At What Age Did You Become Bitter About Snow? Get Over It!

The interesting thing about growing up in a close knit family is figuring out later in life that what you thought was normal…. actually doesn’t occur in other peoples homes.  I mean why would I think it wasn’t normal that my younger brother DVR’ed the weather channel or that dad’s across the U.S. didn’t listen to their scanners in the shower, right?

So it’s possible my obsession with weather isn’t umm…normal, but at least you all know why. Because one day my kids will probably think “normal” involves checking a weather app 5 times a day, watching Wake Up with Al, and actually getting excited when someone does ask about the weather.

However, I can’t be the only 20 something out there that still gets antsy about the idea of a snow storm and the extreme build up of the amount about to be dropped.  The people on the weather channel seem pretty excited too, then again watching a meteorologist report about a possible snowstorm is like watching a kid in a candy store.

While my post doesn’t directly relate with fashion tips there is a lesson to be learned. At what age do we become bitter, non exciteable, and frankly…BORING?!

We’re only freaken 20 something!

All I ask is that for 2 seconds forget about the hassle of a snow storm and remember the excitement of waking up and finding out school was cancelled (for some of you it shouldn’t be that hard to remember… it’s probably actually cancelled)!

So get out there and play, look like the Michelin Man, and be your age!!

“Dear Fashion Dictator!” Or, “Fashion Tips”

Dear Fashion Dictator,

Just when I was getting used to this cold and bitter winter “you” have been telling me Spring has Sprung! It’s all over department stores, websites, and magazine spreads that read “Spring Fashion 2011″. Stylish photos of patterned skirts with no tights, light weight tank tops, and bright colors. Don’t you know?? I can look out my Northeastern window and clearly see that spring has not sprung, bounced, hippety hopped, or done any other verb.

It’s freaking cold out, snowy, and will be that way for another 2-3 months! I can appreciate the optimism, but it’s only been winter for one month, yes mam or sir, one month!  Stop throwing bright colors, spring clothes I can’t wear for some time now, and people frolicking in green grass around in my face!

The only bright color I’ve seen outside lately is yellow snow. And I’m pretty sure that’s not a sign that spring has sprung. Am I being dramatic? ABSOLUTELY! So while others prepare for warmer weather and spring fashion looks, I’ll bundle up and hunker down for the snowstorm on the way!

Yours Truly,

A Slightly Bitter & Cold

Reality Chic

It Might Be a Sign of the Times When…

It might be a sign of the times when…

  • Shopping at Target is more exciting than shopping at the mall
  • A venti skinny latte costs more than a dress at Forever 21
  • “A college degree certificate used to be a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket
  • Now it’s more like the shiny paper in which they wrap the chocolate bars”- Sir Ken Robinson
  • I can write a blog post on a bus
  • 50’s fashion is new… again?
  • Tim Gunn (Project Runway) doesn’t know what Crocs are, but my husband does
  • I can have 7 accounts, 5 different screennames, 632 Facebook friends, and 465 Tweets all which means … nothing
  • GTL is now used on t-shirts
  • Two more jean styles developed… skinny and curvy?
  • Cougar doesn’t actually mean cougar…unless your hunting in the wilderness
  • Being a single lady means performing a Beyonce dance at every wedding
  • Tweeting is no longer something a bird does

8 Fashion Lessons You Can Learn from While Watching 90’s Re-runs

Fashion may come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors, but it most certainly comes in decades…

Presenting: 8 Fashion Lessons You Can Learn from While Watching 90’s Re-runs

1. Buddy Bands were cool, are cool, and will always be cool! After all…friends forever..talking about friends (wow) (Saved By the Bell)

2. A tip from Elaine: leave the shoulder pads out of the boyfriend jacket and back on the football field!(Seinfeld)

3. Forgetting your moves to Motown Philly should be the least of your worries when wearing a sparkle hat and giant scrunchie on the side of your head! (Full House)

4. Don’t be fooled by pleather. It’s hot! (Friends)

5. Mid-drifts might of been as cool as Harvey…??!!(Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

6. When cropped pants first made an appearance…thanks to Urkel (Family Matters)

7. Thanks to Mr. Cosby his show still rocks and sadly his sweaters do too!(Cosby Show)

8. What more could you ask for from a show that brought us David Hasselholf, Pamela Anderson, red one-piece bathing suits, and slow motion!(Baywatch)

So enjoy fashion in the 10’s you never know when it will go out of style!

Fanny Pack for the Future

That’s right ladies! Remember those fanny packs that were unfortunately so popular in the 80s and 90s? Well…let’s face it. We still see some today.

Secretly we all liked them a little, right? I mean they were conveinent. You could fit about anything you wanted in them,  and we also can’t deny that they were ideal for tourists carrying around snacks, a camera, or small children. (maybe not the last)

Anyhow…the point I’m making is the trend is back but in a more glorified fashion. Don’t worry because this time we won’t be carrying them around our waist with a strap buckle, but instead across it. It’s known as the cross body or saddle bag, a.k.a the messenger bag.

We’ve seen them on our mailmen for years! What do you get? Style and Comfort.

Now if only we could say that about everything else we wear.

Jessica Simpson at ShopStyle

Whether you’re in school, going to work, or traveling the messenger bag can give you the look of chicness without the “I’m trying too hard” stamped on your forehead. Best of all, they’re affordable! So next time you’re lugging around that giant bag of yours with who knows what inside, try the messenger bag.

Sites to check out:

Fossil Cross Body Bags


Beauty is Pain

It’s been famously said that “Beauty is Pain”, and honestly how can you not agree?!  Ever since the days with corsets, girdles, and hoop skirts women around the world have not strayed far from the uncomfortable apparel to look good in the eye of society, and not too much has changed after all this time.  We may not wear corsets or girdles everyday instead we’ve graduated to far better things like stilettos, heeled boots, and even Spanx!  Of course these are all things which make us look better none which are comfortable by any means.  I, like many girls out there, often try to convince myself that wearing cute shoes all day is worth it!  That is until I come home to blisters, soreness, and my pride all which does nothing to help the throbbing pain in my feet. 

Sure we women have rallied throughout time…women running for president, women CEO’s, women’s professional sports, and more, but I hate to be the bearer of bad news!  We haven’t come quite as far as we thought in the fashion world.  From not being able to breathe to elevating our height at a steep slant to wearing undergarments that force fat into unknown places. It’s amazing that at some point our common sense has yet to sink in.

Where did comfort get lost in the mix and growth of fashion throughout all these years?!!  Will our only resort be Dr. Schultz cushions and cotton clothes??  If so…here’s a toast to the next 100 years of beauty and pain.  May your feet be pedicured (often), stomach be sucked in (frequently), and prayers for comfort and style  to be combined be answered (soon…preferrably).

When Is It Socially Acceptable to…

Many of us have worn something whether it be to an event or in our past that hasn’t exactly been ideal.  As for people in the fashion world this kind of thing also happens even with publicists, make-up artists, hair stylists, and stylists. So in all actuality we really shouldn’t feel so bad seeming how “real” people have none of these advisors.  If we’re lucky we have an honest friend, a blunt sister, or a good sales consultant who can let us know if we look absolutely ridiculous.  This brings me to the gut of this article. 

When Is It Socially Acceptable to…

wear a mustache?  While mustaches have definitely NOT made a comeback, if you are under the age of 30 and rocking a stache please step forward and receive the award for creeper of the year ( because there is no other reason for growing one).  There are plenty of ways to get around this once cool trend. Don’t discriminate the rest of your face. Spread the love of facial hair somewhere other than just under your nose! 

wear leggings as pants?  Well…how many times is it appropriate to wear just your underwear outside?  Never…exactly!

wear statement pieces?  Always!  However, anytime you wear a statement necklace don’t wear earings or wear very small ones. Vice versa for statement earings.

Fur? If it’s real you might want to hide from PETA!  If during hunting season you might want to stand clear of the woods! Otherwise wear fake fur only in small doses!

wear a sequined dress?  Only at a big event such as a new years party, prom, or something similar can you wear a full-out sequined dress.  No weddings (you’re not the one deserving attention)! Definitely not a company or low-key party.  Sequined dresses are meant only for flashy events!

wear dark lipstick?  This look is automatically going to be dramatic so don’t try this during the daylight hours; you’ll end up with a look that’s frightening otherwise!

wear the same thing more than once?  Unless you can afford to buy new clothes all the time….how can you not?!

wear harem pants?  Only if you’re M.C. Hammer, and I’m not sure that makes it right?!

wear a jump suit?  If you are a mechanic!

look like crap? In your own home! Cherish these times my friends!

So when going out ask yourself a question:   Is this appropriate in 2009?

                                                                                           A. No, I look like a creeper.

                                                                                           B. Maybe on the runway?

                                                                                           C. I could definitely wear this to Olive Garden!

15 Ways to Reduce Stress Over the Holidays

As we all know the holidays can be a wonderful time of year, but also a very stressful time.  Many people put a lot of pressure on themselves due to cooking food, buying gifts, and trying to please not only others but themselves as well.  Instead of being overwhelmed this year, I highly suggest relaxing, lightening up and enjoy the upcoming frenzy known as the holidays!  I have created a list of 15 ways to reduce stress this year and remain happy for the month-long holiday season…so here it goes…

1. Load up on the caffeine! What’s better than running around extremely happy and hyper off of caffeine.

2. Eat your favorite dessert! Nothing is worse than passing up a pie, chocolate, or cookies because you’re on a holiday diet. First and foremost a holiday diet is way overrated and lame!  Splurge! One cookie isn’t going to kill ya.

3. Don’t eat too much turkey.  Turkey will make you sleepy which could make you cranky if you’re trying to stay awake.

4. Don’t discuss politics with your uncle who you see once a year. What good will come of that?!

5. Let elastic be your friend.  Bring sweatpants to family dinners so that your stomach and pants can expand!

6. Watch a Christmas movie!  There are so many classics surely you can find one to enjoy.

7. Avoid leaving your new significant other alone with your family.  This isn’t good for him or her and won’t be good for your relationship!

8. Do a good deed anonymously!  Helping others will bring a little joy to yourself and the person you helped.

9. Get a bargain deal!  Knowing you saved 50% might just make your day!

10. See a Christmas show!  Either it will be wonderful or you’ll become giggly due to the fact that you just saw a male ballerina in tights ( and we all know what that means). Either way equals good times!

11. Play a game with your brother or sister and see how often you can get that one “crazy” family member to say an unusual word.  Free entertainment for everyone!

12. Enjoy the holidays because it’s socially acceptable to decorate the outside of our homes with lights and ornaments, bring live trees to stand inside our living rooms, and hang old socks from our mantels. When else is this possible without being called weirdo?!

13. If traveling, pack candy. When in traffic or if your flight is delayed at least you have sweets to pass by the time! 

14. Do stockings! It’s amazing what joy can come out of opening random gifts from inside a big red sock?!

15. If acting like a Scrooge during the holidays, you should know that while your bitterness is neither appealing or fun to be around, like yourself  we also wish you would of just stayed home! 

Rather than stressing and worrying about making the holidays perfect. Remember perfection is never any fun!  It’s that crazy game you always play, the tradition that never quite works out, and the family stories that you’ve heard over a thousand times that make the holidays not only wonderful but unique every year! So enjoy!    

Happy Thanksgiving!

Winter Wonder?land

Although magazines and movies, when shooting an outdoor scene, try to make a picture with two people who just happen to look like models playing in a perfect winter wonderland, realistic.  It’s obviously not that way as most of you already know.  Normally the photo or movie paints a picture of a playful snowball fight that occurs in ultra stylish color coordinated snow apparel.  While this does create a great picture for a magazine or scene for a movie, it is highly unrealistic. 

First and foremost it’s very abnormal to see two models, male and female, jumping around frivolously in the snow.  Second, if one is a male unless its your first date, I’m pretty sure if he has any testosterone at all he’s not aiming to be cute rather than just aiming to hit you as many times as possible with multiple snowballs. Third, snow attire is frankly unflattering! 

Realistically, it’s almost impossible to look good when wearing 8 layers, long johns, nylon overalls with a puff jacket over that, and boots and gloves that don’t color coordinate in any way.  If you look in the mirror and find a snowman staring back at you, then you know you’ve reached the look your going for, that is warmth!  Of course there are ways to add some flavor to your snow outfit such as your colorful winter jacket or those pink boots you bought last year, but it’s doubtful that you chose them thinking about what your appearance will be while already knowing you’ll like look like the Michelin Man attempting to play in the snow in all actuality.   I can however understand the sense of wanting  non realism  in a  movie or a magazine.  After all, what model would want to put on 8 sizes more of clothes.  That would mean she might be a size 8 (Oh No!).  All joking aside, a perfect picture isn’t going to show two regular looking people dressed in Carharts or nylon overalls nailing each other with snowballs.  We’d all probably prefer looking at the other way as well.  Anyhow, I guess what I am trying to say is unless you are standing on a set with photographers (mom and dad not included) no real person cares what anyone looks like when its 30 below and snow is on the ground!  Meanwhile, don’t try being an ice queen or king and enjoy winter!  It’s the one time when someone can say to your face you look huge! And trust me take it as a compliment (because you know that suckers going to be freezing)!  So enjoy winter, act like a kid, and forget about how you look for two seconds. It’s worth it!!

Business in the Front, Party in the Back (Advice from a Mullet)

There have been multiple reports of ladies not balancing out their outfits.  Wearing only professional business-like apparel (Hillary Clinton) or wearing only show-stopping numbers (Heidi Montag) are not two choices that any woman has to make when going to an everyday event.  There are 3 ways to take advice from a mullet and combine the best of both worlds!

If you are like me, your ultimate problem for choosing an outfit is deciding between the two spectrums of your wardrobe…the going out side versus the professional side.  I’ve wondered about how to combine the best of both worlds without looking like a Boring Bonnie or Heather Hooker for quite some time now.  It’s often you find yourself trying to look somewhere in between these polar opposites or let’s at least hope so.

There are 3 easy ways to add some flavor into your everyday apparel:  Sparkle, Pearls, Satin!

If you have a cute outfit in mind but it’s a little dull, a great way to add some flavor is a sparkly accessory.  Don’t go all Mariah Carey on me, but one sequined bag or glittery bracelet will be just enough to glam up your outfit!

Second, while I’m a fan of classic pearls there is a better way to make an outfit outshine the simple look.  Pearls are popular right now so they are very easy to find.  Try looking for long pearl necklaces that can be draped around your neck twice.  This can make any black sophisticated look up the ante!

Satin material does wonders for making pants and shirts look like pricey items.  Satin gives enough shine to an outfit and can be worn basically anytime of day.  Luckily this trend is in, so next time you’re shopping, look for a satin pant or cropped style.  Dress it up at night with a red-hot flowing shirt or dress it down during the day with some flats and a white tee.  It’s a great material that can bring your outfit to life!

Try using one of these 3 tips next time you’re going out on the town for a day and see if it helps!  So last but not least I’ll leave you with the one question that threw me for a loop…Who would of thought Billy Ray Cyrus’s hair would ever give inspiration to anything?!  Some might say it’s a gift from one of life’s little wonders and others might say we’re just lucky to have gotten anything from that era! 

Warning:  This message is in no way, shape, or form promoting the wearing of a mullet!