HIRE ME! (The T-shirt That Says It All)

As a 20 something fashion blogger who writes a style blog for the life after college stage better known as “when all hell brakes loose”, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to shed light on one t-shirt that may be worth buying for no other reason than the saying alone. Now normally I’m not a huge fan of t-shirts that have catchy sayings written on them; but, after hearing the recent youth unemployment statistics and having experienced it first hand I figured there was no better time to combine my fashion resources with 20 somethings looking for a job.

(Warning Depressing Paragraph Below)

In January, the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the United States reported an official unemployment rate of 21 percent for workers ages 16 to 24. As for college graduates under 25 the official unemployment rate was 11.2 percent. These unemployment statistics sound high, and it doesn’t even account for the thousands of 20 somethings who are underemployed. You know them, have seen them, or might be one of the girls or guys working retail at minimum wage, substituting until a position opens, waitressing to pay off loans, staying in school to avoid the job market, or interning for free with college diplomas.

Even if catchy sayings on tees aren’t your thing, you have to admit they are absolutely impossible not to read. This bringing me to my ultimate discovery….the Urban Outfitters clearance rack. Urban Outfitters is definitely my style, but the clearance rack is more along my price range which is where I ended up finding the $7 tee that is so…worth buying. It simply states, “HIRE ME”. Sadly, this t-shirt says it all!

I’ve been told it’s all about networking, right? So go hang out wherever it is professionals hang out, commit to wearing this t-shirt until you get a job, or stand on the corner with a sign (though that might lead to the wrong impression). Either way what better piece of clothing for a conversation starter or a graduation gift!

After the B.S., Graduate to Style

Urban Outfitters

Style: Hire Me Scoop Tee

Price: $7.99

Do you need a Hire Me Tee?

Tell Us Your Unemployed or Underemployed Pains!

(Me in my “HIRE ME” tee)

Are You Having a Quarter Life Crisis?

I am fully aware that the post below may be somewhat controversial as not everyone feels this way…

Sometimes it hits right after graduation when your lack of a job forces you to move into your new apartment (a.k.a your parents house). For others it hits a couple years post graduation when the excitement of buying new work clothes wears and getting a new job fades. Leaving you with the common reality of being an unfulfilled entry level employee having to pay off college loans.

Yet the “quarter life crisis” isn’t quite as noticeable as the “mid-life crisis”. There are no covertible cars (only rentals), Harley Davidson bike’s, extramarital affairs, or Just For Men hair products laying around. Instead just pounds of college debt, a Northface jacket, UGG boots, a lack of a “good job”, and an education system who will still continue to teach as if students gracefully roll out of college and land at the feet of corporate America.

Which is probably why it still blows my mind when I see Hallmark graduation cards that say “Congratulations on your new job!” When I often think they should read something like:

“Congratulations you just signed a contract to be someone’s Biatch which includes paper work, a small cubicle, and a full year of work before earning any vacation time. Ready to celebrate?!”

Luckily it’s not all doom and gloom, those who actually get a “good job” are receiving a salary allowing them to live with the perks of a health plan, a possible gym membership, and even free coffee! However, it is becoming somewhat of a 20 something reality that finding a “good job” is similar to finding a needle in a haystack.

Plus these so-called “good jobs” aren’t really that “good” after all. (It seems excessive quotations are perfect for making a point.)Which is exactly why the quarter life crisis shouldn’t be looked down upon, but embraced.

Better to know this at age 25 when we’re poor than wasting our money on hair products when we’re 50! So go ahead and turn off the cruise control. You’ve got plenty of time to change your course!

Figure Out What You Love to Do

Whether it be playing volleyball, taking your dog for a walk, or reading book after book incorporate these activities into your daily life. If you’re unsure of what you love to do. Think back to when you were a kid or things that made time fly by. It might take a week, a month, or a year to fully figure out what it is that makes you tick. So don’t lose patience.

Start Planning for the Future

If there is absolutely no way on earth you can see yourself staying in your current profession don’t continue to whine and sulk over the endless pit of watercooler conversations or cubicles. Start planning. After figuring out what it is you love or are passionate about start researching on how you can make it into a profession. Whether it be starting your own business or working for a different company plan, network, and start engineering your way into the work/life you want.

Don’t Get Warped into a “Good Job”

This theory of “good jobs” should be put to rest. I’m not sure what qualifies or doesn’t qualify a “good job”, but it seems everyone wants you to have one. Many define it as a Fortune 500 company, a health care plan, or a number on your paycheck, but to be real that doesn’t define good. It defines stable.

Having a “good job” is when you wake up loving what you get to do each day. Stop chasing this theoretical “quotational” myth.


My parents, friends, and siblings can all attest to the fact that I hate reading. They will tell you this because I’ve made it vocally and loudly known. Today I’m officially announcing that I was partly wrong (notice partly)! I did hate reading. What I hated was being forced to read.

Classic books like Treasure Island, Grapes of Wrath, and Animal Farm did not interest me in the slightest bit. They pushed me into never wanting to pick up a book again. What’s amazing is when you find material that not only peaks your interest but speaks to you on a personal level. It can not only change your mindset but your life. I mean Edward just loved Bella so much. Come on, I’m joking! Sort of?


Being 2o something and complaining about your job seems to be a common right of passage. Next time avoid going to happy hour to rant about how much work sucks and network with others who actually enjoy their job. Doing this will motivate you to live a better life for yourself. So rather than sulk in misery engage in what could be your future.

Last but not least…“Remember the mid-life crisis is just the quarter life crisis prolonged!”

How Not to Look Like a “Freshman in Life”

There is something that sets freshmen apart. Not just the definition of being a novice or beginner, but something a little more obvious. The way they look.

Recall your freshmen days….

As a freshman in high school I was a slightly scrawny awkward version of myself that had recently gotten my braces off, was a sucker for tanning, and often wore my embroidered J.LO sweatsuit, you know from back when she was in her Bennifer days, in which my life consisted of sports and watching cheesy reality shows like POPSTARS Eden’s Crush (the pre-American Idol). Anyone?? Yea I didn’t think so. Pretty sure they only lasted a year.

Then came my freshmen year in college where I’m afraid to admit that GTL (gym, tan, laundry) was my routine long before The Situation or Snooki had their 15 minutes. Even though my wardrobe pretty much consisted of sweatpants and sweatshirts there wasn’t anything that couldn’t be dressed up with a pair of giant hoop earrings…sigh! At this point iPods and Facebook were on the rise but with my lack of technology and a slightly stubborn family trait I still carried a CD player along with a giant CD case on every road trip. As for Facebook lets just say I stayed a question mark for quite sometime.

What is strange about being a freshman is you don’t realize you look like one, until your not one anymore.

So did I learn anything after the second time of being a frosh?

Well, I finally learned that the cancer box wasn’t good for my skin or my 20 something wallet, that giant hoop earrings aren’t a fashion necessity or really a necessity at all, not to be so trendy that you bring up memories of J.LO sweatsuits or Eden’s Crush, and that technology happens to be kind of useful. Who would of thought?

So to avoid any future awkward days like myself. I suggest accepting your new role as recent grad (a.k.a “freshman in life”) but not looking it.

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Reality Chic’s New Outlook: After the B.S., Graduate to New Style!

In college it’s all fun and beer pong until you graduate! You accept your well-deserved diploma in a weird cape of a dress that more or less represents Judge Judy not the university, walk across the stage in black closed-toed heels and gladly accept the “B.S.” (bachelors of science, of course) that officially enters you into the real world. You’re excited, ambitious, and optimistic of what lies ahead but a little uncertain about the lack of a job and your new “apartment” that is mistakenly identical to your parents house.

Though you have a new perspective on your so-called adult life you’re not quite sure where you or your style belongs in your 20s. Adult? Sophisticated? Young? Hot? Fiance? Trendy? Wife? Comfortable? Mom? Executive Assistant? Simple? Waitress? Nurse? Teacher? Edgy? Girlfriend? Student?

Whether your 22 or 29, it’s likely you and your liver recovered from the past 4 years of partying and the Ramon Noodles, but the question is….


Does it still resemble a somewhat broke, college/high school fanatic, skimpy clubbish, ultra comfy, homeless, formal version of you better known as a wardrobe hangover? With cheap $8 Forever 21 shirts, college and left over high school apparel, a Northface zip-up, giant Uggs, Victoria’s Secret sweatpants, and formal dresses there isn’t many places a post grad should go let alone be seen in these types of clothes.

It’s probable that you feel like somewhat of an “inbetweener” when it comes to fashion. You’re afraid of looking matronly, but don’t want to dress like you’re a student either (even though you might technically still be one). You want to attempt to look young and stylish, but still look your age. And you also need a balanced wardrobe that can take you from the office to happy hour or shopping to dinner with friends.

Transitioning from college into the real world can be hard enough for many of us Gen-Y ers, so instead of stressing out about what to wear let me help you transform your wardrobe from young to young professional, answer your fashion problems, and give practical fashion tips for real women like yourself!

Let me take YOU from Life After College to Reality Chic!

Dress for Your Profession (Part 2)

After specifically covering what not to wear in Dress for Your Profession (Part 1) it’s time we look at what to wear in Dress for Your Profession (Part 2).

To Teach or Be Taught

While professors have it a little easier than teachers it’s still important to look respectable when teaching students. Teachers have the combination of dressing modestly while looking stylish and professional. What’s best about being a  teacher? No business suit! Look for classics such as cardigans, blazers, and jackets because what school isn’t absolutely freezing! Since you have the privilage of not having to look business like use this to your advantage such as.a great boot cut khaki pant, bright colors, big jewelry, scarfs, dressy tanks, and flowy skirts. These all can be tweaked to the rules of your school! Having a group of new kids every semester means not being caught wearing the same outfit multiple times!

Jennifer Garner playing a teacher in Valentine’s Day.

Plant Life

There is no doubt that plant life can be frustrating on your fashion sense. However, the important thing to focus on is not the “can’ts” but the “cans”. Wearing items such as patterened or detailed t-shirts, small hair accessories, and colored belts are simple ways to up the ante at a not so colorful environment. Pay attention to details and jeans! Since jeans aren’t a Friday thing but an everyday thing, use this to your advantage: boot cut, skinny, boyfriend, wide leg, faded, dark, cuffed…etc!

Office Wear

Think outside the box! Many offices today don’t expect you only to wear a business suit. Looking nice and professional can go a long way without crossing over into the dreaded world of menswear. Play with different skirts, cardigans, shoes, and dimensions to liven up the office. When choosing shoes find something that will add POP! to your outfit. A shoe is a great and inexpensive way to spruce up the typical black pants and a button-up office outfit. Though work may be work..play around some!

Looks for The Office

Health Profession

So scrubs aren’t the most stylish, but who cares! There are multiple ways to still keep fashion in a profession where it might not belong. First, wear shoes that are comfortable but not hideous (there is a difference). There are many brands that make stylish yet workable shoes such as Lands End, Skechers, Uggs, Puma, and Sperry to name a few! Second, accessorize with the best of them! Hair pieces and jewelry are essential especially for those who aren’t working as doctors. Find simple pieces that accent your make-up or scrub colors. And speaking of scrubs, patterns are out! Work with solid colors. If you want to change it up I suggest working with solid colors of the season you’re currently in. Orange, red, and brown, are great for fall! Pastels would be great for spring…etc! This comes across sophisticated yet putting forth effort. After all, who can trust a man or woman in Looney Tunes?

Dress for Your Profession! (Part 1)

So we’ve all been there! The day where you find out your infamous dress code or the day when you realize the profession of your choice is not exactly known for high, middle, or any kind fashion! And instead you’re stuck dealing with a man CEO, a woman that forgot fashion along the way, or some sort of safety hazard that has actually never nor will happen. So because of this you struggle most mornings to come up with an outfit and blurt out the words every significant other hates to hear… “I have nothing to wear”!

Note: The right corner of every photo collage is not meant be taken seriously.

To Teach or Be Taught

In this case, being taught is quite important! Becoming a teacher doesn’t grant you the right to wear an A+ Vest, apple denim button-up, or small children on your cardigan. In fact, these should probably make an appearance in the handbook for what not to wear! I do know it can be difficult for all teachers or professors to find age appropriate and semi-conservative wear, but part of being a teacher is about stepping outside of the box. So I’m here to help you!

Plant Life

No, I’m not talking about the  green/outdoorsy jobs one dreams about. I’m talking about the not so glamorous, working around giant machines, extreme safety hazards, and steel-toed boots kinda work. While at times it’s nice to not have to worry at all about what to wear to work because you know no one else really cares. It too can get old! After being restricted for sometime by “plant life”, showing that you do look descent outside of a bump cap becomes important and can make a huge difference in personal self-esteem. Rather than giving up on your fashion sense or losing a finger (okay so I might of crossed the line) let me be of some compromising assistance.

Office Wear

Some are strict, some are not; however, most are pretty standard. The whole spiel about looking professional in a professional environment to your collegues and or clients creates the first image of how they feel about the business…blah…blah…blah. As much fun as this sounds, I feel many of us would choose to pass! Though jobs are hard to come by now a days, I do suggest following the rules with a twist!

Health Profession

Okay, first let it be known that I am in no way, shape, or form promoting the use of Looney Tune scrubs or black Reeboks. Their are standards even if scrubs are involved! I’m pretty sure most have experienced the fashion of the “health world”. You go in for a little arm surgery and end up in a buttless night gown with shoe booties (so maybe I’m drawing from my own experience)! There isn’t much that can top that! So we all get that the health world isn’t keen on fashion, only safety. What’s up with that?!(sarcasm)

Tune in Soon for Dress for Your Profession (Part 2): What to Wear to Work!

For the Pursuit of Fashion: 5 Ways to Dress Like There’s Somewhere to Go!

By now if you’ve read my Profile or About Reality Chic section you know that I’m an unemployed marketing major who just happens to be an aspiring fashion editor/realistic fashion blogger. And if you have continued to follow me, you most certainly know not much has changed.

There for a while there were stints of pity and well…to be blunt …worthlessness. Then soon followed by my many hours of mindless t.v. and of course the morning ritual of 4 consecutive “morning shows” (which I can’t say I’m completely cured of, I just love Regis and Kelly, I mean who doesn’t?)

Graduates, 2009!

However, after realizing I’m not the only one in this so-called “pity party” thanks to me checking my twitter status at 11:30am this morning and it reading “Twitter is currently over-capacitated”.  It got me thinking (please read as if you were surprised) Hey! I’m not the only one with nothing better to do than play on Twitter at 11:30 in the morning…There’s others”!

So after a long thinking process over the past couple months and confirmed today by Twitter. I’ve decided to cheer up! After all, I believe there might be a need for some cheering up after the graduation of recent graduates…not to be Debbie Downer or anything. Because there is obviously still hope, really! This all brings me to my title:

For the Pursuit of Fashion: 5 Ways to Dress Like There’s Somewhere to Go!

Real Life

1. Make the grocery store a reason to get out of your Pajama’s and put on heels! Even though heels kill, you’ll only be wearing them for about 30 minutes so it’s pretty much worth it!

2. Shopping will soon become a need due to complete boredom. Be mindful that you don’t have a job in turn that means no moolah! So shop for apparel that is realistic and can be worn more than just once!

3. When entering back into grad school because you don’t know what else to do. Up the ante! Instead of sporting sweats with your college or high school name on it. Dress in some cropped jeans with a graphic tee!

4. Join the Red Hat’s Society! Okay..I’m kidding, but seriously buy a floppy hat or fedora for a casual event!

5. Eventually an interview will happen. Have the basic essentials ready: white button-up, pencil skirt, black pants, black dress, and closed toed heels. Then, make it happen!

So as a 2009 Graduate without a lucrative job and a briefly made appearance as a part-time retail consultant. Welcome 2010 Graduates to the world where your hopes and dreams are certainly at least partly squashed by unemployment or working with high school students! Let’s hope the economy bounces back…please….no seriously….I’m begging here!