Holey Jeans (a non religious experience)

by Erin Flynn

Do holey jeans make sense? Absolutely not! Will we continue to wear them? Absolutely.

Maybe holey jeans are just a way to get a breeze during a warm spring day or maybe they give us that look of not trying so hard for style when in actuality we paid for those holes. Either way the ripped distressed jeans are making a reappearance.

Trend Warning: Don’t use the “distressed denim trend” as an excuse for having a worn hole in your crotch or butt. It’s just unacceptable!

Tip of the Day: Don’t over do it. You want to look like you slightly ripped your pants not as if you found pants and put them back together. A little hole can go along way!

The Top 5 Looks for a HOLEY EXPERIENCE

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