Keds Shoes Are Touring Like Rock Stars or Justin Bieber!

Once I heard about Keds new little adventure around the U.S. I knew a post was about to brew. (Like a magical blogger pot that needs to be stirred.)

I’ve always thought Keds were cool, even if my peers in high school or Skechers begged to differ. They can be stylishly worn with almost anything! Yet, they’re still comfortably chic. Their new lines feature eco-friendly shoes, canvas shoes, and design your own shoes!

Also, if you have upcoming summer trips that require any walking they make for a great 20 something tourist shoe, and as far as I know they too don’t sell or promote fanny packs!

Not only are they touring like rock stars or Justin Bieber, they are also donating money to local arts-based charities as well! They’ve hit up cities like Austin, Texas and are currently on there way to Bloomington, Indiana (my home state)!

Not to be worried if you can’t join them.  Just tweet these hashtags on twitter and they’ll donate $1 for your city’s charity every time you tweet!

If your city isn’t listed you can still “enter their HDYD Your City Shoe Design Contest for the chance to win $1000 cash, and a $5000 donation to a local arts-based charity of your choice in YOUR city.”


P.S. I have no affiliation with Keds just a longtime crush!


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