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Our fashion blog is finding the best & worst style looks of the week and putting our spin on how fashion gone wrong could go right once again!

The Rocker Chic Dual – The Best and Worst Dressed

Rocker Chic is taking over the streets of London, England this month and for Reality Chic’s first Best & Worst Dressed column it’s a dual between actresses Charlize Theron for Best and Suzanne Shaw for Worst.

For Best…

              Charlize Theron, actress Snow White and the Huntsmen

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Figure Out Your Cost Per Wear with this Ultra Hot Look: Colored Denim

Colored denim hit the streets last spring and while many fashion critics kind of hummed and ha’d the trend, it’s back and it looks as if these bright hues might be worth the investment.

Gap provides two fabulous styles for your rainbow inspired jean, the skinny jean:

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Baring Bellies: Can Less Be More?

Oh the 1990′s. The fabulous 1990′s, when everyone showed off their bellies in midriff baring shirts. Hot for the club, they are making a come back this spring / summer season as part of a dress ensemble or through individual pieces paired with pants or pencil skirts. But are they worth the investment?

Midriff tops were all over the runways.

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To Splurge or Not to Splurge – That is a Question for Cost Per Wear

2012 Michique Spring/Summer Collection

It’s a dilemma every fashionista must go through at least once a season. Do you splurge on that higher cost piece de resistance,  or do you save your pennies for a rainy day? There’s nothing wrong with a little spoiling once in a while. Damn it, you work hard, you deserve to have that one piece that makes you giddy to wear and stops people in their tracks as they ask you about it.

But when is the splurge worth it and when is it a fleeting fancy that is a waste of your hard-earned cash?

That’s wear your trusty Cost Per Wear breakdown comes into play and today’s victims: the Prada car shoe vs. the Michique handbag.  Which one is worth the Cost Per Wear?

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Choosing a Print that Looks Less Like Grandma (& Figuring Out The Cost Per Wear)

Cost Per Wear = Kate Middleton

$310 / 2 times = $155 per wear (pretty good for a Duchess)

Prints are everywhere this season. From shirts, to dresses, to leggings, pretty much anyone with an eye for fashion is going to make sure they have at least one piece of print in their wardrobe. The problem is so many prints have an incredibly short life span. Nothing is worse than pulling out your favorite print from last season only to realize you look like a tourist in Hawaii the next.

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Confessions of a Shopaholic: How 20 Somethings Can Figure Out Their Cost Per Wear When Shopping!

After a recent shopping trip to Target where I literally made myself guilt-sick from buying two articles of clothing I probably could have lived without, I started thinking more and more about what makes a garment worth buying and… whether I had a serious shopping problem. Turns out as I was sulking on the couch I started to think about a couple of different wardrobe/shopping dilemmas.


How much should you spend when shopping for clothes? Or, is it how many clothes you can get for your money? Is it about the quality? Or, is about the quantity? These thoughts brought me back to an episode I once watched on “What Not to Wear” where they discussed a little thing called “Cost Per Wear”.

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