HIRE ME! (The T-shirt That Says It All)

As a 20 something fashion blogger who writes a style blog for the life after college stage better known as “when all hell brakes loose”, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to shed light on one t-shirt that may be worth buying for no other reason than the saying alone. Now normally I’m not a huge fan of t-shirts that have catchy sayings written on them; but, after hearing the recent youth unemployment statistics and having experienced it first hand I figured there was no better time to combine my fashion resources with 20 somethings looking for a job.

(Warning Depressing Paragraph Below)

In January, the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the United States reported an official unemployment rate of 21 percent for workers ages 16 to 24. As for college graduates under 25 the official unemployment rate was 11.2 percent. These unemployment statistics sound high, and it doesn’t even account for the thousands of 20 somethings who are underemployed. You know them, have seen them, or might be one of the girls or guys working retail at minimum wage, substituting until a position opens, waitressing to pay off loans, staying in school to avoid the job market, or interning for free with college diplomas.

Even if catchy sayings on tees aren’t your thing, you have to admit they are absolutely impossible not to read. This bringing me to my ultimate discovery….the Urban Outfitters clearance rack. Urban Outfitters is definitely my style, but the clearance rack is more along my price range which is where I ended up finding the $7 tee that is so…worth buying. It simply states, “HIRE ME”. Sadly, this t-shirt says it all!

I’ve been told it’s all about networking, right? So go hang out wherever it is professionals hang out, commit to wearing this t-shirt until you get a job, or stand on the corner with a sign (though that might lead to the wrong impression). Either way what better piece of clothing for a conversation starter or a graduation gift!

After the B.S., Graduate to Style

Urban Outfitters

Style: Hire Me Scoop Tee

Price: $7.99

Do you need a Hire Me Tee?

Tell Us Your Unemployed or Underemployed Pains!

(Me in my “HIRE ME” tee)

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