Simply Appalled!!!

Upon first glance of this photo, I thought it would it be another informative article about how models have gotten too skinny and a negative review about the brand Nycked designed by Lorenzo Martone and Jules Kim. However, on second glance I realized that no one had even mentioned anything about how sickly and skinny the model looks. In fact, the article was promoting the brand and holding a casting call for anyone including (gasp) non-models to attend.

To be fair I hardly know anything about Nycked, the brand featured, nor have I bought a swimsuit from them.  But as a person who I believe would be considered a consumer and who at least has the power to hit the Like button on Facebook I am highly offended!

It’s not even one mistaken picture, it’s an entire LOOKBOOK!!

What type of message is Nycked sending out to its women consumers and what type of image are they sending to people who want to participate in a casting call??!!!  I’m sorry, but allowing a model that you can clearly see her bones not only makes me sad for the person and image of the brand but doesn’t even provoke me to take a second look at the swimsuit!!

I may be on some sort of soap box, but with all that’s going on with self image issues of women in our world, I’m appalled that Nycked would even think of approving of these photos let alone advertise with them!!! What’s the point? More women to be self conscious in bathing suits! Pretty sure that already exists!

There may not be a DISLIKE button on Facebook, but a blog sort of helps!

For more information check out: Jean Kilbourne’s Killing Us Softly

Paid to Make Women Look Beautiful? Crystal Renn Photo Shopped & Chopped

Crystal Renn, a well-known plus size model, was photographed for Ford Models looking rather skinny. This of course led to controversy about Renn’s weight and whether she was struggling again with an eating disorder or being asked to lose weight by designers. Crystal Renn commented along with her agent sending a video from the actual photo shoot to prove that once again EXTREME photo chopping took place!

Did you know that people are actually paid to make women look beautiful (sarcasm)? Yea, me either! And according to photographer Nicholas Routzen that’s just what he did!

Read Below:

(Excerpt from NYMag The Cut)Photographer Nicholas Routzen explained that Crystal looks the way she does because the photos were “…taken from a higher angle with a wider lens.” But he also added, “I shaped her…I did nothing that I wouldn’t do to anyone. I’m paid to make women look beautiful.”

Oh, really? As if being a beautiful woman is only attainable by the infamous ways of photo shopping. Maybe he should of just stated, “I’m paid to make women look perfect.”

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Blake Lively on the Cover of Vogue…Is It Beach Worthy?!

Naturally we all run from the ocean, put on what I’m sure is an extremely expensive sweater, slip a watch over our wrist, and pose for a Vogue photo. Of course it’s realistic…was there ever any question of that?

(sarcasm in response to The Cut’s “Blake Lively Has a Wet Head on the Cover of June’s Vogue”)

Going to the beach is hot (literally)! I’ll give the Sports Illustrated sultry photos that, but glamorous? Not so much Vogue! There isn’t a lot that spells out glamorous after cooking in a gallon of sun tan lotion all while soaking up the sun or while laying out in the sand not to mention finding it later in places that sand should be forbidden.

So to pretend that Ms. Lively slipped on a sweater while her hair is soaking wet (courteous of the ocean she was apparently just in) all without getting giant boob circles to form in .5 seconds…well, let’s just say it’s laughable!

Below you’ll find Cover-Ups and Accessories that are realistically BEACH WORTHY!

Hot Beach Accessories!

Because this is realistic… Editorial vs. Real Life

It’s just another normal day when you wake up, take off your clothes, put your shoes on, and then head out the door for a morning run. Naturally we all run around town naked with only our shoes on?! Well… at least according to editorial ads like Reebok we do! P.S. You can check out the ad for yourself, but Reality Chic won’t be showing it anytime soon!

One thing you must know: Editorial vs. Real Life

The problem with editorial spreads is when they give the idea that anyone can or should wear an “editorial” outfit. Of course not all editorial spreads leave this image; although, there is a fair share just like the ones that have brought us harem pants, socks with dress shoes, and did I mention the return of camouflage.

Note: If it looks ridiculous, it’s not meant be worn outside of a photo op!

Many editorial spreads are meant to make a statement, grab your attention, and give you inspiration for an outfit. So do not take editorial spreads literally!

or this happens

Remember the phrase better left unsaid…just keep this in mind…(B.L.E)

Better Left Editorial!

Props to J.Simpson!

Normally, Marie Claire is my go to mag when it comes to MOCKING their so-called fashion trends. They’ve been known for saying things such as: sparkle pants are a great way to stand out at parties (well..that’s for sure), or lace jumpsuits are a go! And if you’re anyone who lives outside of a fashion magazine you know these “trends” will lead you to being made fun of real quick. However, after this upcoming cover, Ms. Marie Claire might of just nailed this trend on the head….thanks to Jessica Simpson!

If you haven’t heard by now, Jessica (we’re on a first name basis now) posed for Marie Claire untouched and with out make-up! And since being untouched, “photo shopped”, in photos has become the new social norm. It’s crazy to think otherwise. Example: The closer you get to a real persons face the more you can see: pores, freckles, wrinkles, blush, ect…. Next time take a look at a magazine cover photo and not just the make-up. Find something real about that. So props to J.Simpson and even Marie Claire for letting pores show, freckles reign, and letting Reality be Chic!

P.S. Simply take a walk in Jessica Simpson’s Shoes…no really ->

Since When Did Advertising Become Magical?!

Did you hear about the new magical make-up?! It takes away wrinkles, pores, neck lines, and any blemishes you may have.  And if you don’t believe it just look at the model of Lancome Paris Oscillation Power Foundation. A picture can say a thousand words…right?

Make-up at its best can help you have a smoother and more polished look. However, it doesn’t vanish wrinkles, pores, neck lines, or magically make your face inhumane. If you’re looking to get rid of wrinkles (try Botox), hairlessness (try laser hair removal), blemishes (try creams), and pores (try Photoshop).

The fact is these ads for make-up, hair, lip stick, fashion, and etc… are promoting their product which is one thing, but when the product they are promoting shows pictures of models with a blatantly unattainable look no matter how much stuff you slab on your face, hair, or body it’s a bit ridiculous.  In this article I’m simply choosing to mock Lancome Paris; however, there are many other brands and magazines out their that are doing exactly the same thing.

You may not think it affects you by any means, but we are turning into a society where trying to be more healthy and beautiful hasn’t just become a desire but an obsession.  Honestly, how can you blame people when they are striving for a look they simply will never achieve!  So next time you see a magazine promoting an ad with perfection as its underlying tagline.  Look for something else you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

Lets Be Real

Often times it seems like there is a disconnect between the “real world” and parts of the “fashion world”.  I believe this is partly due to the fact that if you are a celebrity, live in NYC, or LA you can basically get by with wearing whatever you want.  As cool as this sounds (wearing whatever you want) it can sometimes create an illusion well…that you can wear whatever you want.  However, for the other millions of people who don’t live in the city, aren’t immune to public criticism, or aren’t a celebrity, wearing an outlandish outfit or dress that barely covers your butt, is going to get you some dirty looks and don’t be naive to think you won’t be a topic of conversation.

So how are we “real” people suppose to differentiate from what the top “stars” or fashion magazines advise us to wear this season. Listen to our “real” instincts! 

1. First, if the style is not flattering don’t wear it! For example… who in their right mind would wear harem pants besides M.C. Hammer (and is he really in his right mind)?!  There is nothing flattering about having a baggy crotch hanging low while the pant tightens around your ankles.

2. Second, if it’s never been in style it’s not going to magically come back in.  I was flipping through a popular magazine where the models were each wearing a different patterned skirt with a different patterned top that didn’t match.  Not only are patterns difficult to match, but wearing mismatched patterns together have never and will never be in style. When wearing this look, it’s as if they dressed in the dark. Matching colors and patterns together to compliment or accent each other won’t ever go out of style, so why try to change it?!

3. Third, the futuristic look won’t be in style  in 2010 and won’t be in style in 2030.  Just because it’s the future doesn’t mean we will all suddenly forget about comfort and start dressing like robots! Seriously.

There is something to be said about being fashionable without having to look like a fool. Some celebs and designers have this down while others seem to live in another world.  So for those of us “real” people who want to be stylish and trust in fashion magazines to guide us in the right way, don’t take that risk. Use your common sense! Don’t have any? Find a friend to help. Just remember, there is a difference in taking a risk and wearing something completely awful. Example: risk = leopard print shoes with a colored dress, hideousness= see through lace top or lace leggings.

Famous People Aren’t Hairless…

When is the last time that you looked at a magazine cover?  The real question is how close did you look at that cover? Have you ever noticed that celebrities and models that are gracing the cover of magazines magically appear without having hair or pores on their body?! Now maybe it’s some right of passage when you cross over into the land of celebrityism…or maybe it’s that every star or models picture on the cover of these magazines are JUST NOT REALISTIC!

I’m not publicizing the fact that magazines should go and explore the world of hairy people then ask them to appear on the cover; I am simply saying that the “real” celebrity/model should be able to appear on a cover still looking beautiful without being AIRBRUSHED into a perfect picture form.

What boggles my mind is that with all the help that celebrities receive such as top hair and make up artists, stylists, and professional photographers why would anyone need airbrushing??? Who knew that arm hair and pores on your face were suppose to be kept a secret or just out of style! Did they forget that we are all human and do realize that celebrities are too(crazy… I know?!)! As a young girl, how are you NOT suppose to get a complex when these covers paint pictures that aren’t even attainable?!

I hate to break it to the industry, but with all the other media outlets in the wolrd (a.k.a: Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Web Pages, and well of course…Blogs) there is no need for hairless models on covers. We’ve seen the real pictures… they’ve posted them! It’s time to break into the 21st century people: let’s BE REAL not PLASTIC!