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HOW NOT: To Look Like a Sparkly Slut on New Years! (Also, Your Bag Guide to New Years Eve)

The New Years holiday is what I’d like to call one of the trickiest holidays to dress for. It’s the only time of the year you can get away with leaving a glitter trail, wearing sparkles (preferably not pants), and velvet. Yet, no matter which way you look at it, New Years fashion is reminiscent of Hugh Hefner meets Rainbow Bright with a dollop of Beyonce on the side.

Though my typical New Years involves extra appetizers and watching the Times Square ball drop, there is that occasional party invite that leaves you wondering “what to wear on New Years Eve?” Sure the short skirt worked in college but so did Smirnoff Ice. Times of changed and so should you. Now that I’m officially in my quarter life I prefer hailing a cab on the street corner to looking like I belong on one.

So, let’s practice…

HOW NOT: To Look Like a Sparkly Slut (pardon the language) on New Years!

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TJ Maxx/Marshalls Secret Santa! Get SJP’s Socks!

Okay ladies and a few gents, I am finally ready to share my experience as a participant in a Bloggers Secret Santa event through TJ Maxx/Marshalls.

With a $50 budget and a Secret Santa fashion blogger, Selective Potential, I was on a mission to shop as a certified Maxxionista!

I did have doubts about being able to find something. I wasn’t quite sure what to buy a blogger from Michigan whom I’d never met, and I was afraid of being overwhelmed by the massive store. Instead, it was beyond easy shopping at my local TJ Maxx. In fact it was probably too easy!

8 Can’t Miss Cyber Monday Deals!

Does shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring back high school memories? Probably not, but it does draw some creepy parallels to high school cliques in the sort of way in which you probably would opt to forget!

Black Friday representing the high school social status known as the “Go Getters” A+ students who prefer not to do anything less than the best. Meaning they will find those deals. The “Popular Girls” who only participate in large shopping groups excluding people from not a lunch table but yes… vicious shopping lines. And the “Followers” who thought shopping at 4 a.m. with thousands of people actually looked like good idea.

8 Can’t Miss Cyber Monday Sites!

Fuggs, Uggs, and Whooga! Win a Pair or Receive an Exclusive Discount!

If you haven’t heard of ugg boots by now then you might want to check out this little thing called the internet, a cell phone, and something known as…the 21st century because the popular sheepskin ugg boots are EVERYWHERE!!! Just take a stroll on any high school or college campus and you’re bound to see not one, but multiple uggs.

Since they’re everywhere, it can be a bit tricky when it comes to spending money on just any brand. So let me help!

Whooga Ugg Boots will rock your socks off!! No really, you don’t have to wear socks! Unlike other brands, Whooga Uggs are made with “twin faced” feathers which allow your feet to breathe rather than smell! Which in my book stopping one less smelly foot on the planet deserves some sort of global fashion award. Where’s Tim Gunn when you need him?!

How Much “Doe” Can a Reindeer Sweater Cost?!

Alright people, it might be an unseasonably 55 degrees and strangely sunny out, but soon Thanksgiving will be here and then (start the singing please)…It will begin to look a lot like Christmas! During the holiday madness you are most likely invited to attend at least one tacky sweater party, listen to Pandora Christmas music or the classic Carpenters Cds, and probably indulge on a bit too much wine!

Like they say everything in fashion goes around then…comes back around? So apparently Reindeer sweaters are once again “cool”! But I am not convinced it’s ever really appropriate to have a giant deer on your sweater. You might ask “Does this ruin the point of having a tacky sweater party if deer sweaters are back in style?” Not exactly!

Tacky Price!

10 Fall/Winter Must Haves. Forget the Rest…

With a plethora of information on Fall/ Winter trends and so-called season “Must Haves”,  how in the world are you suppose to know what is actually worth buying or what will be “out” in just a week. After all, magazines come out with new “Must Haves” every monthly issue!

Boots for “Normal” Girls!

Knee High, Over the Knee, and well..almost any self or label proclaimed boot involves actually getting that boot over your calf before being able to wear it.

You can do one of two things… pretend like you have no idea what I’m talking about and completely ignore this post (click here to go back to facebook) or own up to the fact that fitting a boot over your “athletic” calf is not only a bit of a challenge, but a miracle. At some point in many of our lives we have found ourselves at the mercy of our dear friend and/or significant other begging them while sitting on the side of the bed, couch, or chair to please help pull off the infamous boots while trying to keep what’s important still on…your feet!

Boots for Everyone!!

Just Kidding…Who do you think I am? Oprah! However…Boots are one of my favorite things (two Oprah references in one paragraph..uh oh!?)!

Note to self: Maybe today’s premiere of the final season is on my mind.

Anyhow, boots can make your wardrobe and what better time to bust them out than the beginning of FALL!! Not knowing how to wear these can often pose a problem. One mishap of knee high boots can leave you walking the street..or at least looking like it, and a mishap with ankle boots can lead to the unflattering calf syndrome. Neither which I would strongly advise. While boots aren’t exactly made for walking (like Jessica Simpson once sang) they are great for simply standing or a day of sitting (office wear). So instead take Beyonce’s advice and be Bootie.. licious! (of course in a different context)

7 Boots Worth Fall…ing For

Blazing Hot!


Blazers are NO LONGER a place for shoulder pads, business meetings, or working professionals! Instead they’ve become a staple piece for a night out, a touch of sexy to regular jeans, and a little Coco minus the Chanel.

Camouflage (Trend Alert)

Gap at ShopStyle

When I think of camouflage three things come to mind: Hunting, Army, and the Bass Pro Shop. If I had it my way camouflage would stay hidden (no pun intended)! Trying to make camo trendy is like trying to make harem pants cool….Not gonna happen! So you get the point..I’m not a big fan!