How Much “Doe” Can a Reindeer Sweater Cost?!

Alright people, it might be an unseasonably 55 degrees and strangely sunny out, but soon Thanksgiving will be here and then (start the singing please)…It will begin to look a lot like Christmas! During the holiday madness you are most likely invited to attend at least one tacky sweater party, listen to Pandora Christmas music or the classic Carpenters Cds, and probably indulge on a bit too much wine!

Like they say everything in fashion goes around then…comes back around? So apparently Reindeer sweaters are once again “cool”! But I am not convinced it’s ever really appropriate to have a giant deer on your sweater. You might ask “Does this ruin the point of having a tacky sweater party if deer sweaters are back in style?” Not exactly!

Now of course this hasn’t quite translated down to “real” people and by real I mean affordable stores.┬áBut the thought of college students and/or young adults having tacky sweater parties while more sophisticated adults could be paying up to $800 for such sweaters was quite humorous to me.

While they are not exactly as tacky as I had hoped. They are certainly EXPENSIVE! And I’m sure you understand paying $700 for a reindeer sweater! How could you not?!

In light of the future holiday sweater season upon us I put together a little glimpse of the beloved expressive sweaters!

Tacky Sweater!

Tacky Price!

The Big Compromise!

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