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Fall fashion trends for 20 somethings. How to wear trench coats, wide leg jeans, dolman sweaters, and jean jackets.

Trendy Cape Coats! To Fly or Not to Fly?

To fly or not to fly may be the question that I’m posing, but it’s possible the real question should be “A Cape, Really?”

Capes have made appearances on the runway and have recently been seen out and about this early winter. Rocking the cape takes more than a bold fashion sense and uber confidence…YES PEOPLE…it takes super powers!

Effortless Chic… Layers, Knits, and More

When thinking of cooler weather, hiking, or apple orchards visuals of  L.L Bean, Eddie Bauer, and Lands End ads all come rushing to mind.  However, capturing this effortless outdoorsy look in a modern way can be somewhat difficult meaning:

It’s sort of like having to put on make-up to look natural…Looking effortless takes some effort!

This fall season it’s all about layering, belting, and looking comfortable! Think comfort over style and you’ll end up looking chic!

How to achieve this Outdoorsy Rustic look?

“Overall of It!” Or, “Why the Overall Trend Should Go!”

Okay so I wore them too… but give me a break I was in 5th grade and had giant glasses which I also thought were pretty cool. This simply verifying that my “cool” specter might have been a little off. What’s peculiar (yes..I said peculiar), is when a trend such as overalls are coming back before the trend has even fully left (note: the woman I saw at Wal-mart yesterday).Unless you’re working on a farm or conducting a train there isn’t much of a need for overalls in our wardrobe or in public (yes that means YOU too Jesse James).

Blazing Hot!


Blazers are NO LONGER a place for shoulder pads, business meetings, or working professionals! Instead they’ve become a staple piece for a night out, a touch of sexy to regular jeans, and a little Coco minus the Chanel.

Fashion Week (Part 1)

Olivia Palermo (The City) in Moncler
After attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week as a “real person” I thought it would only be appropriate if I brought a bit of fashion week to the everyday girl or guy. While I didn’t see sparkle harem pants I did see…

Trend Warning

Some of this years hottest fall/winter looks have been declared: velvet, one-arm look, and lace. However, the best one I’ve seen yet happens to be wearing a sweatshirt with heels…really…seriously..come on!