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Fashion Bloggers Uncover The Best of Cyber Monday on Canopi.me

There comes a time in every girls life where she has to make a decision… to fight or not to fight… for shoes. And last night at 2 a.m. my decision had been made. I weaved in and out of a storming crowd of women. You know the ones, you’ve seen them in the SNL skits right next to Oprah’s audience, and I’m pretty sure they were all there.

After discovering a pile of shoe boxes stacked 4 feet high, I turned the corner and victoriously started running in slow motion with 3 boxes of boots secured in my hands while Queen’s “We Are The Champions” played over the loud speaker. Alright, lets be real. Christmas music was playing over the loud speaker.

Luckily for you, Canopi saves you from having to make a decision. Instead fashion bloggers uncover the best Cyber Monday deals while you shop from the comfort of your own home minus all the crazies. Seems like a much more logical scenario, right?

On Sunday or Monday while your browsing the web stop by Canopi.me and click on Mission: Cyber Monday to see the top Cyber Monday posts featuring deals uncovered from fashion bloggers all across the web!

You get a deal and you get deal… Everyone gets a DEAL! Just call me the Oprah of the web.

Occupy Fashion Week… And Be the 1%! How Fashion Bloggers Can Get Into New York Fashion Week! (We’ve Got the Step by Step Details.)

Having come from the Midwest, it’s not uncommon to hear people talk about fashion week as if it’s one of those far-fetched dreams none of us will ever be able to achieve. The truth is if you’re a blogger, it’s not all that difficult. I’m here to break the rumor that only New Yorker’s with money, fashion editors like Anna Wintour, or socialites of Olivia Palermo status can get in.

I remember hearing Kelly Cutrone say in an episode of The City (yep, I watched) that it’s not worth going to fashion week unless you’re sitting in the front row. That might be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. Now granted, maybe if you’re a celebrity it could hurt career if you’re caught standing back with the pack of normal people, but if you’re a normal person standing with other normal people it isn’t going to kill you or your career. In fact, it will help it.

Bloggers Sitting Front Row at Herve Leger by Max Azria


I’m not a fashion blogger that’s going to tell you how to blog your way to the front row. That takes time, effort, publicity, and a heck of a lot of clout. That being said, I can give you specific steps to take matters into your own hands and attend something only a few people get to go to in their lifetime, on a regular basis (as regular as two weeks out of year can be). Consider this post your fashion week pamphlet and me as your fashion blog tour guide. Now, if you could please watch your step and locate the nearest emergency exit… Who’s up for the ride?!

For more, read all about my journey from “Fashion Week on a Budget” to “Occupy Fashion Week… What the 1% Wears.”

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10 Steps on How Fashion Bloggers Can Get Into Fashion Week 

Meet ProFASHIONal: Macala Wright, Lifestyle Marketing Expert & Founder of FashionablyMarketing.Me

Name: Macala Wright

 Job:  Lifestyle Marketing Expert, Retail Business Journalist

Age: 31

Industry:  Lifestyle, Entertainment and Technology

Twitter or Facebook: @Macala

Websites: http://fashionablymarketing.me/

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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2010!

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Total Eclipse of Most of Our Hearts! -Apparently being 23 doesn’t stop you from acting like your 12.-

What to Wear in College…Yes, Sweatpants Are Included! -When going to class isn’t your only concern.-

How to Smell Like a Celebrity?! -I think the title says enough.-

Insulted Via Facebook (5 Reasons to Avoid Sparkle Pants) -You read it right..via Facebook.-

Don’t Put Down the Burrito! What to Wear Days After the Holiday? -How to recover after the eating extravaganza of the  holidays.-

‘Tis the Season of Flannel! -An ode to comfort and the holidays!-

How to Smell Like a Celebrity?!

I suppose I get the fascination with celebrities. They are often styled to perfection, attend glamorous parties, and have flawless make-up and/or some really good botox! It’s like a fantasy land to most everyone else. So when seeing celebrities do “normal” things such as grocery shop, stuffing their face, or laying out on the beach it brings them back to being “human like”. It’s kind of like seeing your first grade teacher for the first time outside of school and suddenly realizing not only do they have another life but also a first name.

However, there is one thing that I cannot grasp at all! That is the fascination of wanting to smell like a celebrity as if only celebrities smell good! Maybe it’s some sort of right of passage that once you cross over into the Land of Celebrity you must let your smell be known and by this I mean… come up with a super cheesy name and a scent that resembles some sort of flower or ridiculous sexual fantasy!

10 Fall/Winter Must Haves. Forget the Rest…

With a plethora of information on Fall/ Winter trends and so-called season “Must Haves”,  how in the world are you suppose to know what is actually worth buying or what will be “out” in just a week. After all, magazines come out with new “Must Haves” every monthly issue!

Effortless Chic… Layers, Knits, and More

When thinking of cooler weather, hiking, or apple orchards visuals of  L.L Bean, Eddie Bauer, and Lands End ads all come rushing to mind.  However, capturing this effortless outdoorsy look in a modern way can be somewhat difficult meaning:

It’s sort of like having to put on make-up to look natural…Looking effortless takes some effort!

This fall season it’s all about layering, belting, and looking comfortable! Think comfort over style and you’ll end up looking chic!

How to achieve this Outdoorsy Rustic look?

Reality Chic’s: Realway

“Why have the Runway when we have the Realway?”

Whether it be going out for the night or just chilling outside Joyce Wong from Illinois is definitely looking chic! She shows how to take a soft pretty detailed skirt to the next level simply by adding a little black. Check out more of Joyce’s Reality Chic looks on her blog: endlessnightsnyc.blogspot.com

Do you walk the “Realway”? E-mail me your photo and you could be featured on Reality Chic’s: Realway!

E-mail: realitychic@realitychicblog.com

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Reality Chic’s 1st MEET and GREET: Blogger Feature

    The Blogosphere is somewhat of a mystery. It’s where many of us “mystery people”, a.k.a bloggers, sit in our P.J’s typing thoughts that cross our mind, but it’s also one of importance where breaking stories can hit the fan! So what better way to get to know fellow bloggers than to personally meet them! I’ve asked 6 bloggers, 6 questions…a so called: MEET and GREET! Check out what these bloggers have to say!

Smart Shoppers Unite (www.smartshoppersunite.com)

It’s time I give some advice that can be used everyday…so here it is:

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Right? I mean bragging about about a Louis Vuitton just isn’t the same as bragging about a $3.00 shirt! I’ve recently been involved with smartshoppersunite.com. It’s a great group of people that post discussions from “Where to find SPANX bathing suits” to “What’s the best way to Invest” .

It’s really simple to create a profile (very facebook like, except easier).  Give it a look, browse the discussions, and feel free to add me as a friend (my name is: Reality Chic)! Let me know what you think….and hopefully I’ll chat with you soon!                                  Profile Pic @ smartshoppersunite