Dress for Your Profession! (Part 1)

So we’ve all been there! The day where you find out your infamous dress code or the day when you realize the profession of your choice is not exactly known for high, middle, or any kind fashion! And instead you’re stuck dealing with a man CEO, a woman that forgot fashion along the way, or some sort of safety hazard that has actually never nor will happen. So because of this you struggle most mornings to come up with an outfit and blurt out the words every significant other hates to hear… “I have nothing to wear”!

Note: The right corner of every photo collage is not meant be taken seriously.

To Teach or Be Taught

In this case, being taught is quite important! Becoming a teacher doesn’t grant you the right to wear an A+ Vest, apple denim button-up, or small children on your cardigan. In fact, these should probably make an appearance in the handbook for what not to wear! I do know it can be difficult for all teachers or professors to find age appropriate and semi-conservative wear, but part of being a teacher is about stepping outside of the box. So I’m here to help you!

Plant Life

No, I’m not talking about the ¬†green/outdoorsy jobs one dreams about. I’m talking about the not so glamorous, working around giant machines, extreme safety hazards, and steel-toed boots kinda work. While at times it’s nice to not have to worry at all about what to wear to work because you know no one else really cares. It too can get old! After being restricted for sometime by “plant life”, showing that you do look descent outside of a bump cap becomes important and can make a huge difference in personal self-esteem. Rather than giving up on your fashion sense or¬†losing a finger (okay so I might of crossed the line) let me be of some compromising assistance.

Office Wear

Some are strict, some are not; however, most are pretty standard. The whole spiel about looking professional in a professional environment to your collegues and or clients creates the first image of how they feel about the business…blah…blah…blah. As much fun as this sounds, I feel many of us would choose to pass! Though jobs are hard to come by now a days, I do suggest following the rules with a twist!

Health Profession

Okay, first let it be known that I am in no way, shape, or form promoting the use of Looney Tune scrubs or black Reeboks. Their are standards even if scrubs are involved! I’m pretty sure most have experienced the fashion of the “health world”. You go in for a little arm surgery and end up in a buttless night gown with shoe booties (so maybe I’m drawing from my own experience)! There isn’t much that can top that! So we all get that the health world isn’t keen on fashion, only safety. What’s up with that?!(sarcasm)

Tune in Soon for Dress for Your Profession (Part 2): What to Wear to Work!

2 thoughts on “Dress for Your Profession! (Part 1)”

  1. Hey girl! Cute ideas…although as a teacher I dont think the skirt and tank top outfit would work out…sadly most schools do not allow teachers to wear tank tops- unless with a nice cardigan over it!

    P.S.- my aunt teachers 3rd grade and she has a lovely variety of “teacher vest.” They are amazing!

  2. Ello lovely! U should do one of these for what to wear at David’s Lol! The dress code cis starting to get ridiculous! Business Casual is becoming less and less casual. I miss ur company!

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