Should You Wear Jenny Around the Block? Jennifer Lopez Collection from Kohl’s

Living in the same city as your mother-in-law can be taxing. Luckily for me, the only taxing part comes at the end of our shopping bill. Not sure if you’ve heard of it, but there’s a little thing known as “Christmas” currently providing us with a solid 2 month excuse to cover up our shopping frenzy. It was no different this past Friday as we landed foot in the local Kohl’s relishing in the presence of J.Lo (or her cardboard cut out) and an extra 30% off coupon. Don’t judge.

Kohl’s can sometimes be the mecca for the two wash syndrome (two washes until it’s dunzo or no longer wearable). However, they’ve recently stepped up their game. As a fan of the line Simply Vera by Vera Wang & LC Lauren Conrad, some of my favorite pieces and oddly enough most complimented have indeed come from the mega retail store. Yet, when they recently added the Jennifer Lopez Collection I couldn’t help but think back to my glory days of an embroidered J.Lo sweatsuit and GLOW perfume often worn and accompanied by braces and Kelly Clarkson highlighted hair. It’s something a girl just can’t forget, but wishes she could.

Since then, my teeth have straightened out and Jenny from the block has been around it (once or twice). This being ever so apparent by the fellow cardboard cut out and divorcee Marc Anthony smiling two aisles over.  As a skeptic, I wasn’t sure if her collection could pull off the “I look expensive feel” without coming across as “I tried to look expensive but bought this from Kohl’s.” Then again we all love J.Lo, her 9 failed relationships, and The Wedding Planner. So I thought I’d give it a shot. Let it be known here that if you can make it past the faux fur, harem pants, and bad online styling there are actually some pretty solid pieces to incorporate in your wardrobe. Examples below:

First up, the printed Chevron Shirred Tunic at $20. Uber comfy and can easily be paired with leggings!!


Second, the Waffle-Weave Cocoon Wool Cardigan which when paired with a skinny jean, boot, and tunic (above) can complete a layered look at $35.oo.

Third, the classic Shirred Crepe Blouse in the currently hot color orange at $33.60. Love this blouse!


Fourth, the Wide Leg Pants would be ideal for a working 20 something at $30. Excuse the unflattering photo below, I was amazed at how well they actually fit! Extra bonus, they’re fitting (no pun intended) for those carrying a solid Pippa on the backside.

Fifth, the Tall Boots in a chic grey which can literally be worn with everything at $54.99.

Note to fellow readers: If you haven’t noticed by now Kohl’s happens to have a sale approximately 3 out of every 4 weeks of the month. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT buy something when it’s not on sale. Trust me, it will be!

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