Style Guide for the 20 Something Mom-to-Be

Now a days after getting married, it’s not only your mom and mother-in-law pressuring you to have a kid. It’s your Facebook page. While I’m reminded daily of my apparent “next step” in life due to every ad covering the side of my page, I think it’s fair to say there is enough pressure from friends and family, let alone a social network. Although I am not ready (sorry Facebook) there are many of other 20 something gals that certainly are.

As you know, looking young and stylish while pregnant can be a bit of a challenge. Looking for moo moos on the other hand isn’t. Unfortunatley there are way too many bad, matronly, and extremely conservative options for maternity clothing which is why it can be a bit confusing for your inbetweener self. Even though your husband still claims you’re just as cute, it makes it hard to believe when the only thing that fits properly is a paper bag!

But forget about those frumpy thoughts along with the old clothes and realize that your hot 20 something self can look just as fantastic with your ego that’s prego! If Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, and the other half of young Hollywood can do it we normal people can too!

Don’t confuse maternity with matronly!

Stylish Maternity Clothes for the Mom-to-Be

Asos- It’s a trendy UK brand that has super cute stylish maternity clothes at cheaper prices. Not to worry…shipping is free to the U.S!

Favorite Pieces: Maternity dresses; Everything (I’m not lying)

Gap- They have all your basic maternity essentials and comfy wear. Stock up on leggings, tees, and tanks.

Favorite Pieces: Pure Body Tees and Long Shirts

Forever 21- It’s not every day I recommend shopping for maternity clothes at a store with “21” in the title, but this is a great place to purchase cheap stylish items. Remember you are only pregnant for 9 months. Don’t spend a lot of money on maternity clothes.

Favorite Pieces: Lounge Pants; Cardigans

LOFT- Ann Taylor Loft has chic maternity work clothes. It’s a perfect place for the working girl to purchase a few staple pieces.

Favorite Pieces: Modern Trouser; Cardigan

Topshop- Another one of my favorite UK brands has a fabulous young and stylish maternity clothing line perfect for the 20 something mom-to-be.

Favorite Pieces: Skinny jeans; Blouses

Modern Maternity Styles

Empire Waist Tunics/Dresses- If you prefer the looser look try this. Since the empire waist tunics are in style it’s ideal while you’re pregnant and afterward as well. Pair with leggings and they make the perfect casual wear outfit.

Long T-shirts (show baby bump)- Tees and Tanks are your go to comfort wear. When going out, throw on a long cardigan.

Leggings/Yoga Pants- These are not only comfortable and affordable but also stretchy.

Bra- It’s no secret that your bust will get bigger so buy a new undergarment with a strap that can be adjusted.

V-neck Top- Show off what you got!

Flats- Ballet flats are comfortable, stretchy, and can be worn after pregnancy. Pointed flats are another dressier option for an event or work. What better excuse do you need to buy a new pair of shoes.

Inexpensive Fashion Tips

Ask a Friend- There is something in the water, when one happens they all happen. Share maternity clothes between other 20 something friends who had or are having a baby. It’s a great way to save money!

Accessorize (they don’t change in size)- Sometimes all you need is some good accessories. Show off your personal style and dress up any casual outfit with accessories.

Consignment Stores- So many women give away their maternity clothes. Check out a cute/trendy consignment store. It might surprise you.

Tricks of the Trade

Draw Attention Upward- Draw the attention to your glowing face by accessorizing with a statement necklace or earrings. Also look for details around the top of a shirt or dress such as one shoulder, v-neck, or beading.

Look for Draping- Draping is perfect for showing off your baby bump and defining your figure in a chic way.

Use Color- Dress in all black for a slimming look or pair a dark denim maternity jean with a dark top then accessorize in color.

Don’t Lose Your Style- Wear your regular clothing for as long as you can. Once you need to buy maternity items purchase clothes that are in similar style to what you would normally wear.

Something Short- Balance is important in your wardrobe. Wearing a dress or skirt that is too long is not as flattering and can make your figure seem even larger. Go for something at the knee or above. Also avoid really high heels and instead purchase a detailed or colorful flat.

Maxi Dresses- An alternative way to wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Define your bust with an empire style, v-neck, or straps.

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