Fashion Week (Part 1)

After attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week as a “real person” I thought it would only be appropriate if I brought a bit of fashion week to the everyday girl or guy. While I didn’t see sparkle harem pants I did see many styles that I will be glad to share with you all tomorrow!

Joanna Coles and Tim Gunn

Olivia Palermo (The City) in Moncler

Fashion week brings out the works. The fashionistas, socialites, celebs, editors, and stylists, not to mention, heavy make-up, a size negative, and some hot clothes. As a first timer I felt there are some things I learned and shall pass on to you.

8 Rules for Attending Fashion Week

1. When seeing a celebrity act as if you see them all the time.

2. Try not to stare at the skinny man in the make-up (he’s just a model).

3. Act as if everyone does air kisses (even though you know they don’t).

4. Pretend your shirt didn’t come from the clearance rack and your jewelry didn’t come from Target.

5. When walking by a model resist pushing them over with your finger. Probably not appropriate.

6. Take in the runway show (you’ll feel like you’re in a movie).

7. Don’t be surprised by the actual time of a show. It’s over between 15 to 30 min.

8. Remember you are in the same world. Even though it seems like a different one!

Tony Cohen (above) and Custo Barcelona (below)

Even though the runway is beyond amazing, it’s the realway that I certainly fit into! Until tomorrow (air kisses)…

Tomorrow I will bring you some looks and trends that I’ve seen emerging for fall 2010. I know what your thinking it’s not even summer yet?! Better prepared than not..right?!

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