Blazing Hot!

Blazers are NO LONGER a place for shoulder pads, business meetings, or working professionals! Instead they’ve become a staple piece for a night out, a touch of sexy to regular jeans, and a little Coco minus the Chanel.

Needless to say this Spring/Summer’s GO TO Piece just so happens to be blazer, and while normally that would call for the word BORING, oddly enough the blazer has up the ante!

Check out these looks to be “Blazing Hot”! ( alright…so it’s a little cheesy)


Get a Wedgie! Oops..I mean Wedge Shoe!

While receiving a wedgie might not be hot, wearing a “wedge” is! The wedge is not only the comeback kid of shoes, it’s the Must Have of the spring and summer seasons.

$30 and UNDER!

What makes the wedge so hot?

1. It can be worn with any type of pant! (shorts, dresses, jeans, etc…)

2. It has nothing to do with having your underwear over your head.

3. They can be sexy, casual, and colorful.

4. You can find them for under $30!

Tip of the Day: With trends, such as a wedge, be mindful that the style could be out by the next summer season. Don’t spend a fortune on a shoe or apparel that is “trendy.” Instead, save and spend on staple pieces that can be worn multiple times!

Check these sites out for Inexpensive Wedges or Wedgies (whichever you prefer):




Forever 21


The Top 10 Spring Items You Gotta Have!

Spring is in the air or…under the snow! Either way it has to get here eventually. Right? This years hottest spring items are far from just trendy. They are pieces that will actually be great for transitioning into summer, fall, and who knows maybe even winter ’11…but of course let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

J.Crew at ShopStyle

Top 10 Spring Items You Gotta Have!

1. Something nude (not yourself)

2. A cute wedge shoe or boat shoe if you like flats

3. Bold Patterned or Floral Sundress

4. Cropped Pants (an effortless transition from jeans to shorts, plus a little extra time to tan those pale legs)

5. Colored Cardigans (spring can get a bit chilly)

6. A flowing Mini

7. Colored Sequined (tank or vest)

8. Something ruffled or draped

9. If you haven’t got it by now…a blazer (boyfriend,tuxedo)

10. Trench Coat…chic spring go to look for those rainy days

20 days and counting….

Become a Nudest! (Sort of?!)

“Taking a second look” has a whole new meaning. Whether it be looking to make sure someone isn’t barefoot or checking to be sure they’re actually clothed. Either way means this trend is something to chat about!

If being naked was ever in style…it certainly is awfully close now! The new trend is inching its way into many of our wardrobes…nude shoes, nude tops, and nude dresses. It doesn’t even have to be nude! It’s simply whatever blends into your skin tone for example…camel, nude, or brown.

A nude heel is a great way to sport this look along with its ability to match pretty much anything you wear! Meaning… it’s also a good buy! While I wouldn’t advise wearing this look from head to toe (due to looking like a naked barbie)… I would suggest a tasteful blend of a neutral color in your wardrobe.

Who would of thought being nude would be so fashionable?! (probably not the nudest)

Sailing Away…(Nautical Trend)

It’s fair to say that Nautical themed clothing is back in style. While many of us would like to capture this look in a classy sort of way, the last thing we want to do is actually mimic a sailor. I believe most of us are trying for the whole “I have my own yacht and leisurely sail on the weekend in the South of France” sort of thing, rather than the “I’m a hardcore sailor and this is how I dress..grrr” (don’t quite know if sailors grrr…I believe I’m thinking of Popeye)!

Anyhow the chic navy and white stripes remind us of a simple time and a level of sophistication; however, I’m not exactly buying the look on men quite yet. So how do you achieve this look without exhausting it? Simple!

J.Crew at ShopStyle

1. Subtle is better.
2. Stick to navy and white stripes vice versa with a red or yellow accent.
3. Add something current to the look whether it be high wedges, a bold necklace, or big accessories.
So rather than actually sailing in the South of France (which is doubtful), just dress like it and Google a picture…close enough, right?

This is called “Exhausting the Look” BAD EXAMPLE