Sailing Away…(Nautical Trend)

It’s fair to say that Nautical themed clothing is back in style. While many of us would like to capture this look in a classy sort of way, the last thing we want to do is actually mimic a sailor. I believe most of us are trying for the whole “I have my own yacht and leisurely sail on the weekend in the South of France” sort of thing, rather than the “I’m a hardcore sailor and this is how I dress..grrr” (don’t quite know if sailors grrr…I believe I’m thinking of Popeye)!

Anyhow the chic navy and white stripes remind us of a simple time and a level of sophistication; however, I’m not exactly buying the look on men quite yet. So how do you achieve this look without exhausting it? Simple!

J.Crew at ShopStyle

1. Subtle is better.
2. Stick to navy and white stripes vice versa with a red or yellow accent.
3. Add something current to the look whether it be high wedges, a bold necklace, or big accessories.
So rather than actually sailing in the South of France (which is doubtful), just dress like it and Google a picture…close enough, right?

This is called “Exhausting the Look” BAD EXAMPLE

2 thoughts on “Sailing Away…(Nautical Trend)”

  1. I’m finding it hard to discern between the “nautical” look and the style of RL’s Rugby line (which, to me, looks the same other than the obnoxious sports club symbols on every piece of that line).

    Also, on a separate note, I love the “hunter” look with the trendy flannels and organic/natural big jewelery. It’s like grunge chic, and I totally remember it was big in the 90’s, but I guess it’s making a comeback. Disclaimer though, I think oversized flannel shirts and flannel shirt dresses are ugly and horrible and should all be burned. There’s nothing wrong with a fitted 3/4 sleeve flannel with some dark wash jeans, and a nice pair of muted pumps.

  2. I and sona have nothing in common lol!

    I love the nautical trend and there is a big difference between Rugby and Nautical to me at least.

    I love flannel shirt dresses and I love flannel shirts, who said you couldn’t wear a bad ass pair of zip up or studded leggings, or lace stockings under your flannel shirt dress with some pumps..

    but hey fashion is interpretation GREAT POST!

    IFB love!



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