Snow Gear Essentials for Less

The snow has finally come to Cincinnati… barely. And a day late of Christmas I might add. But I’ll take something over nothing, and I’m banking that there’s a lot more to come. And while I love looking at the snow from the comfort of my house wrapped in a bundle of blankets, I don’t enjoy venturing out into the cold as much.

It’s important to have the essential snow gear items handy when it comes time to pack on the layers and stay warm. Some of my essentials include a pair of warm gloves that still allow me to function and text. These gloves from Urban Outfitters look and feel warm, and still allow your fingers to function with your phone.


Also, too keep my ears warm; I love wearing a cozy headband style ear muffs. I like wearing these because they allow me to still do my hair and look composed and not hide my entire face under layers. Etsy has a great selection of warm headbands to choose from. This grey one is adorable and has a great knot detail, which adds the perfect amount of style.

Additionally, everyone needs a nice cozy scarf to wrap around him or her and help avoid the flu. I go for the heavier ones for extra warmth and I like the look of more layers for a scarf.  This cable knit scarf from The Gap does the trick. It comes in grey and black which are both great colors for matching with a multitude of outfits.

Finally, once you get out of the cold and back into the comfort of a heated room, be sure to throw on our favorite pair of slippers. I love this pair form Target because they will keep your feet nice and fuzy and warm but will still allow you to walk around the house without slipping and sliding everywhere.

Courtney Ott is a student at the University of Cincinnati in the college of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning (DAAP), majoring in fashion. She is a proud native of Cincinnati, and her hometown favorites include Skyline Chili, Graeter’s ice cream and the Cincinnati Reds. As a broke college student, Courtney has become an expert at finding the look for less. Follow her on Twitter @CourtneyWOtt

How To Cover That Head Of Yours

In my apartment come January, I have absolutely no shortage for winter apparel.  I find myself stuffing coats back into a cluttered closet, swatting away falling scarves from every which direction, and finding gloves and mittens I never even knew I owned in random pockets.  I have something for every occasion, every color scheme, every possible temperature or chance of snow.  So then can somebody tell me why, when I’m living amongst a sea of wool and puffy coats, I don’t have a single thing to keep my ears warm?

When it comes to winter gear, nothing screams fashion like your head piece.  Once the mercury drops to a certain number, everyone simply grabs the warmest coat they own and bundles up.  Gloves can hardly bee seen under long sleeves.  Scarves are either tucked under a zipped up parka or worn in heaps and bundles in a last ditch effort to stay warm.  But everyone sees your hat.  I get anxiety just trying to pick out what to buy.  What will last through multiple seasons?  What is the most practical?  The most cost-effective?  I already have a headache. 






While a multitude of options can be overwhelming, it’s also never a bad thing to have a vast selection.  And lucky for us, there are so many different looks and styles that are in this season.  So pick your fave, and then give those ears a much needed warm-up.






If you’re like me, you don’t want your headgear to restrict your hairstyle (or lack thereof).  I hate that I can’t wear my hair up when it’s time to wear a hat, which is why I love earwarmers.  You can either wear over loose tresses for a cute boho look, or around your head with a pony tail peeping out the top.  Not into the wrap-around?  Try a pair of earmuffs.  If you really want to go crazy, get them with a speaker hook-up so you can listen to your tunes while keeping toasty.







More into hats?  Options abound.  Beanies and berets are both adorable options, especially when worn slightly slouched toward the crown of your head.  There are also plenty of style with flaps for your ears, ensuring you won’t be sacrificing warmth for style.

And then there’s my favorite look.  I’m not sure I’m cool enough to pull this off, but if you think you are, go for it!  Channel your inner Jane Birkin and rock a sturdy brimmed hat.  Think more 70’s inspired than fedora.  You want a hat that’s structured yet bohemian, not zoot suit or Justin Timberlake circa 2003.

Do you favor one of these styles over another, or have you been itching to test out one of these trends?  Perhaps you have your own secret style weapons for a toasty head and set of ears?  Tell me about in the comment section below!


After graduating from college in ’09, Allyson Barkan flew off to Greece to teach English Literature at a private high school and explore Greek and European culture for a year.  Since returning stateside, she now works in Entertainment Public Relations in New York City.  For travel advice, stray observations as a 20-something in the big city, and the occasional hilarious misadventure, follow Allyson and on twitter at @aebarkan.