Olivia Palermo and the Look for Less

I think it’s pretty safe to say that if you were a religious watcher of “The City”, Olivia Palermo was NOT your favorite person on the show. She was mean to Whitney and rude to every person she interacted with – even Joe Zee (who Erin met this week!!). And honestly, how could anyone be mean to Joe?

We may never know the secret combination of reality vs. scripted television for this guilty pleasure in reality television history, but Olivia was clearly the show’s villain who had only one redeeming quality – the girl can dress.

Thanks to her ability to dress perfectly in every situation from running errands to sitting in the front row at fashion shows, we realize that Olivia’s fifteen minutes don’t seem to be ending anytime soon. On that note, despite the fact that “The City” hasn’t been on the air since last summer let’s see if we can find a Look for Less that the girl we loved to hate would approve of.

While we may be a tad afraid of Olivia, Olivia isn’t afraid of a print. So this floral Kensie dress seems like a perfect base for this week’s Look for Less. Floral dress, sale $49.49.

A blazer or a party cardi is the perfect way to accessorize our floral dress. This party cardi’s ruffle gives a nice oomph to the dress while managing to not overpower the print. Ruffle cardigan, sale $20.00.

Instead of opting for a red, blue or black heel for this look, why not go for something a bit more unexpected? These purple heels could be my favorite part of this whole Look for Less! Purple heels, $16.38.

No Olivia Palermo look is complete without a cocktail ring! This blue ring for $13.79 nicely rounds out this look!

Total cost for this week’s Look for Less?


- take that Olivia Palermo!


Is there a look you love but can’t imagine spending four or five figures on? Tell us in the comments section!

Courtney graduated from college in 2009 and is a 20-something working as a marketing assistant in DC. To follow Courtney in her many office adventures, including (but not limited to) her endless battle with the office copier, follow her on Twitter – @ItsCourtneYall.

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2 thoughts on “Olivia Palermo and the Look for Less”

  1. This is a terrific outfit, Courtney.  I really like that you paired purple shoes with the dress – makes the dress more special. 

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