Trendy Cape Coats! To Fly or Not to Fly?

To fly or not to fly may be the question that I’m posing, but it’s possible the real question should be “A Cape, Really?”

Capes have made appearances on the runway and have recently been seen out and about this early winter. Rocking the cape takes more than a bold fashion sense and uber confidence…YES PEOPLE…it takes super powers!

Though a man or a woman who chooses to wear a spandex suit with red underwear located on the outside topped off with a giant cape hanging from the back means pardon my language but… “Badass”.

I’m afraid in the real world it just means medication and a love for wearing Snuggies backward.

Unless you can prove your flying ability, squirt webs out of your wrists, or direct a bull it’s probably best if you keep your underwear on the inside of your pants, your cape located near a pillow where it belongs, and I wouldn’t advertise your initials either.

Cape out,Jacket in! Check out other options for under $100 :

Effortless Chic… Layers, Knits, and More

When thinking of cooler weather, hiking, or apple orchards visuals of  L.L Bean, Eddie Bauer, and Lands End ads all come rushing to mind.  However, capturing this effortless outdoorsy look in a modern way can be somewhat difficult meaning:

It’s sort of like having to put on make-up to look natural…Looking effortless takes some effort!

This fall season it’s all about layering, belting, and looking comfortable! Think comfort over style and you’ll end up looking chic!

How to achieve this Outdoorsy Rustic look? Pair classic tanks with long sleeve tees and/or button-ups and layer with chunky knits, cardigans, or jackets. Belt the look if your shape starts to resemble a square! To finish off, add one of these particular items such as a patterned scarf, rustic jewelry, or a knitted hat. And last but not least don’t forget the BOOTS!

Need some help? Check out these brands for a boost!

Lands End Canvas

Eddie Bauer


Urban Outfitters

Old Navy

“Overall of It!” Or, “Why the Overall Trend Should Go!”

Okay, so I wore them too… but give me a break I was in 5th grade and had giant glasses which I also thought were pretty cool. This is simply verifying that my “cool” specter might have been a little off. What’s peculiar (yes, I said peculiar) is when a trend such as overalls are coming back before the trend has even fully left (Note: the woman I saw at Wal-mart yesterday).Unless you’re working on a farm, conducting a train, or terrified of zippers,  there isn’t much of a need for overalls in our wardrobe or in public (that means YOU too, Jesse James).

Overalls are one creeper that’s crept too far! Leave the bibs right where they belong…back in the 90s!

Blazing Hot!

Blazers are NO LONGER a place for shoulder pads, business meetings, or working professionals! Instead they’ve become a staple piece for a night out, a touch of sexy to regular jeans, and a little Coco minus the Chanel.

Needless to say this Spring/Summer’s GO TO Piece just so happens to be blazer, and while normally that would call for the word BORING, oddly enough the blazer has up the ante!

Check out these looks to be “Blazing Hot”! ( alright…so it’s a little cheesy)


Fashion Week (Part 1)

After attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week as a “real person” I thought it would only be appropriate if I brought a bit of fashion week to the everyday girl or guy. While I didn’t see sparkle harem pants I did see many styles that I will be glad to share with you all tomorrow!

Joanna Coles and Tim Gunn

Olivia Palermo (The City) in Moncler

Fashion week brings out the works. The fashionistas, socialites, celebs, editors, and stylists, not to mention, heavy make-up, a size negative, and some hot clothes. As a first timer I felt there are some things I learned and shall pass on to you.

8 Rules for Attending Fashion Week

1. When seeing a celebrity act as if you see them all the time.

2. Try not to stare at the skinny man in the make-up (he’s just a model).

3. Act as if everyone does air kisses (even though you know they don’t).

4. Pretend your shirt didn’t come from the clearance rack and your jewelry didn’t come from Target.

5. When walking by a model resist pushing them over with your finger. Probably not appropriate.

6. Take in the runway show (you’ll feel like you’re in a movie).

7. Don’t be surprised by the actual time of a show. It’s over between 15 to 30 min.

8. Remember you are in the same world. Even though it seems like a different one!

Tony Cohen (above) and Custo Barcelona (below)

Even though the runway is beyond amazing, it’s the realway that I certainly fit into! Until tomorrow (air kisses)…

Tomorrow I will bring you some looks and trends that I’ve seen emerging for fall 2010. I know what your thinking it’s not even summer yet?! Better prepared than not..right?!

Trend Warning

If it hasn’t been said already, it should!  The title isn’t talking about what new trend is in and how you can incorporate it into your wardrobe. I’m talking about trends that shouldn’t be trendy! While trends can keep you looking stylish for a short period of time, it can also bite you in the butt!!  Two things that drive me crazy are when you buy an outfit and two weeks later it comes out in the magazines that it’s suddenly out of style. Also, how about when the fashion industry tries to make a style that is absolutely hideous, popular!  We rely on the industry to supposedly help us look like stars, not fools! Is it really worth it to be a trend setter?!

The fall fashion “trends” were all over magazines this year. What to wear? How to wear it? Where to wear it to? All of these questions were answered for us in a timely manner. The question that seemed to be missing was “Who would wear this?” and “Why?”  We’ve all been there following these trends. I mean isn’t that how the 80s were created?! Remember denim overall’s with the one button unsnapped. OH YEA, we looked good!  Half of the time trends are forced. They become ridiculous outfits that are supposed to be “in style” and wearable; however, no “real” person in their right mind would ever be caught wearing some of these so-called trends.

Some of this years hottest fall/winter looks have been declared: velvet, one-arm look, and lace. However, the best one I’ve seen yet happens to be wearing a sweatshirt with heels…really…seriously..come on!  Although velvet might be nice to touch, if it looks tacky on your couch it’s probably going to look tacky on you! Plus, since when is it stylish to start looking like Hugh Hefner? Count on this to be one look you might regret.  As for the one-arm look, when exactly do you wear this, spring or winter? If one arm is fully covered, isn’t the other one cold?  This is one piece that may be making the wrong statment!  Lace, although it’s a way to look classic on your wedding day, it’s not so hot for every day wear despite as awesome as it is to look like you’re wearing a doily or table cloth! I highly suggest keeping the lace jumpers and leggings in the stores. This has mistake written all over it. Last but not least, a sweatshirt with heels?!  It completely defeats the purpose of a sweatshirt! If I wanted to look stylish, I’d find a cute shirt to go with hot heels and if I want to bum it, I’m going to wear a sweatshirt with tennis shoes. Combining both worlds is not only unrealistic, but it’s just not right!

Not to be Debbie Downer, there are some great trends out there such as statement necklaces, skinny jeans, flat boots, and flannel button-ups.  My advice to bid you all farewell is…CHOOSE WISELY!  I’d hate for another decade to go by until we all realize…maybe that wasn’t the right look?!