Flubby Tubby

The pooch has got to go people! After waiting in line at the movie theater this past weekend and watching many girls ages 14 and up with this particular problem I decided it was time for a complete intervention. When I say pooch I’m not talking about the cute pet puppy you own. Instead I’m talking about the bulge in your tummy that is forced to hang outside your jeans because they are sitting way too low and way to tight on your hips..a.k.a low-rise jeans!

This has nothing to do with size, shape, or weight! You can be the smallest thing, but if your jeans are falling so low on your hips that skin and or stomach is forced  to hang out where hanging doesn’t belong then we have a problem!

How to solve this growing epidemic…

1. The number one problem is LOW-RISE JEANS!!! These have got to go!

2. Buy Mid-rise jeans! These can be your savior. It fits at the right point on your stomach and can leave you looking pounds less!

3. Check your size! Many of us are squeezing into the wrong size or aren’t fitting into the right one. Solve this problem by spending a day trying on multiple jeans. The fit should be comfortable along with shaping your curves. The  jean should not be baggy around your butt and thighs, but also there shouldn’t be creases that pinch your skin. If this happens your pants are declaring “these jeans are too small!”

4. Find the right top! Shirts are also a culprit when it comes to forming a pooch! They should lay comfortably on your body not look like they’re eating it.   To avoid this issue buy the correct size, wear a tank underneath, or having your mid rise jean meet your shirt leaving your with a clean smooth look!

5. If you are uncomfortable about your mid-section try these 3 ways to hide the trouble spot:  wear something black or a solid color, try anything with rouching, wrap dresses are ideal, and A-line skirts create a great figure.

Check out Mid-rise jeans here!!

There is no reason for a pooch, flubby tubby, or a beer belly especially at age 14!  And like I said before it has nothing to do with size or weight; but, it has everything to do with how you dress!

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