Windows Champions Program & Sony Vaio Y: A Fashion Blogger’s Inside Scoop

Behind every fashion blogger is a fabulous computer program or someone located on the tech savvy side of life. Luckily, I’m married to the second one. As for the other, I’ll give that credit to Microsoft Windows (my current love affair). As part of the Windows Champion team I recently received a Sony Vaio Y computer on loan for an entire year included with the Windows 7 program to ease my blogging pains. In other words, show it off at Starbucks. The catch?

Over the next year I will be keeping you posted periodically on my partnership with Microsoft Windows and filling you in on all of the features I find useful for 20 somethings such as Giveaways, Twitter Party’s, Windows Live, Conferences, Tools, & other goodness that’s interesting enough to share. While most fashion bloggers swear by their Macs other 20 somethings can’t afford them. So I thought what better way to see if my Windows 7 PC can keep up with 20 somethings and fashion bloggers on-the-go, than to test it out myself for an entire year all while giving you honest feedback.

While this is one love affair my husband would approve of, the one thing I can promise is not to go all Anthony Weiner on you. However, you can keep up with my photos (no flexing included) of all the places my Sony Vaio Windows 7 PC and I will go throughout the year via Where’s Windows? on Facebook, Twitter @realitychicblog, or #WinChamp. Also, you can find them right here on Reality Chic. It’s very where’s Waldo-esque minus the stripes.

Where’s Windows?

On the Front Porch in Pennsylvania

What Are Some of the Questions YOU Want Answered About Microsoft Windows or PC’s?


**I am a part of the Windows Champions blogger program. As part of this partnership, I have been loaned a Windows 7 PC for an entire year and have the opportunity to learn about Windows and Microsoft products. I’m looking forward to sharing the inside scoop with fellow 20 somethings & fashion bloggers.**

“Mark Zuckerberg, Fashion Icon?!” Or, “Are 20 Somethings Influencing Fashion?”

A vision is coming to me…I can see it now, right next to Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn,

“Mark Zuckerberg, Fashion Icon”

or maybe not?

After reading an article in the NYTimes Style Section about whether Zuckerberg’s style is influencing fashion.  It got me thinking about who cares and why such conversations are even coming up.

Is Gen Y now dressing how Gen X perceives us? Lazy, sloppy, unprofessional? Or is Gen Y just tired of the  “B.S”?

It looks to me like 20 Somethings along with other entrepreneurs like “the Zuckerberg” are embracing their personal style and not resorting to the Triple P’s (Pleated, Panted, Professionals). Now more than ever 20 something style is laid back. You can pay $1,000 for a distressed designer jean and off the shoulder cashmere sweater but no one will ever know the difference because the person next to you could be wearing the exact same look for under $50.

The laid back college inspired looks are not your once typical tailored outfit idea where you can tell the difference in quality just by staring at someone. That being said, I don’t believe Mark Zuckerberg is the one who inspired fashionable laid back looks.

What I think he has inspired is 20 somethings especially entrepreneurs who have realized you can make a million dollars without having to look it!

What does any of this have to do with anything?

In an age where 20 somethings are told over and over by other more experienced professionals to tweak the font and layout of a resume and to look prim, polished, and proper in a suit for an interview only to get rejected multiple times for not “standing out”. There isn’t a reason in the book why Gen Y should be afraid of being and representing who you are by the way you dress rather than blending in and imitating what everyone else thinks a business professional or entrepreneur looks like.

Reasons to Stand Out:

Homeless man with the Golden Voice, Chris Spurlock’s Resume, Lady Gaga

It’s not everyday you can expect to score an amazing job from an interview or get investors attention by wearing a Harvard sweatshirt and flip flops. Then again if it’s official Harvard gear, maybe you can? (I wouldn’t know.)

The one thing I can guarantee is wearing clothes that express your personality are going to make more of an impact than trying too hard or blending in with the thousand other suits looking the same way. Whether it’s a good or bad impact, only time will tell. That is in the eye of the beholder.

So if your first impression states “I’m being myself not just a Triple P”. Then who can really argue?

Then again, maybe Mark Zuckerberg just had a hard time transitioning his wardrobe from life after college to the real world?

Another vision:

“From Facebook to Reality Chic?”

Reality Chic Readers: What are your thoughts? Are the days of suits and overdressed interviewees almost gone? Is there a fine line for being yourself and still looking professional?