Get a Wedgie! Oops..I mean Wedge Shoe!

by Erin Flynn

While receiving a wedgie might not be hot, wearing a “wedge” is! The wedge is not only the comeback kid of shoes, it’s the Must Have of the spring and summer seasons.

$30 and UNDER!

What makes the wedge so hot?

1. It can be worn with any type of pant! (shorts, dresses, jeans, etc…)

2. It has nothing to do with having your underwear over your head.

3. They can be sexy, casual, and colorful.

4. You can find them for under $30!

Tip of the Day: With trends, such as a wedge, be mindful that the style could be out by the next summer season. Don’t spend a fortune on a shoe or apparel that is “trendy.” Instead, save and spend on staple pieces that can be worn multiple times!

Check these sites out for Inexpensive Wedges or Wedgies (whichever you prefer):




Forever 21