Get Your Complete Fall Wardrobe Under $35 at Target!

I truly believe that Target holds a special place in most of our hearts, or wallets, but mainly our hearts. Since most of us 20 & 30 somethings have a budget we’re still balancing it’s the perfect place to add fall items into your closet while still leaving room for toilet paper and trash bags.

The thing you normally have to watch for at stores like Target is the quality of the items. So I took the time to make a trip down to Target this past weekend and verify these items in person while standing strong and walking away with only one. Did I hear some sort of applause? Listen, walking away with only one item was a big deal. Though I have to admit, items have certainly been added to my birthday list as well. Yes, I still make birthday lists.

Below are your fall essentials verified by Reality Chic and all under $35 at your local Target.

Red Blazer $34.99

Everyone needs a blazer this fall and red just so happens to be the hot color of the season.

Anorak Jacket $34.99

So this item made did make it into my car. It’s the perfect go to fall jacket and mine just so happens to be in purple.

Faux Leather Blazer $28

I’ve already added this one to my b-day list. Very chic in person.

Blouse $18

It’s a great addition to your work attire or will make for an easy to wear outfit paired with skinny jeans and wedges.

Blouse $29.99

A loose-fitted white blouse is standard for fall especially when you wear it with dark wash skinny jeans, a scarf, and tall brown boots.

Flannel Button-up $17.99

Who doesn’t need a flannel shirt in the fall?

Dressy T-shirts $7- $10

If comfy items are your go to, buy these tees in multiple colors and layer throughout the winter and fall.

Tie T-shirt $19.99

The alternative look to a simple blouse.

Mossimo® Women’s Denim Leggings – Assorted Washes $25

I’m not a huge fan of most jeans from Target, but when I tested these out they were extra stretchy and uber soft. They would be ideal for wearing under boots and with long oversized sweaters or blouses. Not to mention, they were definitely copied to look like J.Brand jeans. Unless you’re a pro fashionista it’s likely you couldn’t tell the difference.

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Denim Jegging – Assorted Colors $22.99

Same comfort level but with assorted colored washes!

Peplum Dress $25

Peplum is a huge trend this year, and this dress was just as adorable and flattering in person!

Belts $12.99

Skinny belts are now a must. If you don’t have them, it’s time to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Wedge Shoes $29.99

I’m slightly obsessed with the wedges below. Target has them for under $30 while Aldo has two looks for over $100. Take your pick!

2 thoughts on “Get Your Complete Fall Wardrobe Under $35 at Target!”

  1. I saw the Target red blazer in stores (it is more orange than red) and it is a pretty good copy of the J Crew schoolboy blazer in Modern Red.

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