Easy, Breezy, and Beautiful Minus the Cover Girl!

I’m not quite sure where you live, but where I live it’s been hot as…well…you can imagine. At this temperature my hobbies could currently include frying an egg on the road (has anyone actually ever done this?), sweating profusely, and acting as if the air conditioning was a gift sent from above!

Summer can bring out the worst and the best in people, places, and fashion. In the best case scenerios there are…beaches, amusement parks, swimming, concerts, sun bathing, sundresses, flip flops, etc… And  to counter act that there are the worst case scenerios…humidity, frizzy hair, chafing, pit stains (gross!), sun burning, speedos, ect… So needless to say summer and mother nature are both blatantly two-faced!

When it happens to be 98 degrees outside (without Nick Lachey involved) looking cute or even presentable can be a challenge. And without trying to sound like a cover girl commercial, Easy and Breezy are technically the way to go! However, this doesn’t make it right to wear the “visible bra trend” or insane cut outs. Leave it on the runway not the realway!

Instead make your summer Easy, Breezy, and Beautiful minus the cover girl!

“One Piece Swimsuits?!” Or, “The One Piece Connector?”

It’s time for a vote, ladies and gentlemen! We all know that swimsuit season is around the corner and we all know that whether we ignore it or not …it will still come! While many are just looking for a classic one piece others will be searching for a flattering two piece. However, there has been one category that has yet to be recognized…I like to call it “The Connector”!

Victoria's Secret at ShopStyle

This one strip that is connecting the top of a two piece to the bottom making it a category of its own a.k.a “The Connector” certainly may be hot in a music video, in a photoshoot, or hey even laying out, but is it possible to get a descent tan line from these so called swim suits?

Remember Friends don’t let Friends get bad tan lines (well…until they see their back in the mirror). So would your friend tell you if this suit was a bad idea? Does the connector piece bunch up when you sit down? Can you actually swim in the swimsuit?

So many questions yet so little answers!

It’s time we put this growing trend to an ultimate vote: What do you think is it a HIT or a MISS?

Sailing Away…(Nautical Trend)

It’s fair to say that Nautical themed clothing is back in style. While many of us would like to capture this look in a classy sort of way, the last thing we want to do is actually mimic a sailor. I believe most of us are trying for the whole “I have my own yacht and leisurely sail on the weekend in the South of France” sort of thing, rather than the “I’m a hardcore sailor and this is how I dress..grrr” (don’t quite know if sailors grrr…I believe I’m thinking of Popeye)!

Anyhow the chic navy and white stripes remind us of a simple time and a level of sophistication; however, I’m not exactly buying the look on men quite yet. So how do you achieve this look without exhausting it? Simple!

J.Crew at ShopStyle

1. Subtle is better.
2. Stick to navy and white stripes vice versa with a red or yellow accent.
3. Add something current to the look whether it be high wedges, a bold necklace, or big accessories.
So rather than actually sailing in the South of France (which is doubtful), just dress like it and Google a picture…close enough, right?

This is called “Exhausting the Look” BAD EXAMPLE