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Want to know how to tie a scarf or how to wear leggings? This is your go to fashion category where you can learn what to wear & how to wear it.

How To Pack For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday of the year.  The fall foliage is on full display, you’re surrounded by family and friends, and the food is never-ending.  But if you’re one of the many young professionals who no longer call their hometown “home”, Thanksgiving is also a time filled with stressful travel arrangements and the realization that you have to complete that dreadful task required of anyone going anywhere for any reason at all: packing.

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How To Wear A Maxi Dress From Day To Night

I’m 5 feet tall.  No, I am not a legal midget ( but 2 inches shorter and I’d get handicapped parking…damn!), and yes I tend to get annoyed when I can’t wear certain trends due to my vertically-challenged nature.  Overall, I don’t mind my height and, if anything, at least I always have an excuse to wear sky high heels.  But there’s one thing that just pushes my miniature buttons.  Can somebody tell me why designers insist on using ceiling to floor ballroom drapes to make maxi dresses?  Am I supposed to wear stilts just to take these dresses for a little stroll around the block?

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How To Wear A Chambray Shirt

One look that is absolutely everywhere this season is the chambray shirt.  It’s both classic and trendy at the same time, and provides a refreshing update to most outfits while giving the appearance of an old stand-by.  But how do you perfectly pair it with your outfits?  When is the right time to throw one on?  How do you know if this look goes with your personal style (hint: it does!)?  Follow the guide below for a how-to on everything chambray.


1. Pair with your favorite skinnies for a classic look that is very of the moment.


How To Rock a Red Lip

One of this season’s hottest trends has nothing to do with clothing.  For a few bucks and a swift circular hand motion, you can be a member of fashion’s elite, no matter what you’re wearing on your back.  Everyone, it seems, is raving about a bright pout.  Problem is, the rest of the population is terrified of this concept.

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What to Wear When Your Toes Are No-No’s

As it gets warmer out, we all want to cast aside our sweaters, corduroys and knee-high boots and slip into florals blouses, flowy skirts, and sandals.  But for a lot of us, this isn’t exactly an option.  Just because the weather calls for one thing, doesn’t mean the office atmosphere agrees.  So how are you supposed to incorporate spring trends when your workplace forces you to cover up those toes?  Or perhaps your office doesn’t care, but you feel it’s still a wee bit early to bare those ten teeny appendages.  After all, they haven’t been given proper maintenance, no pedicure, etc.  They need time to breath and ease into being on full display.  But worry not, fair fashionistas, for you still have many options, even when your toes aren’t one of them.

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How To Know When To Splurge

Here at Reality Chic, we are always trying to make it easier for you to save.  We understand that as twenty-somethings, our closets are restricted to our tighter-than-a-lycra-bodysuit budget.  As Reality Chic readers, you come to this site for that very reason.  You want to look cute, trendy, fashionable, stylish, etc. etc. etc., and you don’t want to drop major cash to do it.  But every now and then, there are those certain items that deserve the extra zeroes at the end of the price tag.  And no, I’m not talking about that pair of 6 inch bright purple stilettos that you will wear all of once and then shove in the back of your closet (but yes, I do understand how awesome they are and how much you just havvvvvvvvvvvvve to have them).  While I hate spending more than a few bucks on most anything, sometimes you just got a hand over the dough.  Here’s a little tip guide for when you should stop hunting for that major bargain and just SPLURGE.

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What To Wear With A Plain White Tee

One of my favorite items of clothing is also, unfortunately, one of the hardest to wear as a professional.  The classic plain white tee-shirt is a staple for any person’s wardrobe, yet it can be difficult to incorporate it into any outfit Monday through Friday, 9 to 5.  By its very nature, lends itself to weekend fun, lazy Sundays, the beach, and the gym.  Though shouldn’t something as classic, as simple, and as timeless as a white tee be more versatile than any other item in your closet?  Shouldn’t you be able to pair anything with it as you head to the office, or to happy hour, or to wherever, looking simply fabulous?  Shouldn’t the plain white tee, in all its wonderful, humble, underrated glory have its day in the sun?

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How To Shop For Those Unmentionables

First things first: This is not a “naughty” article.  This is not about lingerie.  This is one of the more practical, less “fashion-forward” pieces you’ll get from me and my nimble little typing fingers.  True, most people, on most days, will never see what you have on under your clothing, and that’s the point.  For something that we wear every single day of our lives, it’s really a wonder how most of us spend so little time, effort, or money on these pieces.  Without the right cuts, colors, sizes, and shapes, our entire outfits would be thrown out of whack, and any chance we had of looking oh-so-stylish and wonderful and amazing just goes right out the window and into the trash.

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What NOT To Wear: Your Money

My brother video chatted me a few days ago and told me I had to write an article on this topic.  There was no way around it.  It had to be done.  He then proceeded to flip through the most recent issues of both GQ and Esquire and, page by page, we agreed that almost every single outfit being modeled was completely unreasonable.  I wrote an article a while back about incorporating bits and pieces of what’s in the fashion pages of magazines into our everyday wardrobes, yet his concern was more complicated than the clothes simply being a bit outlandish (which they were…I am confident I would never spot a straight man outside of the fashion industry in ANY of these outfits).  A simple white button-down?  $675.  Loafers?  $3500.  A suit?  $8000.  To quote my brother: Who the hell is buying these things???

Obviously not every magazine does this, at least to this extent.  Yet I often find that I too have the same problem as I flip through Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire.  I spot a dress in a fashion spread that I simply must have, look for the tiny writing in the corner, scroll through, and BAM…the dress I want is Prada or Givenchy and worth a fortune.  Or better yet, the price isn’t even available, it’s that expensive.  Nothing is more of a letdown than getting excited about the new season’s fashion and trends, only to basically be told you can’t join in because you’re not filthy rich.

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How To Create The Perfect Top Knot

Of all the trends out right now, I’ve become mildly obsessed with the bun.  And by mildly obsessed, I mean that I absolutely can’t get enough of them.  Every time I see one I swoon and then become instantly jealous that I don’t have a similar knot plopped atop my head.  Everywhere we look, celebs are sporting this look and for good reason.  Not only is it easy to create and easier to maintain, but it gives off a “I am glamorous and couture and super trendy and stylish without even really trying” vibe.  With just a few tricks up your sleeve, you too could give Sienna Miller a run for her top-knotted money.  Just follow the DIY tips below, and twirl and tease your way to the levels of higher fashion.

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