15 Cyber Monday Deals & More From Fellow Fashion Bloggers…

This week on Canopi.me, they are holding their first MISSION. You can find the best Cyber Monday deals uncovered from fashion bloggers across the web.  While I’m pretty sure Cyber Monday is likely another marketing ploy to make us all feel as if we need to continue to shop after Black Friday. I still, unfortunately, can’t help but to look at them all! So in other words, I’m a sucker, but a budgeted sucker that is. And lets be honest that’s the best type of sucker to be outside of the ones with gum in the middle.

I have collected 15 Cyber Monday deals across the web for you to enjoy and shop from your own home or work desk… whichever. However if you want to see more Cyber Monday finds, go Canopi.me and click on Cyber Monday to look at the other deals fellow fashion bloggers uncovered!

 15 Cyber Monday Deals & More From Fellow Fashion Bloggers

1. Candie’s Embellished Boots @ Kohl’s + Extra 20% off with Promo Code:  CYBER20

Original: $99.00

Cyber Monday: $29.99

2. Unrestricted Avery Tall Wedge Boots @ Kohl’s + Extra 20% off with Promo Code:  CYBER20

Original: $29.99

Cyber Monday: $79.99

3. Gap, Banana Republic, & Old Navy – 30% Off Enter: CYBER

4. ShoeMint, IntiMint, & JewelMint

IntiMint: New customers receive 70% off their first item (no exclusions); Current customers receive 50% off their entire order (no exclusions)

JewelMint: New Customers receive 70% off first piece ; Current Customers receive 50% off their entire orderEarly release of 10 December styles that will be eligible for the above promotions

ShoeMint: New customers receive $40 off their first item purchased (shoes, boots or bags), $20 off each additional item (maximum of 3 items, excludes sale items)

5. DSW

$15 off $74

$30 off $149

$50 off $199

6. Magazines: ELLE, Cosmopolitan, O Magazine, Marie Claire, @ Amazon.com

Original: $25 per year subscription

Cyber Monday: $5

7. JCP
FREE SHIPPING no minimum
Original: $799
Cyber Monday: $549
“For every $40 spent on BaubleBar, an online accessories shop, you will receive a free gift of your choosing from more than 200 items. Spend $80 and get two gifts; spend $120, get three gifts; spend $160, get four gifts, and so on. (There is no limit.)” – NYTimes Blog
10. Gilt Groupe
Gilt Groupe is introducing its “Free Fall” sale on Monday at 11:45 a.m., with items going on sale for about 5 to 10 minutes. Throughout that window of time, the items will keep dropping in price. There will be more sales that day starting at 3 p.m., 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.” – NY Times Blog
40% off site wide & FREE SHIPPING
50% off everything & FREE SHIPPING no minimum, Promo Code: YOURGIFT
40% off everything & FREE SHIPPING no minimum, Promo Code: ICE
FREE SHIPPING no minimum

**I am a part of the Windows Champions blogger program. As part of this partnership, I have been loaned a Windows 7 PC for an entire year and have the opportunity to learn about Windows and Microsoft products. I’m looking forward to sharing the inside scoop with fellow 20 somethings & fashion bloggers.**

Fashion Bloggers Uncover The Best of Cyber Monday on Canopi.me

There comes a time in every girls life where she has to make a decision… to fight or not to fight… for shoes. And last night at 2 a.m. my decision had been made. I weaved in and out of a storming crowd of women. You know the ones, you’ve seen them in the SNL skits right next to Oprah’s audience, and I’m pretty sure they were all there.

After discovering a pile of shoe boxes stacked 4 feet high, I turned the corner and victoriously started running in slow motion with 3 boxes of boots secured in my hands while Queen’s “We Are The Champions” played over the loud speaker. Alright, lets be real. Christmas music was playing over the loud speaker.

Luckily for you, Canopi saves you from having to make a decision. Instead fashion bloggers uncover the best Cyber Monday deals while you shop from the comfort of your own home minus all the crazies. Seems like a much more logical scenario, right?

On Sunday or Monday while your browsing the web stop by Canopi.me and click on Mission: Cyber Monday to see the top Cyber Monday posts featuring deals uncovered from fashion bloggers all across the web!

You get a deal and you get deal… Everyone gets a DEAL! Just call me the Oprah of the web.

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Three years ago around this exact time I started a little fashion blog known as Reality Chic out of an attempt to figure out what I was passionate about. Fast forward a rough year later after not being able to find a job and two more years of one of the worst recessions our country has ever seen, and I decided to create my own by starting a company called Canopi.me.

I discovered that readers didn’t know where to search when it came to blog content. In other words there was no “library for bloggers”.  Not to mention there were all these bloggers like myself who had troubles figuring out how to get someone other than their mom and Facebook friends to read their site. So that’s when we came up with the concept that was formerly known as Righting Style and is now known as Canopi.me

While I was creating a job for myself, not to mention my husband and co-founder who decided to quit his Fortune 500 position to come onboard, we decided to develop one place where people could go to find, follow, & read blogs. Canopi.me, is an online community of bloggers and readers across a variety of interests and categories. Readers can find new bloggers and follow their favorites, all in one place. Bloggers can get a jump start, hone their craft, and gain recognition. Sound like the best of both worlds? It is!


When I’ve been slacking on recent posts via Reality Chic you can at least know it’s all been in good faith to bring you something better than I’d ever be able to create alone. And now I can finally invite all of you into what’s been keeping me mum for the past year along with encouraging you to Sign Up on Canopi.me’s beta site. While we’re officially live, we’re still in the middle of fixing and adding things to our site. Feel free to send us any feedback you may have. Can’t wait to see you under the Canopi…