Does Your Guy Commit a Serious Style Crime?

How to Dress Your Guy

Often times, guys don’t get fashion. And that’s okay! Who really wants to have a discussion about what Justin Bieber wore to the Grammy’s or what Natalie Portman wore to the Oscars with your guy? You’re  lucky enough to persuade him to sit on the couch and watch GLEE (only because you know he secretly loves it) let alone discuss an episode of What Not to Wear. So you choose your battles, understandably!

Although style isn’t everything, there comes a point in a relationship where certain clothing items just can’t be ignored! For the sake of humanity, you, or at least his next girlfriend should fix it! Bringing you to…


1. The Dad

  • Jorts- better known as jean shorts.

Ladies Exchange: a khaki short.

  • Pleated Pants- because there is nothing like drawing attention to a diaper crotch.

Ladies Exchange: a flat front pant.

  • Dad Jeans- found on 95% of dads everywhere. The light wash, non-fitted, saggy crotched jeans that most certainly never goes past the top of the shoe!

Ladies Exchange: a straight cut or slim fit dark denim jean.

2. Beyond Metrosexual

  • Murse- when his bag is bigger than yours there is a problem.

Ladies Exchange: a suitcase or cross body backpack.

  • Man Cleavage Deep V-neck- unless Beckham is your last name we don’t want to see it.

Ladies Exchange: a crew neck or a standard v-neck.

  • Meggings- better known as man jeggings. Unless you’re European (still questionable) don’t try to pull it off.

Ladies Exchange: a straight cut or slim fit dark denim jean.

3. Comfy to a Tee (literally)

  • High School T-shirts- stop reliving your glory days you’re clearly not in high school.

Ladies Exchange: a button-up

  • Old Man Suits- often found at weddings and funerals. They entail pleated pants, a boxy suit jacket, and pinstripes.

Ladies Exchange: a modern slim fit two button suit with a vented back and a flat front trouser. Modern colors include:  charcoal, navy, or black.

  • Tennis Shoes- don’t get me wrong I heart tennis shoes, but not with khakis.

Ladies Exchange: Sperry’s boat shoes, modern oxfords, or Chuck Taylors.

Note to readers: These are serious issues and should not be addressed on the first date. This is only for long term stable relationships that can handle a disagreement. (sarcasm, but seriously)

4 thoughts on “Does Your Guy Commit a Serious Style Crime?”

  1. I always find the: “That would look great on you” approach very effective. :-) It’s like saying: There’s a better version of you and he’s wearing this.”

    1. Pleated pants look hot on men, they accentuate their package. Every time a see a guy wearing pleated pants I can’t help to look, it is very sexy!

      1. I really have to agree with Mocchachica! Pleated pants are really sexy and really masculine, they only look awful on women and should only me worn by men. On Women’s tops there are pleats, gathers, tucks, darts, etc… that accommodate the breasts and well as show off the bust. Pleated pants do that for a man. Pleated pants say “I have a Penis”, flat front pants look too metro-sexual, kind of emasculating.

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