How To Sparkle This Holiday Season

I hope you take the time to read Allyson’s last post for Reality Chic. We are sad to see her go but will be of course supporting her in all her future and fashionable endeavors  I am personally going to miss her awesome posts and advice in the What to Wear column. She has been a great fashion blogger and addition to our somewhat and slightly snarky tone here. So again don’t miss her last post, and thanks so much to Allyson for being part of  Reality Chic! The girl is great at helping a 20 something transition her style!

The holiday season is that rare time in the yearly calendar when sequins are not only allowed, but also encouraged.  Seems that come December, the sparklier the better.  There are shimmering pants, skirts, shorts, shirts, shoes, gloves, earmuffs and everything in between.  Something about the festive nature of the season extends to our clothing, and suddenly the female population over age 7 is dressed up head to toe in glitter.

The best part about this seasonal wardrobe must?  When done right (and appropriately), you can wear this trend day or night, in the office or at the club…or to the family function.  If you’re more daring, there are a few pairs of pants with your name on it.  Feeling a bit more conservative and want to get in on the trend without converting fully to the shimmery side?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Below, from head to toe, your guide for all things bedazzled:


Jackets and Sweaters:




















Skirts and Shorts:

























The secret to wearing sequins in a “this is not a costume I am a 26 year old working professional thank you very much” way is to keep the rest of the outfit simple.  Pair glittery pants or a sequined blazer with a basic white tee.  If opting for a shimmery dress, match with standard black pumps and stockings or tights.  Now is not the time for patterned tights.  The little black dress can be spruced up with glittery heels, but think twice before matching the glittery heels with the sequined dress.  Basically, it’s a balancing act.  Make sense?

One more thing.  This will be my last week writing for Reality Chic and the What To Wear section.  Unfortunately, after this post we must part ways, but I will continue to join all of you as a devoted reader and fan of the website.  I’ve enjoyed writing these posts for the past two years as much as I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them.  If you received any helpful advice from any of my articles that you’ve since put into action, well, that’s just the cherry on top.  Thank you all for taking this journey with me, and stay chic (and have some while while doing it)!

After graduating from college in ’09, Allyson Barkan flew off to Greece to teach English Literature at a private high school and explore Greek and European culture for a year.  Since returning stateside, she now works in Entertainment Public Relations in New York City.  For travel advice, stray observations as a 20-something in the big city, and the occasional hilarious misadventure, follow Allyson and on twitter at @aebarkan.

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