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With items like sparkle harem pants hitting the runways and bad fashion trends hitting the fashion magazines how can a fashion blog not laugh.

At What Age Did You Become Bitter About Snow? Get Over It!

The interesting thing about growing up in a close knit family is figuring out later in life that what you thought was normal…. actually doesn’t occur in other peoples homes. I mean why would I think it wasn’t normal that my younger brother DVR’ed the weather channel or that dad’s across the U.S. didn’t listen to their scanners in the shower, right?

So it’s possible my obsession with weather isn’t umm…normal, but at least you all know why. Because one day my kids will probably think “normal” involves checking a weather app 5 times a day, watching Wake Up with Al, and actually getting excited when someone does ask about the weather.

“Dear Fashion Dictator!” Or, “Fashion Tips”

Dear Fashion Dictator,

Just when I was getting used to this cold and bitter winter “you” have been telling me Spring has Sprung! It’s all over department stores, websites, and magazine spreads that read “Spring Fashion 2011″. Photos of patterned skirts with no tights, light weight tank tops, and bright colors. Don’t you know?? I can look out my Northeastern window and clearly see that spring has not sprung, bounced, hippety hopped, or done any other verb.

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It Might Be a Sign of the Times When…

  • Shopping at Target is more exciting than shopping at the mall
  • A venti skinny latte costs more than a dress at Forever 21
  • “A college degree certificate used to be a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket
  • Now it’s more like the shiny paper in which they wrap the chocolate bars”- Sir Ken Robinson
  • I can write a blog post on a bus
  • 50′s fashion is new… again?
  • Tim Gunn (Project Runway) doesn’t know what Crocs are, but my husband does
  • 8 Fashion Lessons You Can Learn from While Watching 90′s Re-runs

    Fashion may come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors, but it most certainly comes in decades…

    Presenting: 8 Fashion Lessons You Can Learn from While Watching 90′s Re-runs

    1. Buddy Bands were cool, are cool, and will always be cool! After all…friends forever..talking about friends (wow) (Saved By the Bell)

    2. A tip from Elaine: leave the shoulder pads out of the boyfriend jacket and back on the football field!(Seinfield)

    Fanny Pack for the Future

    Jessica Simpson at ShopStyle

    That’s right ladies! Remember those fanny packs that were oh so popular in the 80s and 90s. Well…let’s face it, we still see some today. However, secretly we all liked them a little, right? I mean they were conveinent, you could fit about anything you wanted in them, and we also can’t deny that they were ideal for tourists, snacks, and a small child (okay i’m joking).

    Beauty is Pain

    It’s been famoulsy said that “Beauty is Pain”, and honestly how can you not agree?! Ever since the days with corsets, girdles, and hoop skirts women around the world have not strayed far from the uncomfortable apparel to look good in the eye of society, and not too much has changed after all this time.

    When Is It Socially Acceptable to…

    Many of us have worn something whether it be to an event or in our past that hasn’t exactly been ideal. As for people in the fashion world this kind of thing also happens even with publicists, make-up artists, hair stylists, and stylists. So in all actuality we really shouldn’t feel so bad seeming how “real” people have none of these advisors. If we’re lucky we have an honest friend, a blunt sister, or a good sales consultant who can let us know if we look absolutely ridiculous. This brings me to the gut of this article.

    15 Ways to Reduce Stress Over the Holidays

    As we all know the holidays can be a wonderful time of year, but also a very stressful time. Many people put a lot of pressure on themselves due to cooking food, buying gifts, and trying to please not only others but themselves as well. Instead of being overwhelmed this year, I highly suggest relaxing, lightening up and enjoy the upcoming frenzy known as the holidays! I have created a list of 15 ways to reduce stress this year and remain happy for the month long holiday season…so here it goes…

    Winter Wonder?land

    Although magazines and movies, when shooting an outdoor scene, try to make a picture with two people who just happen to look like models playing in a perfect winter wonderland, realistic. It’s obviously not that way as most of you already know.

    Business in the Front, Party in the Back (Advice from a Mullet)

    There have been multiple reports of ladies not balancing out their outfits. Wearing only professional business like apparel (Hillary Clinton) or wearing only show stopping numbers (Heidi Montag) are not two choices that any woman has to make when going to an everyday event.