Small Town Girl, Big City Fashion

I grew up in a small town in Indiana of about 1,000 people. This was a place where the Town Marshal also served as our substitute teacher, the guidance counselor was my mom’s best friend, and the school nurse and I shared the same last name!

Yes, city people…places like this do exist!

You might ask, what does all this have to do with fashion? Well…it was also a place where people didn’t care if your Louis Vuitton was fake or real, dressing in odd form wasn’t fashionable– it was weird, and denim didn’t come back… it stayed! It’s these roots that make me cringe when buying something over $80 or laugh when hearing about a new/old breaking trend.  So even though the fashion world is certainly Chic, it’s by all means a  hop, skip, and big jump away from Reality!

8 thoughts on “Small Town Girl, Big City Fashion”

  1. yay Midwest! Woot woot! In some ways I miss the simplicity of it all – like that fact about the handbags – but now living in the big city I decided who the hell cares! My $40 bag still carries my stuff the way another woman’s $500 bag does – and I don’t mind if I get caught in the rain with it! I’d love a designer bag but Lord if I don’t think I should chain it to my side while on the subway….

  2. I feel for you. I have recently started a blog about me bringing up and coming tends to small town america. Glad i’m not the only one!!! Please spead it around I am looking for followers!!
    Keep it up!

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