Manpacks: Putting Your Mom Out of Business!

Have you ever wondered how often your guy buys new underwear? What about those white tees or other essentials for a mandrobe?

Thinking about manpacks isn’t something I sit around daily and do, but today is a little different. If you’re a 20 something guy with your mom as your main underwear supplier I’ve got the perfect brand for you, MANPACKS!

While they claim their saving precious man time for _____. (fill in blank) I believe their actually helping out girlfriends, wives, & moms everywhere. A lot of guys prefer not to shop which means if their underwear has a hole, they continue to wear it. However, it’s the women that suffer here!

Holey underwear and yellow arm pit tees are not only disgusting but vomit worthy. So thanks to Manpacks, there is now a system created by fellow men that got your back or at the least your hole!

Here’s How it Works:

1. Choose Thine Undies!

Choose from the selection of essentials & set up an account.

2. Adjust Your Package

Add whatever to an order, and they will ship it to you.

3. 3 Months Pass…

They’ll send you an e-mail reminder for your next shipment. You can change it or leave it then hit “Ship Now” for another package.


Check out Manpacks for more details.

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What’s Your Thoughts on

Check Back in a Few Weeks for an Official Manpacks Review!

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