Reality Chic’s New Outlook: After the B.S., Graduate to New Style!

In college it’s all fun and beer pong until you graduate! You accept your well-deserved diploma in a weird cape of a dress that more or less represents Judge Judy not the university, walk across the stageĀ in black closed-toed heels and gladly accept the “B.S.” (bachelors of science, of course) that officially enters you into the real world. You’re excited, ambitious, and optimistic of what lies ahead but a little uncertain about the lack of a job and your new “apartment” that is mistakenly identical to your parents house.

Though you have a new perspective on your so-called adult life you’re not quite sure where you or your style belongs in your 20s. Adult? Sophisticated? Young? Hot? Fiance? Trendy? Wife? Comfortable? Mom? Executive Assistant? Simple? Waitress? Nurse? Teacher? Edgy? Girlfriend? Student?

Whether your 22 or 29, it’s likely you and your liver recovered from the past 4 years of partying and the Ramon Noodles, but the question is….


Does it still resemble a somewhat broke, college/high school fanatic, skimpy clubbish, ultra comfy, homeless, formal version of you better known as a wardrobe hangover? With cheap $8 Forever 21 shirts, college and left over high school apparel, a Northface zip-up, giant Uggs, Victoria’s Secret sweatpants, and formal dresses there isn’t many places a post grad should go let alone be seen in these types of clothes.

It’s probable that you feel like somewhat of an “inbetweener” when it comes to fashion. You’re afraid of looking matronly, but don’t want to dress like you’re a student either (even though you might technically still be one). You want to attempt to look young and stylish, but still look your age. And you also need a balanced wardrobe that can take you from the office to happy hour or shopping to dinner with friends.

Transitioning from college into the real world can be hard enough for many of us Gen-Y ers, so instead of stressing out about what to wear let me help you transform your wardrobe from young to young professional, answer your fashion problems, and give practical fashion tips for real women like yourself!

Let me take YOU from Life After College to Reality Chic!

3 thoughts on “Reality Chic’s New Outlook: After the B.S., Graduate to New Style!”

  1. Thanks! What is one of the things you wore in college all the time that probably wouldn’t be acceptable now? I’ll have a couple new things coming out within the next month..hope to see you back!

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