be able to afford Thom Brown but the girls wearing J.Crew left us with a little hope that at least is achievable with a credit card on

Lastly, the lady in red:

If isn’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s exactly what Michelle Obama did as she looked stunning and even somewhat understated as some may say. But to be honest, I can’t really blame her. Looks like the unknown designer, Jason Wu did it again. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the halter cut but I have to say the back of the dress did Wu me!

What can we expect from the first lady in the next four years? Well, if we’ve learned anything from the past…