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Snow Gear Essentials for Less

The snow has finally come to Cincinnati… barely. And a day late of Christmas I might add. But I’ll take something over nothing, and I’m banking that there’s a lot more to come. And while I love looking at the snow from the comfort of my house wrapped in a bundle of blankets, I don’t enjoy venturing out into the cold as much.

It’s important to have the essential snow gear items handy when it comes time to pack on the layers and stay warm. Some of my essentials include a pair of warm gloves that still allow me to function and text. These gloves from Urban Outfitters look and feel warm, and still allow your fingers to function with your phone.

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How To Keep Your Feet Toasty All Season Long

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time we started getting a bit comfortable.  The temperature outside is dropping, while the fireplaces and radiators are getting cranked up inside.  Holiday movies are starting to play on endless loop on all channels, gingerbread lattes and peppermint hot cocoas are readily available, and pumpkin pie, sweet mashed potatoes, buttery biscuits and hearty stews are just a Seamless click away.  Yes, the stores and streets are filled with glittery dresses and sparkly stilettos, but when the snow starts to fall and Hugh Grant is on tv, why bother getting all dolled up?

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What To Wear Around Your Neck: Scarves

If there’s one thing I love this time of year, it’s a scarf.  They’re comfy, warm, and the perfect accessory.  I’m someone who usually keeps her outfit pretty simple.  I love sticking to the basics, but I hate the prospect of being boring.  Find yourself wearing jeans and a plain tee or sweater?  Throw on a scarf, and your outfit is instantly upgraded.  What’s even better about this solution?  You can pretty much wear the same exact outfit over and over again with different scarves, and it’s as though you’re wearing entirely new ensembles everyday.  It’s the perfect crime (of fashion, anyway).  And what’s even better than that. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a scarf, ut instead can find an adorable one for as little as $10.

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What To Wear: Ankle Boots

As temperatures continue to cool and we make our way into November (and the eventual start of the holiday season), it’s only natural that we start trading in our flats for their warmer, more weather-appropriate older siblings: the boot.  It’s fair to say we all have a few good pairs of boots stored in our closets.  OK, it’s fair to say we all have more than a few pairs at our disposal.  But what’s the fun of starting a new season if we can’t add a new pair (or four) to our collection?  After all, when we’re preparing to wear boots day after day and month after month until March, it’s not unreasonable to think that we need a pair in every color.  Hey, we need a pair to match every outfit option, and then we can maintain a constant rotation through the long winter of all our boots, right?

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4 Quick & Easy Halloween Costumes!

Somewhere between 7th grade and college, dressing up for Halloween became cool again. Unfortunately, princesses turned into erotic maids from Party City and Power Rangers turned into some kind of inside joke that likely stood for some sort of innuendo. Once you move on from the dorms it becomes a little less about the sexy cat and more about costume ideas with humor and/or pop culture relevancy behind them. However, let us not forget when you’re in your mid 20s dressing up on a budget is really what hails you a Halloween success. The challenge:  a decent costume on a budget. Outside of the tutu, it’s likely each of the outfits below could possibly be pulled together with things you might already own or at least could buy under $25.

The hipster is a go to pop culture icon. Just carry around your iPhone with ear buds and throw some peace signs while instagramming it.Duh!  If you’ve seen Ellen it’s likely you’ve heard of Sophia Grace & Rosie. All you need is a microphone and a hype girl. Don’t be surprised when your expected to rap some Nicki Minaj later in the night. If you’re in a last-minute bind, attempt the Rosie the Riveter look. Pop your collar with a blue button up, add a bandana, and don’t forget to flex. Last but not least is the ever so classic Where’s Waldo. This is always fun when there is more than just one of you!

Keeping Up With Kourtney Kardashian: Look for Less

rom one stylish Kourtney, to another, I love everything Kourtney Kardashian. The Kardashian women have really made an impact on the fashion world since Keeping up with the Kardashian’s premiered (come on .. it’s my guilty pleasure).  From their O.P.I. nail polish line, to their exclusive boutiques, D-A-S-H to the Kardashian Kollection now available at Sears. Let’s not forgot their constant appearances in extremely stylish, to-die-for outfits, they are sort of on fire.

Kourtney Kardashian is my favorite of the three by far. While it might be because we share names, I actually do believe her, and her son Mason, are the most stylish of the clan. Check out this awesome look that Kourtney wore to an E! event. Simple, classic but with a little bit of color thrown in, through an adorable bauble necklace. I couldn’t resist recreating this look for less to wear even when you’re not expecting.

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How To Dress Your Phone

All right, fashionistas.  As we all know, fashion isn’t just about what we wear on our bodies.  Yes, that plays quite a big part, but there’s more to looking great than wearing great clothes.  We all want the perfect pair of boots, little black dress, and winter coat. And it is pretty obvious we crave the softest, prettiest scarf and most enviable of totes.  But what about everything else that travels with us throughout the day and expresses a bit of our personality with every flash to the public world?  I’m talking phones, people.  That one item that you can’t leave home without, can’t go 5 minutes without checking, and basically hold our entire life within its little virtual walls.  Whether you hold it against your hip on the subway as you listen to music, carry on a conversation as you shuffle past people along the sidewalk, or sit checking your emails and playing with the latest apps to pass the time, your phone is constantly on display.  And unlike our bodies, we don’t change phone cases like outfits.  The case in which you choose to dress your phone is an extension of who you are, and your chance to add a little flare and pop to your daily (most likely corporate) routine.  So have fun, but choose wisely.

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Ombre Look for Less for Fall

While ombre was a major trend this summer, I think it can be easily incorporated into fall. I love the subtle effects of this trend and how it can be worn many different ways.

I was really inspired by the Spring Ready to Wear 2013 looks from Burberry Prorsum. While, this is a spring look I think ombre should still stick around for fall.

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Must Have Jewels for Fall for Less!

This fall has been all about the jewel tones in your clothes! From jewel tone pants to jewel toned jackets, colors like emerald, deep purples and royal blues are taking over.

While jewel toned clothes are gorgeous, we can’t forget to incorporate these beautiful colors into our jewelry too! I’ve picked out some must have fun jewelry pieces for fall that will make a statement and complete your look. I’m someone who could wear the same basic and boring silver jewelry everyday and never mix it up, but the fun designs and colors that are coming out for fall have really inspired me to step outside the box and try some new, fun jewelry.


I love this emerald and opaque necklace from Swell Caroline, a great place to find fun and trendy jewelry. This necklace could be worn from fall to winter very easily and would be a great piece to wear to holiday parties, come the season!

Emerald Necklace – $36

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Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week: Tadashi Shoji (Watch It Live)

Watch Live From New York Fashion Week

Tadashi is probably one of those designer names that sounds familiar but you have no idea why or who it is. Let me try and refresh you. Recall Octavia Spencer (from The Help)? She just so happen to wear a Tadashi Shoji dress to every event during the entire award season this past year. Sound more familiar?

Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji escorted by Oscar (her oscar)

This past Thursday I had the opportunity to sit third row at the Tadashi Shoji show for Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week. If you’re worried my 20 something budget and mindset has changed. Fear no more, I wore my H&M dress along with pulling a Kate Middleton by “recycling” my Target heels. Alright, so Kate would never wear Target, but I did follow her trend and sported these same heels two years in a row.

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