Startup Weekend, Entrepreneurship, & A New Fashion Democracy – Righting Style! Go Ahead… Start Exposing Yourself

The dictionary’s definition of an entrepreneur is: a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

(In other words, we think we can fly hot air balloons across the country.)


What this definition fails to mention is the fact that entrepreneurship is more than managing an enterprise and facing a risk, but that it’s a full on diagnosable disease. At times, it needs to be treated, but there’s no cure. It’s contagious, but people continue to exchange business cards, and if there ever was a definition for bipolar, a startup hoodied, head-phoned eared 20 something’s photo would be smack dab next to it in complete Merriam-Webster style.  

Wondering if you’ve caught it yet? No worries, here’s a list of some of the systems which could include:

  • Extreme highs (superb meetings, kick a** e-mails, extra funding)
  • Really low lows (sucky meetings, depressing e-mails, lack of funding)
  • Weeks of socialization (meet-ups, conferences, travel)
  • Followed by weeks of complete solitude (coding, financials, coding, turkey sandwiches)
  • Stress over location (New York, no…wait Silicon Vally, no wait…Cincinnati?)

Sound appealing? Did I mention it’s contagious…

Since I’m currently experiencing one of those so-called “highs” after our idea was chosen as one of the winners at Startup Weekend in Northern Kentucky outside of Cincinnati. And no, Ashton Kutcher was not the judge though I did carry my Nikon 1… close enough, right? I thought it was only appropriate to share and finally announce what the heck I’ve been doing behind the scenes via Reality Chic since, well… July.

(Griffin Hall, Northern Kentucky University & the Giant Screen!)


(Startup Boxes)

startup weekend5

(Prepping for my pitch)

startupweekend 2 

Along with two other Irish (alright, so we’re related) co-founders, I have been working on launching a fashion democracy startup called Righting Style!

Righting Style image

Righting Style is an online fashion democracy developed to connect brands with influential and relevant bloggers while helping bloggers expose their content and maintain their integrity.

Think of us as the Klout for content.Whereas Klout measures the overall influence of a person, we measure the overall influence of a post.

Posts are written, the community “votes” for & shares the best content, then the results dictate who is rewarded as a trending fashion leader.

With top content chosen by the community, Righting Style encourages everyone to “Expose Yourself”.  


Wondering why the heck I would try and create such a thing?? Well… after starting my own fashion blog, I found a few loyal readers, better known as my sister and mom.

Sister & Mom

I struggled increasing my readership, meeting other bloggers in my local region, and staying a motivated fashion blogger. Now that I’ve grown my readership, I see the constant struggle PR firms and brands have when it comes to connecting with bloggers in a successful manner.

Need some more details… E-mail me: or Tweet me: @realitychicblog

Excited to announce that our landing page is officially up!

And if you feel like “exposing yourself” (in a non creepy sort of way) sign up at Righting Style, follow us on twitter, our blog, or facebook.

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