Get Your Fashion Fix…16 Fall Fashion Trends All Under $50

The big September issues are in full swing. You can almost feel the cool breeze (or maybe that was my dog). Either way, if you haven’t yet received the giant books of a magazine in the mail you know them all too well as the ones that distract you in the grocery store line alongside the Reeses Cups & tabloid headlines that read “Stars Have Cellulite”…big shocker there!

The depressing thing about most of the September magazines is their price tag. Not the magazine itself, those normally run around 4 bucks, but the items inside like the $395 Brian Atwood pumps or $245 DKNY blouse along with the many other drool worthy pieces. Since the plan is to wear the items not place them in a glass box I’m afraid I’d have to pass on selling my arm for a FENDI bag or a pair of Paige jeans.

It is important to remember that trends are trends and while pattern pants are currently having their prom queen moment. That too will pass just like high school. So in order to get your fashion fix with fashion trends you can afford…here’s to WINNING this fall.

16 Fall Fashion Trends All Under $50


Target Mossimo Booties- $29.99

JCPenney Loafer Pumps- $39.99

Target Mossimo Cheetah Flats- $12.99


H&M Colored Pink Pants- $24.95

Old Navy Wide Leg Jeans/Trousers- $19.50

Gap Flare Jeans- $29.99


Old Navy Python Printed Dress- $44.94

Old Navy Maxi Skirt- $29.94

Forever 21 Sophisticated Shirt Dress- $22.90


H&M Camel Blazer- $34.95

Old Navy Military Inspired Vest- $34.94

Heavenly Couture Striped Cardigan- $15


Heavenly Couture Blouse- $15

H&M Blouse- $29.95


Target Mossimo Messenger Bag- $20.00

Target Merona Large Hobo Bag- $34.99

WHAT’S HOT! Fashion Trends Currently Trending…

I can be a complete sucker for a good trend. Though it can lead to some pretty unattractive, rather embarrassing photos later on in life. Which is exactly why it’s important not to follow blindly. Otherwise, you might find yourself sporting harem pants & chokers two things better left in the 90s. Sadly most of us have been there, and our parents can prove it. It’s too bad mine had to be in the form of Kelly Clarkson’s striped hair.

So in order for you not to experience the Kelly Clarkson effect like yours truly, I’ve weeded out the bad or risque trends in advance.


Urban Outfitters- Bangles

Price: $4.99

JCPenney- Red Jeans

Price: $19.99

Asos- Sleeveless Button Up

Price: $43.10

Modcloth- Midi Skirt

Price: $49.99

FEED Eco-Friendly/Charity- Pouch

Price: $25.00

Anthropologie- Wide Leg Jeans

Price: $59.95

JCPenney- Loafer Heel

Price: $49.99

Zara- Colored Blazers

Price: $69.99

FUNNY VIDEOS: Old Navy Finally Tackles Ridiculous Corporate Wear!!

Since starting a 20 something fashion blog I have taken on what I  believe is two of my sole purposes in life. That is to make aware yet rid the planet of pleated khakis and man cleavage (well..unless it’s David Beckham’s).

Rachel Ray may be helping obese children, Ellen may be bringing awareness to rescued pets, but I am preventing 20 somethings from turning into the forbidden “Triple P’s” (pleated panted professionals). So it was a delightful surprise when I ran across this viral YouTube video.

If you’re one of those girls that knows a guy whose daily uniform consists of pleated pants, a polo, & a cell phone holder clipped to his belt. Thanks to the oh so creative team over at Old Navy and their spoof brand “Corporado”. Here’s the perfect 21st century way to say, “Please Stop!”

As for their other video appropriately named “Supar Tool”, Old Navy wants you to “Dress Like A Guy, Not That Guy.”

Here’s a few of Reality Chic’s posts tackling the “Triple P’s”.

3 Things You Never Hear a Women Say

Man Cleavage?

Does Your Guy Commit a Serious Style Crime?

Does Your Guy Need a Makeover? We Can Help!

Pippa Longstocking: Should Wearing Nude Pantyhose Be a Fashion Crime or Fashion Trend?!

It seems a buzz has been brewing across the blogosphere. Pippa Middleton has been caught wearing nude pantyhose. (Gasp!) Yes, the ones you can find on your local Hooters girl & not to mention your grandmother.

According to multiple fashion blogs & style blogs, including but not limited to those over at Jezebel, Pippa has committed a serious fashion crime. Leaving me to question whether I shall call her Pippa or Pippa Longstocking? While others ponder over the “fashion crime”, which I too am not overly fond of, I’m still pondering over why I’m suppose to care? I’m sure (well, not really) that she’s a nice person with a superb fashion sense, but should we really be analyzing her every move or outfit?

Does anyone else remember that she’s only in the public eye because she’s the sister of the Duchess not the Duchess herself?  If being someone’s sister is what it takes now days to become a fashion icon or celebrity then why the heck do we have Snooki or the 25 men vying over their “love” for the Bachelorette.

Don’t they know? Just find a sibling to marry a Royal. Duh!

By the way if you’re reading this Michella (my sister) I realize that you’re happily married and all, but I might need a favor…

Back to the crime scene, pantyhose make me itch just by thinking about them. It’s that same kind of feeling when someone mentions lice. Go ahead scratch your head! Whether it’s pantyhose or white kitten heels, it’s all a bit outdated! Sadly, it seems more and more of our past fashion trends keep popping up to bite us in the butt or meet us at British pub?!

If it was up to me, I’d leave the past in the past and Pippa Longstocking alone. But what do I know I’m only the sister of a Doctor, not a Duchess.

What Are Your Opinions on Pippa, Pantyhose, & Perfectly Committed Fashion Crimes?

Baby Got Back? Or, Padded Underwear?

Over the past decade, a fascination with the so-called “booty” has grabbed the attention of men and women around the globe. It’s likely that at some point you’ve asked a friend the infamous question of whether or not they think your butt looks big, leaving that person with the awkward responsibility of answering yes or no.

For years we ladies have had a constant divide on this particular topic. Half of the women want a little extra junk in the trunk, while the other half prefer to tone it down. The one thing most of us can agree upon is having proudly memorized, sung, or shamelessly been caught karaoking to songs like “Bootylicious” or “Baby Got Back”.

The growing (no pun intended) obsession with our back sides has officially reached an all-time high due to Pippa Middleton’s A** Appreciation Fan Page, plastic surgery requests for Kim Kardashian’s bum, and J.Lo’s recent catsuits. It has yet to be determined who actually started this popular trend, but sources say that these ladies aren’t helping the “situation”.

Since the Royal Wedding, cosmetic surgeons have reported a 60% increase in work on British backsides. While in the U.S. the “Brazilian Butt Lift” reigns as the popular go to backside cosmetic surgery. Not all of us can be so blessed in certain areas, but in today’s society what you aren’t blessed with you simply buy.We might choose to be American but apparently prefer our butts from other countries!

Enhance Your Bum with Intimate Style

Bubbles Body Wear

Has anything and everything enhanced, padded, or pushed up that you could ever need! Check out their “Padded Panties”.

Pure Style Girlfriends

Get a little extra oomph backstage with “Bump-a-Booty”, their rear enhancing padded brief.

So ladies, what are your thoughts?


15 Fashion Trends I Wish Would Stop, Drop, and Roll Out!

Some fashion trends come and go, but sadly these particular ones won’t leave!

If there was ever an appropriate time for a rap song. I believe this would be it! A big fashionable SHOUT OUT to @Ludacris for providing my imaginary playlist to this blog post: “Roll Out, Roll Out!”

15 Fashion Trends I Wish Would Stop, Drop, & Roll Out!

15. Shoulder Pads

One body part that doesn’t need any padding!

Replacement: A toned down version with puffed material

14. Camouflage

Dude, it’s not working. I can totally see you in line at Wal-Mart.

Replacement: A Military Inspired Jacket or Solid Green/Brown Colors

13. Patterned Pants

A certified way to look large & in charge. This trend is universally unflattering.

Replacement: Printed Skirt

12. Elastic Jeans

Clearly some Americans have thrown in the towel. First Velcro now elastic waistbands. What’s next? A robot that puts our pants on for us!

Replacement: Empire Waist Dress

11. Pleated Pants & Shorts

Because who doesn’t want to make their crotch or hips appear larger?!

Replacement: Flat Front Pants & Shorts

10. Sequin Pants

A lesson we can all take from Dancing With The Stars.

Replacement: Sequin Tank or Sequin Skirt

9. Fanny Packs

A total hit in Florida!

Replacement: Messenger or Cross Body Bag

8. Man Cleavage

A sign that you’re dating the wrong guy.

Replacement: Crew Neck or Slightly V-Neck Shirt

7. Jumpsuits

Onesies renamed to make adults feel better.

Replacement: Skinny Jeans, a Tunic, and a Belt that cinches your waist

6. Ridiculously High Heels

Despite the rumor in 6th grade there is no actual prize for who turns out to be the tallest.

Replacement: 3 Inch Heels

5. High-Waisted Jeans

Did we learn nothing from Jessica Simpson?

Replacement: Mid-Rise Jeans

4. Harem Pants

Even M.C. Hammer wouldn’t be caught in Harem pants. That’s a message none of us should take for granted.

Replacement: Wide-Leg Jeans, Boyfriend Jeans, Silk Flat Front Trousers

3. Jeggings

Ideal for Thanksgiving or even Conan O’Brien but is that worth your fashion reputation?

Replacement: Skinny or Straight Leg Jeans

2. Mid-Calf Boots

Your cankles will thank you!

Replacement: Nude Heels, Caged Heels, Wedges

1. Leggings as Pants

By popular Twitter demand, it seems “Leggings as Pants” is the trend most Tweeters wish would Stop, Drop, and Roll Out!

Replacement: Actual Pants!!


Text Reality Chic Your Latest Style Question


Style News You Missed: In case you have a life.

Crystal Renn Still Considered Plus Size?!

Crystal Renn poses for Jimmy Choo and Zac Posen.

I get it. Crystal Renn at one point in time was possibly “plus-size”, but media, model agencies, magazines, and yes even fashion bloggers have to stop calling her “plus size”! I’m sorry, but if she is plus-size than women in America are bound to get some sort of complex!

She looks great! Not overweight, not underweight just healthy. Only in the fashion industry is a healthy girl who is not a size 0 still considered plus-size. Is it the fear of normalcy and the forbidden averageness of a person? Clearly models who are a healthy size are… still models! Pretty face, great skin, perfect teeth, and the ability to pose without having one hand on their hip or looking shamelessly awkward. I mean have you seen some of our real Facebook photos, clearly there is a reason we all can’t be models.

Maybe the fashion industry should take a cue from the buzz this Jimmy Choo ad is getting and embrace models who are “normal or average size”.


There is something to be said about fashion trends. They can turn owls into the “it” animal, past decades into new style, and sadly Shape-Ups into a walking phenom. Though trends run the risk of creating looks like the 80s it’s something you can’t just follow but must choose wisely!

Fashion Trends to Catch:

70’s style trend- Bring back peasant blouses and wide leg jeans.

Pointy Heels- Forget the rounded toe, and look chic in a pointed heel!

Fledges- Also known as flat wedges. When elevating your height doesn’t mean elevating your foot. Check out these wedge shoes.

Color- Whether it’s color blocking on dresses or within your own wardrobe start bringing it back!

Pant Suits- A classic well-fitted pant suit. If your a working girl, work it. An invest must! However, keep it classic with classic colors there is no reason to go all Hilary Clinton on me!

Owls and Peacocks style trend- I can’t believe I’m saying it but these are the “it” animals. Don’t dress like one just wear the accessories.

Trends to Lose:

High Stillettos- Out and overrated. Keep a pair in the back of your closet. They’ll most certainly be back.

Turbans- Even Carrie Bradshaw had trouble pulling it off.

Shape-Ups- I just personally want them out.

I’ll Pass on American Apparel and Their Velvet Onesie Thong!

Wow! I didn’t think it could be done, but leave it to American Apparel to create one of the worst clothing items I’ve ever seen! Introducing the new:

Stretch Velvet Tank Thong

As if a velvet onesie wasn’t enough… apparently adding a thong made the garment.

Thought it’s no surprise that American Apparel would try to pull this kind of thing off. They’re often known for naughty and subjective ads that leave you wondering fashion brand or retro strip club? While they may have super comfy tees I’m going to take a giant leap and say that girls who buy super comfy tees don’t buy onsie thongs or attempt to act sexy while posing in one.

Hard to believe..right?

So while American Apparel is still deciding on how to fix financial woes or whether to be a soft porn site…

I’ll pass!

Needless to say…All sales are final.

3 Trends Even a Hot Chick Can’t Pull Off..So Don’t Try!

Even if you’re the cutest little thing on this planet that  doesn’t mean you’re immune to terrible trends!

Giant Belts

  • I’m all about wearing a bulky belt to cinch the waist. After all, they’re in style, they help build the appearance of curves, and accentuate a smaller waist. However, when wearing an abnormally large size belt that makes you or someone on the street question whether you’re planning to do extensive squats, just won “Worlds Best Wrestler” (because obviously that’s not something to joke about), or sport a groovy (yes I just said groovy) retro back brace… then you and your hunk of a belt have serious issues. Instead stick to the chic mid-size belt! Trust me on this one.

Patterned Pants

  • Of course…why would you turn down wearing flowered, striped, or polka dotted patterned pants? Maybe because they are simply flowered, striped, or polka dotted patterned pants. If you want to look large and in charge then this trend is for you. On the rare chance you’d like to keep your figure… try a patterned skirt instead!

One Earring

  • I’m just going to go ahead and nip it in the bud. Not too long ago Gossip Girl Jessica Szohr appeared on the oh so lovely Regis and Kelly. Instead of wearing two earrings like every other girl in the U.S. she wore only one rather GINORMOUS earring. Now maybe it’s my slightly OCD self that can’t seem to understand how you wouldn’t feel lopsided, but then again that’s just me! So ladies, instead of pulling a gay man’s earring on the left side…or is it the right…or was that just a bad rumor in the 90s? Anyhow, let’s stick to our own trend..two ears…two earrings!

Fall Forward…What to Wear for Fall 2010

After a frigid winter followed by scorching heat waves throughout the summer, FALL is finally peeking around the corner, only to prove that…. God does indeed still love us!

While Fall is known for beautiful landscapes and great camping weather, it’s also known for one other thing… high fashion!  So I thought it was only appropriate for Reality Chic to translate high fashion into something we ‘real girls’ can all understand….fashion on a budget!

Think Simple..Classic..Conservative Chic..Polished Outdoors for Your Fall Wardrobe!

Hot Items for Fall 2010:

  • blazers
  • military (green pants, military jackets)
  • fall colors ( browns,pale pinks,nude,burgendy,green, golds)
  • mid length A-line skirts
  • skinny belts
  • classic trench coat
  • dark colored sequin
  • dark wash jeans
  • knit shirts
  • Simple silhoettes, muted colors, rustic chic

Fall Trends I’m Not Buying (literally)

  • lace dresses (only does this work on wedding apparel)
  • dress socks with flats or heels
  • patterned pants
  • giant fur coats/vests