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How To Sparkle This Holiday Season

I hope you take the time to read Allyson’s last post for Reality Chic. We are sad to see her go but will be of course supporting her in all her future and fashionable endeavors  I am personally going to miss her awesome posts and advice in the What to Wear column. She has been a great fashion blogger and addition to our somewhat and slightly snarky tone here. So again don’t miss her last post, and thanks so much to Allyson for being part of  Reality Chic! The girl is great at helping a 20 something transition her style!

The holiday season is that rare time in the yearly calendar when sequins are not only allowed, but also encouraged.  Seems that come December, the sparklier the better.  There are shimmering pants, skirts, shorts, shirts, shoes, gloves, earmuffs and everything in between.  Something about the festive nature of the season extends to our clothing, and suddenly the female population over age 7 is dressed up head to toe in glitter.

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How To Keep Your Feet Toasty All Season Long

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time we started getting a bit comfortable.  The temperature outside is dropping, while the fireplaces and radiators are getting cranked up inside.  Holiday movies are starting to play on endless loop on all channels, gingerbread lattes and peppermint hot cocoas are readily available, and pumpkin pie, sweet mashed potatoes, buttery biscuits and hearty stews are just a Seamless click away.  Yes, the stores and streets are filled with glittery dresses and sparkly stilettos, but when the snow starts to fall and Hugh Grant is on tv, why bother getting all dolled up?

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How To Pack For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday of the year.  The fall foliage is on full display, you’re surrounded by family and friends, and the food is never-ending.  But if you’re one of the many young professionals who no longer call their hometown “home”, Thanksgiving is also a time filled with stressful travel arrangements and the realization that you have to complete that dreadful task required of anyone going anywhere for any reason at all: packing.

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What To Wear Around Your Neck: Scarves

If there’s one thing I love this time of year, it’s a scarf.  They’re comfy, warm, and the perfect accessory.  I’m someone who usually keeps her outfit pretty simple.  I love sticking to the basics, but I hate the prospect of being boring.  Find yourself wearing jeans and a plain tee or sweater?  Throw on a scarf, and your outfit is instantly upgraded.  What’s even better about this solution?  You can pretty much wear the same exact outfit over and over again with different scarves, and it’s as though you’re wearing entirely new ensembles everyday.  It’s the perfect crime (of fashion, anyway).  And what’s even better than that. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a scarf, ut instead can find an adorable one for as little as $10.

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What To Wear: Ankle Boots

As temperatures continue to cool and we make our way into November (and the eventual start of the holiday season), it’s only natural that we start trading in our flats for their warmer, more weather-appropriate older siblings: the boot.  It’s fair to say we all have a few good pairs of boots stored in our closets.  OK, it’s fair to say we all have more than a few pairs at our disposal.  But what’s the fun of starting a new season if we can’t add a new pair (or four) to our collection?  After all, when we’re preparing to wear boots day after day and month after month until March, it’s not unreasonable to think that we need a pair in every color.  Hey, we need a pair to match every outfit option, and then we can maintain a constant rotation through the long winter of all our boots, right?

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How To Turn Your Scarf Into a Vest (In 5 Very Easy & Brainless Steps)

I can’t take all the credit for this post. This past week my best friend Katie from college came into town. Like many friends we have some common interests, one of which is our love for fashion. We were those girls that went home for Christmas only to come back with the same identical gifted wardrobe. So when she showed me this scarf trick, I couldn’t help but to become giddy (yes..giddy) knowing that I would get to share it with you all very soon! Consider this a craft for the not so crafty. Here ya go.. How to turn your scarf into a vest in 5 very easy & brainless steps!


How to Wear a Boyfriend Jean (Part II)

The boyfriend jean is one of those looks that celebrities seem to pull off yet when you try it on in the store it just never works. Fear no more my 20 something friends, I want you to wear the boyfriend jean without looking like you just took the walk of shame. So I created a simple little guide for remembering how to wear boyfriend jeans just like the celebs. Next time you’re in the mall snag those suckers and don’t look back. We’ve got you covered!





How To Wear A Hat This Fall


There’s no other way to say this other than to put it bluntly: I’m obsessed with hats.  Remember how a little while ago I pledged my undying love to the wedge sneaker, emphasizing how they stole my heart and I would never be the same?  Well, while my feelings haven’t changed about my pumped up kicks. I have found those same feelings blossom for hats.

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What To Wear: Blazers

I hate when people say that blazers are a year-round fashion item.  In the dead of winter I prefer a warm, cozy sweater.  And in the summertime heat I start sweating at just the idea of a lined jacket draped over me.  But come fall, specifically this time of year that we find ourselves in right now, the blazer rules.  It’s cool enough to wear as a jacket outside and to keep on at the office to pull an outfit together. Yet it’s still warm enough that we don’t need to double layer with any other coats.

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How To Find That Perfect Slipper

Gone are the days when slippers were reserved for the bedroom.  Smoking slippers, smoking loafers…whatever you want to call them, are here to stay and ready to take to the streets.  It’s time to retire the trusty sandals and return to the world of close-toed shoes, but that shouldn’t mean going back to the same old pair of flats.

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