How Not to Look Like a “Freshman in Life”

There is something that sets freshmen apart. Not just the definition of being a novice or beginner, but something a little more obvious. The way they look.

Recall your freshmen days….

As a freshman in high school I was a slightly scrawny awkward version of myself that had recently gotten my braces off, was a sucker for tanning, and often wore my embroidered J.LO sweatsuit, you know from back when she was in her Bennifer days, in which my life consisted of sports and watching cheesy reality shows like POPSTARS Eden’s Crush (the pre-American Idol). Anyone?? Yea I didn’t think so. Pretty sure they only lasted a year.

Then came my freshmen year in college where I’m afraid to admit that GTL (gym, tan, laundry) was my routine long before The Situation or Snooki had their 15 minutes. Even though my wardrobe pretty much consisted of sweatpants and sweatshirts there wasn’t anything that couldn’t be dressed up with a pair of giant hoop earrings…sigh! At this point iPods and Facebook were on the rise but with my lack of technology and a slightly stubborn family trait I still carried a CD player along with a giant CD case on every road trip. As for Facebook lets just say I stayed a question mark for quite sometime.

What is strange about being a freshman is you don’t realize you look like one, until your not one anymore.

So did I learn anything after the second time of being a frosh?

Well, I finally learned that the cancer box wasn’t good for my skin or my 20 something wallet, that giant hoop earrings aren’t a fashion necessity or really a necessity at all, not to be so trendy that you bring up memories of J.LO sweatsuits or Eden’s Crush, and that technology happens to be kind of useful. Who would of thought?

So to avoid any future awkward days like myself. I suggest accepting your new role as recent grad (a.k.a “freshman in life”) but not looking it.

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5 thoughts on “How Not to Look Like a “Freshman in Life””

  1. Hahaha you brought back a vivid flashback for me! Gosh I’d forgotten all about Eden’s Crush! I remember going to an N’SYNC concert and they were the opening act. They had like one song that was popular for a month. And then they disappeared…those were the days…

    Great post! I’m SO glad my freshman days of both high school and college are OVER. ;)

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