State of the Union Address: FASHION TIPS for the PERFECT JEAN

Don’t forget to stand up and applaud every 2 to 3 sentence.

Alright my after college inbetweeners, we all know what it’s like to shop for jeans. It’s an often frustrating catastrophe that leads to you waiting in line at Auntie Anne’s and a smoothie from Orange Julius! Probably not the best moment in our life, but certainly one of the most relatable. In fact, the only thing more frustrating than shopping for jeans is shopping for a bathing suit and needless to say I’ll cover that later on in a more seasonable manner!

Being young and stylish doesn’t mean having to buy into all the trendy trends out there. Hello…did you see mass amounts of girls wearing sparkle harem pants?? NO! Clearly all trends aren’t meant to be worn! What’s important is that you realize what your best features and worst features are when it comes to your body. This way you know what to work with when shopping for the perfect jean.

It’s not magic and you will try on multiple jeans, but don’t be discouraged! If you find a pair that doesn’t work, simply take a look in the mirror and figure out why. Ask yourself: What parts are not flattering? Where is it hugging you a little too much? What is it accentuating? Are they too short? Are they too baggy? Are they too long? Is the wash the right color? Learning from the bad pairs can make shopping for the right pair 10 times easier!

Don’t give up! Work with what you have and then create what you want!

Check out the FASHION TIPS for the PERFECT JEAN


  • If your hip and thighs are the trouble areas look for a dark wash straight leg (not skinny) or wide leg jean that falls from the largest point of your thigh or hip straight down to you feet. This will leave you with a clean line from your hip down that will elongate your legs and take the pounds off!
  • If you can’t find a jean that is straight cut look for a denim trouser instead. Ask a sales associate for help if you can’t find it.
  • Every girl needs at least one pair of dark wash jeans. They are not only slimming but are much easier to dress up for a dinner, date, or really any event.
  • Avoid faded jeans unless you want to create extra curves or want the faded area to be a focus point. These jeans are helpful for those non-curvy gals who need a little extra.
  • Mid-rise is the best fit for those who carry weight in their stomach. A low-rise jean often accentuates the stomach at its worst part. Leaving the forbidden muffin top..aaahh!
  • Buy the correct size no matter what the “number” is! This is the biggest mistake we women make. No one will think to ask what size your jeans are, but you can bet that they will notice if your flab or butt is sticking out because they are simply too small!
  • Unless you are a non-curvy gal and want to create volume avoid bulky pockets!
  • Cuffs on the bottom are great for tall legs, but avoid this if your legs are on the shorter side as they will shorten them even more.
  • There should not be any bunching or evidence of a saggy crotch! Keep looking!
  • Any jean with a distinct cut such as boot cut, flare, or skinny will accentuate your thigh area and create a more curvy look. Sometimes this can add pounds so check yourself out.
  • Forget and I mean don’t even think about buying something pleated!

Check out these stores to buy great fitted jeans:

Denimology- designer jeans in all styles

IndiCustom- create your own jean with styles, size, and wash so that it fits you perfectly

J Brand- amazing, comfortable fit, but run super small in size

MiH Jeans- celebrity favorite

JoeJeans- another great fitted jean

Hudson- one of my personal fav’s

The following below have sizes from Tall to Petite!


Banana Republic

Ann Taylor Loft


New York & Co

Flubby Tubby

The pooch has got to go people! After waiting in line at the movie theater this past weekend and watching many girls ages 14 and up with this particular problem I decided it was time for a complete intervention. When I say pooch I’m not talking about the cute pet puppy you own. Instead I’m talking about the bulge in your tummy that is forced to hang outside your jeans because they are sitting way too low and way to tight on your hips..a.k.a low-rise jeans!

This has nothing to do with size, shape, or weight! You can be the smallest thing, but if your jeans are falling so low on your hips that skin and or stomach is forced  to hang out where hanging doesn’t belong then we have a problem!

How to solve this growing epidemic…

1. The number one problem is LOW-RISE JEANS!!! These have got to go!

2. Buy Mid-rise jeans! These can be your savior. It fits at the right point on your stomach and can leave you looking pounds less!

3. Check your size! Many of us are squeezing into the wrong size or aren’t fitting into the right one. Solve this problem by spending a day trying on multiple jeans. The fit should be comfortable along with shaping your curves. The  jean should not be baggy around your butt and thighs, but also there shouldn’t be creases that pinch your skin. If this happens your pants are declaring “these jeans are too small!”

4. Find the right top! Shirts are also a culprit when it comes to forming a pooch! They should lay comfortably on your body not look like they’re eating it.   To avoid this issue buy the correct size, wear a tank underneath, or having your mid rise jean meet your shirt leaving your with a clean smooth look!

5. If you are uncomfortable about your mid-section try these 3 ways to hide the trouble spot:  wear something black or a solid color, try anything with rouching, wrap dresses are ideal, and A-line skirts create a great figure.

Check out Mid-rise jeans here!!

There is no reason for a pooch, flubby tubby, or a beer belly especially at age 14!  And like I said before it has nothing to do with size or weight; but, it has everything to do with how you dress!

Holey Jeans (a non religious experience)

Do holey jeans make sense? Absolutely not! Will we continue to wear them? Absolutely.

Maybe holey jeans are just a way to get a breeze during a warm spring day or maybe they give us that look of not trying so hard for style when in actuality we paid for those holes. Either way the ripped distressed jeans are making a reappearance.

Trend Warning: Don’t use the “distressed denim trend” as an excuse for having a worn hole in your crotch or butt. It’s just unacceptable!

Tip of the Day: Don’t over do it. You want to look like you slightly ripped your pants not as if you found pants and put them back together. A little hole can go along way!

The Top 5 Looks for a HOLEY EXPERIENCE

Gap at ShopStyle

5 Steps for Finding the Right Jeans for Your Bum, Body, and Soul

“Free jeans for everyone!!”  It’s a phrase all women would love to hear and only those in the Oprah audience experience.  For the rest of the other  million women out there free jeans will just have to wait.  Jeans are the one article of clothing that seem to get the most questions and stand as the ultimate mystery piece that will continue to befuddle ( yes, befuddle is an official word now) women every”wear”.  I might not be able to solve the problem of finding the perfect jean for every body type, but I am hopefully going to help solve some jean mysteries that will make shopping for them a heck of lot easier! 

I will first start off by saying the only jeans that you can wash multiple times and miraculously stay the same size are designer jeans!  The price is normally anywhere from $150 – $300; however, it is an investment worth  making.  Designer examples:  7 for all Mankind, William Rast, CJ by Cookie Johnson, and True Religion.

Stay away from bulging pockets, pleats, or anything that has an extra layer to a jean.  Pockets with flaps can often make you look bigger without you even realizing it. A great article to check out is:

It explains what makes your butt look good in a jean!!

Understand the rises of the jean. Mid-rise are the absolute best for covering the problem area also known as the stomach.  Avoid low-rise especially if your stomach is your problem area.  High-waisted jeans should be worn with a caution sticker attached.  We’ve all seen the seen the Jessica Simpson photos that infamously claimed she looked large.  She looked large because she was wearing TERRIBLE jeans!  High-waisted jeans only look good on tiny waisted people, and if you have big boobs you should avoid them at all times.  You’ll look as if you have no torso which is quite frankly unflattering! 

Color is another important factor in the jean world.  Dark denim is often more flattering to the figure than a lighter wash.

The best style for majority of women is normally a boot-cut.  However, skinny jeans are great for showing off your legs or for tucking them into boots!  Flare and Wide Leg are another way to make a statement and can accentuate your shoes rather than your thighs.

If feeling frustrated and flustered when shopping for a jean, there is no better time to break through the misery and discover your perfect jean!  Just a friendly reminder…don’t let the  jean tackle you…go out and tackle the jean!