Fuggs, Uggs, and Whooga! Win a Pair or Receive an Exclusive Discount!

If you haven’t heard of ugg boots by now then you might want to check out this little thing called the internet, a cell phone, and something known as…the 21st century because the popular sheepskin ugg boots are EVERYWHERE!!! Just take a strollĀ on any high school or college campus and you’re bound to see not one, but multiple uggs.

Since they’re everywhere, it can be a bit tricky when it comes to spending money on just any brand. So let me help!

Whooga Ugg Boots will rock your socks off!! No really, you don’t have to wear socks! Unlike other brands, Whooga Uggs are made with “twin faced” feathers which allow your feet to breathe rather than smell! Which in my book stopping one less smelly foot on the planet deserves some sort of global fashion award. Where’s Tim Gunn when you need him?!

They are the fastest growing boutique brand of uggs made with a thick Thermafleece layer that completely out does any other brand. Not to mention they come in a pretty box and their prices are cheaper too!

With Christmas around the corner Whooga Ugg Boots is giving Reality Chic readers an exclusive 10% Discount!

Don’t forget the code: 1019ERIN

Also if you sign up for Whooga’s newsletter you will be entered in their monthly giveaway! At the end of each month Whooga will draw boots for the winners!! It’s open to everyone in all countries.

How to Wear Uggs?

  • Comfort is key!
  • Don’t attempt to make uggs look classy, because you can’t!
  • Pair with leggings, jeans, over-sized sweaters, and cardigans.
  • Make comfortable look chic!

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