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5 Dresses to Get You Through the Holidays – For Less

As the holidays come to a close I know there are still a ton of holiday parties that you have yet to attend. If you’re like me and are a last minute shopper and/ or an indecisive person, you’re probably still shopping around for a perfect party dress. That’s why I’ve compiled a top 5 list of the best holiday dresses you can still get, for less!

I’m a huge fan of ModCloth, this coral dress with a silver belt would be great for the holiday and new years parties. Dress it up with some pumps and a sparkly clutch. Or dress it down with some silver flats and a cardigan over top. This dress could also work well in the spring for other events too!

ModCloth: $49.99

Lulu’s is another great site for dresses. I think that this long sleeve dress in burgundy with a peplum at the waist is perfect! You could even dress it up enough to wear it from work to a Christmas party. Plus the long sleeves with some tights underneath are great to face the winter cold in.

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How to Be Comfortable Yet Chic for Less

Every now and then I have a Lazy Sunday, or Monday, or even Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, Friday. But I think it’s important to not fall into a rut of lazy dressing. Believe it or not, there is a way to for comfortable yet chic.

For a casual weekend look that still appears to be put-together and tailored, try this outfit I created. Start with some fitted yoga pants that allow some room to move from Old Navy. Pair these pants with a simple yet higher quality v-neck from the Gap, coming in a variety of colors. A nice tailored athletic jacket can be great to wear for running errands, exercising or just day-to-day. So wear this jacket from the North Face over top then invest in a pair of Nike running shoes to finish off you look. These Nikes from JCPenny are a bargain and you will get a ton of wear out of them.

Old Navy Yoga Pants: $19.50; North Face Jacket: $99.00; Nike Shoes: $40.00; Gap V Neck: $24.95

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15 Cyber Monday Deals & More From Fellow Fashion Bloggers…

This week on Canopi.me, they are holding their first MISSION. You can find the best Cyber Monday deals uncovered from fashion bloggers across the web.  While I’m pretty sure Cyber Monday is likely another marketing ploy to make us all feel as if we need to continue to shop after Black Friday. I still, unfortunately, can’t help but to look at them all! So in other words, I’m a sucker, but a budgeted sucker that is. And lets be honest that’s the best type of sucker to be outside of the ones with gum in the middle.

I have collected 15 Cyber Monday deals across the web for you to enjoy and shop from your own home or work desk… whichever. However if you want to see more Cyber Monday finds, go Canopi.me and click on Cyber Monday to look at the other deals fellow fashion bloggers uncovered!

 15 Cyber Monday Deals & More From Fellow Fashion Bloggers

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Fashion Bloggers Uncover The Best of Cyber Monday on Canopi.me

There comes a time in every girls life where she has to make a decision… to fight or not to fight… for shoes. And last night at 2 a.m. my decision had been made. I weaved in and out of a storming crowd of women. You know the ones, you’ve seen them in the SNL skits right next to Oprah’s audience, and I’m pretty sure they were all there.

After discovering a pile of shoe boxes stacked 4 feet high, I turned the corner and victoriously started running in slow motion with 3 boxes of boots secured in my hands while Queen’s “We Are The Champions” played over the loud speaker. Alright, lets be real. Christmas music was playing over the loud speaker.

Luckily for you, Canopi saves you from having to make a decision. Instead fashion bloggers uncover the best Cyber Monday deals while you shop from the comfort of your own home minus all the crazies. Seems like a much more logical scenario, right?

On Sunday or Monday while your browsing the web stop by Canopi.me and click on Mission: Cyber Monday to see the top Cyber Monday posts featuring deals uncovered from fashion bloggers all across the web!

You get a deal and you get deal… Everyone gets a DEAL! Just call me the Oprah of the web.

Top 5 Target Buys For Fall For Less

If you think Target is sometimes a bit over whelming, I think everyone in the world agrees with you. Recently my local Target, got upgraded to a super store. One with a grocery section and everything else, I’m at the point where I literally cannot find anything because everything I could every want is there.

That’s why I narrowed down the top five fashion buys you want to snag from Target this fall. It’s best to get them before they’re gone.

First up, if you’re going to any holiday parties, weddings, or fancy functions try this simple strapless dress with subtle texture detailing. It comes in a variety of colors to match any occasion, all for only $34.99. Wear this dress with some black heels and a black shawl for a stunning look.

Strapless Dress - $34.99


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Best Fall Coats for Less!

With the cold quickly coming into Cincinnati these days, I’m falling for all of the adorable peacoats and winter coats that have been filling the racks. I’ve chosen my five favorites for you for this fall. A great coat pulls together any outfit quickly and is such an essential piece to any woman’s wardrobe.

My first and personal favorite is fro ModCloth for $69.99. This red coat is in a stunning red, which vibrantly reflects the colors of fall. With the unique high collar a scarf is unnecessary. The tie at the waist makes it flattering for many, different body types.

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LBD – 5 Under $50 – Little Black Dress Look for Less!

EVERY woman NEEDS a little black dress that she can go to at anytime in her closet! Simply said, a must have. Recently, I’ve been on the search for my perfect one and now I’ve found 5 little black dresses, all for under $50, for you and me!

This dress from Zappos is simple, chic and delightful. It would be great for a night out on the town with it’s simple straps and perfect v-neck. Irresistible, right?

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Pre-Fashion Week: IFB Conference Day 2 (The New York Hipster Look #2)

I knew coming into fashion week from past years that I could pretty much get by with wearing whatever I wanted to. What I didn’t expect is to get a call all the way from my mother in Texas laughing and saying “What in the world is that thing on your head?” based on a previous posted photo. Strike One. By now, I’m quite used to this reaction when I attempt to pull this type of a slightly outrageous outfit off in the midwest, but I seriously didn’t expect the word to spread so quickly to Texas. Strike Two. Though I tried to explain my new found love for Hipsterism, my mother quickly informed me that she wasn’t fond of the 70′s… Strike Three. So I figured while NYC you can only do as New Yorkers would do and since there was no bagel in sight I decided to instead… “forget-ah-about-it!”

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Pre-Fashion Week: IFB Conference Day 1″From Bagel to Baby to Blogger”

I went straight from vacation to NYC, and like any self-respecting person I started this adventure off with a stop at The Bagel Maven. If you haven’t yet experienced it. Let me just suggest the everything bagel which is completely worth the plane ticket. You think I’m exaggerating… but no, I’m serious. Once I got acquainted with my old stopping grounds, we (my sister-in-law/co-founder of Canopi… a.k.a assistant for the week) and I hiked down with stroller in hand (yes, there was a baby involved, that story comes tomorrow) to 82 Mercer Street where the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference was being held pre-fashion week.

Baby Molly (best accessory yet & not exactly amused by fashion bloggers)

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Cut It Out For Less!

What’s in-fashion these days? Cutting it out of whatever you are wearing. Less is more when it comes to these peek-a-boo styled cut outs, seen everywhere lately. Even Michelle Obama has been trying out the trend at the London Olympics!

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