How to Smell Like a Celebrity?!

by Erin Flynn

I suppose I get the fascination with celebrities. They are often styled to perfection, attend glamorous parties, and have flawless make-up and/or some really good botox! It’s like a fantasy land to most everyone else. So when seeing celebrities do “normal” things such as grocery shop, stuffing their face, or laying out on the beach it brings them back to being “human like”. It’s kind of like seeing your first grade teacher for the first time outside of school and suddenly realizing not only do they have another life but also a first name.

However, there is one thing that I cannot grasp at all! That is the fascination of wanting to smell like a celebrity as if only celebrities smell good! Maybe it’s some sort of right of passage that once you cross over into the Land of Celebrity you must let your smell be known and by this I mean… come up with a super cheesy name and a scent that resembles some sort of flower or ridiculous sexual fantasy!

Which in this case we probably shouldn’t hold our breath for “Orangelicious by Snooki” or “Gym,Tan,Laundry a scent of sweat, coconut, and cotton by The Situation”. Oddly enough, I have never once woken up and thought “Today is the day I want to smell like Mariah Carey”! Yet, everyone and their publicist is getting a perfume.

It’s one thing to see a celebrity and ask them for their autograph or say something like “Hey, I’m a fan of your work”, but another to see a celebrity and suddenly say “Hey, do you mind if I smell you because I have your perfume and just want to make sure you smell exactly like it?” It might be crossing the line.

Sure I get the idea of more publicity, but aren’t there better ways? Do we really need another celebrity to smell like or a ¬†another perfume with a cheesy adjective or noun to describe it..I think not!

I hate to be the one to break the news, but no matter how much of this junk we spray on us we aren’t going to turn into Britney Spears, Halle Berry, or a mermaid?!

So unless you’re striving to be a pure brilliantly, radiant, glowing, lovely, hot, siren, lollipop blinging, orchid smelling, voluptuous woman I suggest stopping the madness and sticking to a little deodorant and some Bath and Body Works spray!

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