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Get fashion tips for how to wear boyfriend jeans, high-waisted jeans, and wide leg jeans.When shopping for jeans find the best jeans for women.

State of the Union Address: FASHION TIPS for the PERFECT JEAN

Don’t forget to stand up and applaud every 2 to 3 sentence.

Alright my after college gals, we all know what it’s like to shop for jeans. It’s an often frustrating catastrophe that leads to you waiting in line at Auntie Anne’s and a smoothie from Orange Julius! Probably not the best moment in our life, but certainly one of the most relatable. In fact, the only thing more frustrating than shopping for jeans is shopping for a bathing suit and needless to say I’ll cover that later on in a more seasonable manner!

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Flubby Tubby

The pooch has got to go people! After waiting in line at the movie theater this past weekend and watching many girls ages 14 and up with this particular problem I decided it was time for a complete intervention. When I say pooch I’m not talking about the cute pet puppy you own. Instead I’m talking about the bulge in your tummy that is forced to hang outside your jeans because they are sitting way too low and way to tight on your hips..a.k.a low-rise jeans!

Holey Jeans (a non religious experience)

Do holey jeans make sense? Absolutely not! Will we continue to wear them? Absolutely.

5 Steps for Finding the Right Jeans for Your Bum, Body, and Soul

“Free jeans for everyone!!” It’s a phrase all women would love to hear and only those in the Oprah audience experience. For the rest of the other million women out there free jeans will just have to wait. Jeans are the one article of clothing that seem to get the most questions and stand as the ultimate mystery piece that will continue to befuddle ( yes, befuddle is an official word now) women every”wear”.