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Fashion trends are the hottest and most popular clothing items for the season.They are fashion forward clothes that are trendy among 20 somethings.

Get Your Fashion Fix…16 Fall Fashion Trends All Under $50

The big September issues are in full swing. You can almost feel the cool breeze (or maybe that was my dog). Either way, if you haven’t yet received the giant books of a magazine in the mail you know them all too well as the ones that distract you in the grocery store line alongside the Reeses Cups & tabloid headlines that read “Stars Have Cellulite”…big shocker there!

The depressing thing about most of the September magazines is their price tag. Not the magazine itself, those normally run around 4 bucks, but the items inside like the $395 Brian Atwood pumps or $245 DKNY blouse along with the many other drool worthy pieces. Since the plan is to wear the items not place them in a glass box I’m afraid I’d have to pass on selling my arm for a FENDI bag or a pair of Paige jeans.

It is important to remember that trends are trends and while pattern pants are currently having their prom queen moment. That too will pass just like high school. So in order to get your fashion fix with fashion trends you can afford…here’s to WINNING this fall.

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WHAT’S HOT! Fashion Trends Currently Trending…

I can be a complete sucker for a good trend. Though it can lead to some pretty unattractive, rather embarrassing photos later on in life. Which is exactly why it’s important not to follow blindly. Otherwise, you might find yourself sporting harem pants & chokers two things better left in the 90s. Sadly most of us have been there, and our parents can prove it. It’s too bad mine had to be in the form of Kelly Clarkson’s striped hair.

FUNNY VIDEOS: Old Navy Finally Tackles Ridiculous Corporate Wear!!

Since starting a 20 something fashion blog I have taken on what I  believe is two of my sole purposes in life. That is to make aware yet rid the planet of pleated khakis and man cleavage (well..unless it’s David Beckham’s).

Rachel Ray may be helping obese children, Ellen may be bringing awareness to rescued pets, but I am preventing 20 somethings from turning into the forbidden “Triple P’s” (pleated panted professionals). So it was a delightful surprise when I ran across this viral YouTube video.

If you’re one of those girls that knows a guy whose daily uniform consists of pleated pants, a polo, & a cell phone holder clipped to his belt. Thanks to the oh so creative team over at Old Navy and their spoof brand “Corporado”. Here’s the perfect 21st century way to say, “Please Stop!”

Pippa Longstocking: Should Wearing Nude Pantyhose Be a Fashion Crime or Fashion Trend?!

It seems a buzz has been brewing across the blogosphere. Pippa Middleton has been caught wearing nude pantyhose. (Gasp!) Yes, the ones you can find on your local Hooters girl & not to mention your grandmother.

Baby Got Back? Or, Padded Underwear?

Over the past decade, a fascination with the so-called “booty” has grabbed the attention of men and women around the globe. It’s likely that at some point you’ve asked a friend the infamous question of whether or not they think your butt looks big, leaving that person with the awkward responsibility of answering yes or no.

15 Fashion Trends I Wish Would Stop, Drop, and Roll Out!

Some trends come and go, but sadly these particular ones won’t leave!

If there was ever an appropriate time for a rap song. I believe this would be it! A big fashionable SHOUT OUT to @Ludacris for providing my imaginary playlist to this blog post: “Roll Out, Roll Out!”

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Crystal Renn Still Considered Plus Size?!

Crystal Renn poses for Jimmy Choo and Zac Posen.


There is something to be said about trends. They can turn owls into the “it” animal, past decades into new style, and sadly Shape-Ups into a walking phenom. Though trends run the risk of creating looks like the 80s it’s something you can’t just follow but must choose wisely!

I’ll Pass on American Apparel and Their Velvet Onesie Thong!

Wow! I didn’t think it could be done, but leave it to American Apparel to create one of the worst clothing items I’ve ever seen! Introducing the new:

Stretch Velvet Tank Thong

As if a velvet onesie wasn’t enough… apparently adding a thong made the garment.

Thought it’s no surprise that American Apparel would try to pull this kind of thing off. They’re often known for naughty and subjective ads that leave you wondering fashion brand or retro strip club? While they may have super comfy tees I’m going to take a giant leap and say that girls who buy super comfy tees don’t buy onsie thongs or attempt to act sexy while posing in one.

Hard to believe..right?

So while American Apparel is still deciding on how to fix financial woes or whether to be a soft porn site…

I’ll pass!

Needless to say…All sales are final.

3 Trends Even a Hot Chick Can’t Pull Off..So Don’t Try!

Even if you’re the cutest little thing on this planet that doesn’t mean you’re immune to terrible trends!

Giant Belts

I’m all about wearing a bulky belt to cinch the waist. After all, they’re in style, they help build the appearance of curves, and accentuate a smaller waist. However, when wearing an abnormally large size belt that makes you or someone on the street question whether you’re planning to do extensive squats, just won “Worlds Best Wrestler” (because obviously that’s not something to joke about), or sport a groovy (yes I just said groovy) retro back brace… then you and your hunk of a belt have serious issues. Instead stick to the chic mid-size belt! Trust me on this one.

Fall Forward…What to Wear for Fall 2010

After a frigid winter followed by scorching heat waves throughout the summer, FALL is finally peeking around the corner only to prove that…. God does indeed still love us!