For the Pursuit of Fashion: 5 Ways to Dress Like There’s Somewhere to Go!

by Erin Flynn

By now if you’ve read my Profile or About Reality Chic section you know that I’m an unemployed marketing major who just happens to be an aspiring fashion editor/realistic fashion blogger. And if you have continued to follow me, you most certainly know not much has changed.

There for a while there were stints of pity and well…to be blunt …worthlessness. Then soon followed by my many hours of mindless t.v. and of course the morning ritual of 4 consecutive “morning shows” (which I can’t say I’m completely cured of, I just love Regis and Kelly, I mean who doesn’t?)

Graduates, 2009!

However, after realizing I’m not the only one in this so-called “pity party” thanks to me checking my twitter status at 11:30am this morning and it reading “Twitter is currently over-capacitated”. ┬áIt got me thinking (please read as if you were surprised) Hey! I’m not the only one with nothing better to do than play on Twitter at 11:30 in the morning…There’s others”!

So after a long thinking process over the past couple months and confirmed today by Twitter. I’ve decided to cheer up! After all, I believe there might be a need for some cheering up after the graduation of recent graduates…not to be Debbie Downer or anything. Because there is obviously still hope, really! This all brings me to my title:

For the Pursuit of Fashion: 5 Ways to Dress Like There’s Somewhere to Go!

Real Life

1. Make the grocery store a reason to get out of your Pajama’s and put on heels! Even though heels kill, you’ll only be wearing them for about 30 minutes so it’s pretty much worth it!

2. Shopping will soon become a need due to complete boredom. Be mindful that you don’t have a job in turn that means no moolah! So shop for apparel that is realistic and can be worn more than just once!

3. When entering back into grad school because you don’t know what else to do. Up the ante! Instead of sporting sweats with your college or high school name on it. Dress in some cropped jeans with a graphic tee!

4. Join the Red Hat’s Society! Okay..I’m kidding, but seriously buy a floppy hat or fedora for a casual event!

5. Eventually an interview will happen. Have the basic essentials ready: white button-up, pencil skirt, black pants, black dress, and closed toed heels. Then, make it happen!

So as a 2009 Graduate without a lucrative job and a briefly made appearance as a part-time retail consultant. Welcome 2010 Graduates to the world where your hopes and dreams are certainly at least partly squashed by unemployment or working with high school students! Let’s hope the economy bounces back…please….no seriously….I’m begging here!